T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Introduce”A Second Bite” at the October Auction!!

Morning Folks!!

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to introduce 'A Second Bite'

We have a new idea we hope to formally introduce in the days ahead.

Financing domains is nothing new. But how many domains don't make the reserve even though the desire to buy it is there? What if you could buy a $100,000 reserve domain on the fly and finance 75% @ a 10% interest rate? Guaranteed?

You may not buy a car for $50,000 cash so dealers learned 100 years ago they have to finance. So for $10,000 down and $1000/month, you are in the drivers seat.

So if a domainer KNEW in advance that he could buy a domain with 25% down and finance the rest, he would be more apt to bid. So 25% downstroke and then GUARANTEED financing on any domain in the auction at a 10% rate of interest.

With that in mind and the bidding in the actual live auction has not made the reserve, the owner can opt in for 'A Second Bite'. In this scenario after the initial bidding is done and reserve is not met, the reserve is revealed and any bidder in the audience can bid and buy that domain with just 25% down and up to 3 years to pay the domain off. More details about this will be released soon.

This is why it will and does work. If most folks go to buy a $50,000 car and they had to pay cash, the car dealers would sell very few cars. Financing allows them to buy that car for a few thousand out of pocket and that is what makes the entire industry work.

Many times there are domains that I could earmark a few grand a month to get over a period of time. It leverges your cash without so much risk. A $100,000 domain can be bought for $25,000 down and around $2500/month for 3 years. That equates to RENT in the real world. It is manageable. It opens high ticket domains to a wider audience. For the domain owner, it means immediate cash and then steady cash flow. A win-win.

So we will be happy to offer this to all sellers of domains once we work out all the details. It is an opt in only by the domain seller. So nothing forced. Just a 'Second Bite' while the audience is there and in a buying mood.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz