The Domain Bucket List. One for Pure Type Ins…..One for Everything Else.

Morning Folks!!

So after giving others heartburn and sleepless nights Frank Schilling finally makes his first real public in depth statement via an interview with DomainSherpa. It's top notch and I wish I was as articulate as Frank. Well worth the time and while I may be a bull in a china shop, Frank is a bit calmer and smooth as silk. lol. But the message is the same and the changes that are happening are profound and disruptive and there is more disruption to come.

As I said in My original post, Frank does not even have to sell his program to be a success. Now just 2 weeks later and well on the way to 500,000 of the purest type in domains on the planet, Frank breaks his silence.

Strength is disruping an industry with two sentences.

A no-frills monetization platform for experience type-in operators. 'If you want to make more money, try us out.'

If you are a domainer or you deal in traffic or are reading's a must.

What he does not do....Back the truck up to 'Problem Names' and THAT is the key. No trademarked portfolios and other such domains. Will some get in? Sure. But they will eventually be filtered out. Anyone that has a large portfolio may have a few names that are challenged. But that is a far cry to those that back up the truck and just load up on those type names.

All I am saying is different type traffic should not be mixed together any longer. Frank describes it as buckets and that is a perfect way.

I would have One bucket for type ins, one bucket for the various other types of traffic. One for the 'Forbidden fruit' of trademark traffic. One for typos. One for link traffic. One for SE and SEM and garbitrage. And if you are within that group of 'Various other traffic' and you think what you have is superior, then it is YOUR job to make another bucket. Make a bucket marked with what you have.

The simple take away. Low overhead, no hand holding and 2 buckets. 1 bucket that he has created and wants to attract pure type in traffic and one bucket that he has no interest in for all others to share. Simple, brilliant and long overdue. Now just sit back and watch what happens when you take pure type in traffic without being mixed in with ANY other type of traffic.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz