How DARE I Think That Way!

Morning Folks!!

What's it like being me? Well from my first job at 100% commission in 1966 to my first product I marketed to my first 800 number to my first domain name to my first whatever......I was always met with something much more than skepticism. More like 'that's just a stupid thing to do and I was a moron for trying'. It's a familiar spot I find myself in time and time again.I am sure I am not the only one. I imagine what the guy with the Pet Rock must have gone thru. lol

My social skills are not always the best. I went to 3 high schools the last 3 semesters of high school and then another new school with college after that. 3 semesters at one place before I dropped out. Almost a record for me. I went to a total of 9 schools in 12 years as my dad worked on top secret stuff for the government and then went into private industry also working on sensitive things. The school systems all had different curriculums. So sometimes I was lost and sometimes I was ahead of things. But seldom was I in sync.

Making friends was difficult sometimes. Always the outsider and the new kid. What worked in New York, did not work in Maryland. What worked in Maryland, did not work in New Hampshire. What worked in New Hampshire did not work in California. And so on. You can add Texas, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts to the mix.

But that prepared me for my 15 years on the road. The road became one of my longest homes and an education money could never buy. The stories I heard and the events I witnessed. But I was an underachiever in those days. I would earn enough to live on. I would work 2 days a week, take off 5 days. I retired for 18 months at one point. I used about 10% of what God gave me.

I was unorganized, unprepared and still one of the best out there. Half the age of almost everyone else i worked with. But I had more energy on Monday and Tuesday to make sales than the 'Average' guy did in a week. So I coasted. I did that for most of my life.

That changed when I went broke and I realized that you only get a second chance one time. From that day on I changed how I looked at the world. Then I became motivated to do better. I asked more of myself. I dug deep and found out just what I could do and what I could accomplish if I was organized.

The world did not change, I did. I was the same person, I just looked at things differently and when I did I was able to do bigger and better things. So if you traveled in my shoes, you would see what I see. But since you can't, the best I can do is try and put it into words. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But willing minds look for reasons to figure it out and unwilling minds look for reasons not to figure it out.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz