The most Repeated Phrase in the World is “Dot Com”

Afternoon Folks!!

The most Repeated Phrase in the World is “Dot Com”. Want to argue the point? It’s a fact! How do I know? Who reported it? I know because I know and I am the first to report it. Maybe. But that does not change the FACTS regardless if they are known or even proven. Maybe put that in the “Gut” column. But it is FACT! Fact because I believe it and business and life is based on beliefs.

Want to talk me out of it? Is 2+2=4?

So with those UNPROVEN FACTS that I totally BELIEVE I move forward. I look at every commercial. I look at every magazine ad. I listen to every radio ad. I look at every brochure. I look at every flyer. I listen to everything. The ONE THING they all have in common is their web address. Used to be the phone number. Now it is dot com. It’s a dot com world.

Maybe the most repeated phase in history. Probably neck and neck with “F*ck you”. That’s what you call looking at the world from both sides.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz