Nothing to Fear other than our Own Shadows and Stupidity!

Morning Folks!!

There is FEAR in the domain Industry. That is the only word that can describe what I see. But it is unfounded fear the way I view the universe. Fear created by others because they WANT what you have.

Fear of a “Shadow” that can never duplicate a phenomenon even though they will try. They still talk about the Hula-Hoop. That was SIXTY years ago and they are stil looking for the second coming. Problem is the second coming did not look like a hula-hoop. It looked like a ”Pet Rock”.

For the last 2 years I have said during this economic turmoil that Ron Jackson would get on stage at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and report a record setting year of domain sales. I have been WRONG both times. But I believe in just 3 weeks I am finally about to be right. My timing was off, but the event unfolded as seen. Record setting domain sales in a tough environment.

Quite interesting to see fortune 500 companies buying WAVES of domain names just at a time where so many domainers are giving up. Are you folks CRAZY??

Pete Rose was great because he ever gave up. And by never giving up he squeezed another 10% out of himself each and every time. That 10% extra effort would result in a 50% success rate. Point is MOST give up just before the finish line. Too bad for them. They had victory within their reach and FEAR of failure made them give in. Passion lost out to fear. Persistence lost out to fear. The ONLY thing to fear is not giving it 110% each and every time. That is the only failure to fear.

How do you describe something not visible to the naked eye? An event about to unfold? Some see ghosts and I see opportunity. Some see shadows and get driven by fear.

Some are worried about the new gTLD’s. I still only see opportunity. Whatever downside that can happen is nothing more than the tide coming in and going out. Inhaling and exhaling. I just see much more upside than downside.

But, that is what makes a “Market”. That is why they have 57 flavors of ice cream. That is why markets go up and down. As businesses you job is not only to “Whither” the storm, but it is to “Thrive” during the storm or directly after the storm.

Don’t believe how things will unfold? Tell me that in 4 years from today. Can you survive for another 4 years? Steady as she goes. Fear makes bargains. There are bargains out there. There are deals out there. There are terms out there because there is more “Circumstance” out there than in most of our lifetimes.

Point is it is times like THIS that fortunes are made. The worst times provide the largest opportunity. My suggestion to those core domainers is to be in a strong cash position so you can buy FEAR! So you buy the unknown at a deep discount. Fear is driving the market when really nothing has changed. The power of your knowledge will more than offet anything the future can throw at you. These are the best of times because there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz