BREAKING: Is Apple going to Buy Yahoo!??

Morning folks!!

So I am sitting around the other morning and I said to myself that there is likely to be a COLOSSAL sale or merger before the end of this year. Times are ripe for a HIGE deal. So I sat and thought of the possibilities. Let me be the first to predict that Apple will bid for Yahoo and here is why.

Apple and Google are rivals. Apple and Microsoft are rivals. Yahoo is a company that has no leader but has a host of great assets that make them have value. So it reminds me a little of Pixar. I think Apple could do for Yahoo what they did for Pixar and change the balance of power on the Internet.

This is purely a hunch I pulled out of my ass and means nothing. On the other hand I see it as plausible. Interesting. Powerful.

Having billions of dollars when dollars are buying less each and every day is not the best strategy. Assets have more value than $$$ at a certain point and I am making the case that we are at that point.

I am buying Yahoo today because whoever takes them over is good for a 50% move imho and somebody needs to start driving that bus.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


The Day My Life Changed. The Trip I could not Afford to Make.

Morning Folks!!

Money is the single greatest qualifier there is. Fakers can’t fake money. They can fake comments on a blog, but they can’t fake the money it takes to play.

So when you filter out the fakers, you know your time is being spent with pros. So damn simple and of course it pisses off the fakers. There are 100 fakers for every full time legitimate domainer or businessman.

Now I am not trying to put down folks that are starting out. Just trying to explain things. Trying to have them understand what it really takes.

A willing mind and heart and a burning desire will ALWAYS find a way to make something happen. The rest are the 80% of the universe. There is a way to climb out of the 80% and join the 20%. But it takes discomfort sometimes to get there.

I had a decision to make once. I could not afford that trip, but then again I could not afford not to go on that trip. What to do? It took about 6 weeks to decide.

This was my fork in the road the first time I went to China and Hong Kong and Seoul on my own. I could not afford the $$$ it cost. I did not know which way to turn. On one side was a fire and on the other side was a disaster. The decision to go was the one that changed my life. Long before the Internet. Long before 800 numbers. Just 1 credit card with a $10,000 limit. I was going for broke after already going broke.

I could not afford a loss. There was no second chance. My back was up against the wall. There was just leap of FAITH and then I worked and worked and worked and sleep was just a nap for 1-2 hours if that for over 2 weeks. My future was on the line. Everything. The funny thing is the meeting I had planned to have got diverted by an accidental intervention.

I was in Taipei. I was in the World Trade Center there. I stumbled into a showroom. I had a conversation with the guy there. He said instead of seeing company “A” as you plan, I would go to company “B” as that will be to your advantage. I walked out very confused. I had set a course to see one company and now this second company that I also knew of but was not on my agenda became a very tough decision.

In the hours ahead everything got changed. I had to rearrange my travel and went to Hong Kong. That meeting in the hotel room at the Hyatt that I could not even afford, changed my life. I too was a faker. But as a faker there is a choice. Fake it well or fake it like a loser. So how could I have a life changing meeting at the hotel I could afford? How could I have them take me seriously? So I got whatever room I could get at one of the top tier hotels. The 30 minute meeting in my room lasted 3 hours. The owner of the factory was in tears as he told me his story and I was in tears as I told him mine.

I had no money but he knew of me and what I was doing and agreed to help. Imagine going to Hong Kong meeting somebody that I had never met or talked to before and not only did he agree to sell me directly which would cause him problems with other distributors, he financed me as well. 33% down, 33% 30 days after receiving the goods and the last 33% 30 days later. That was incredible. Because when it comes to importing, you pay 100% in advance or work by letter of credit. I could not even get in the same room with a letter of credit in those days so it was cash in advance only. So to get terms oversees like that was very rare if not unheard of.

When I got home, I collapsed. Litterally. I did not get out of bed for some 3 weeks. I was a sick pup. I pushed my soul to a limit it never saw and I was paying the price. I had a mission and all I knew is every ounce of my being and all of my energy was invested in accomplishing this mission.

That was a life changing moment. So I know both sides of the equation. Even as a faker you have to “Play a part”. You can’t be an asshole and a faker and pull it off. Doesn’t work. The asshole part wins every time and they can't hide it. Really.

I am not the smartest guy. I don’t have to be. I am just smart enough to know what I don’t know. That makes me smarter than a guy that knows something and he is wrong. Got it?

Too many folks refuse to adjust their view in light of new information. I re-evaluate things whenever there is new info and most of the time when there isn’t because things change.

We live in a time in history where more opportunity exists than all of history put together. Yet there is high and long term unemployment and more despair than any point I can remember. Something makes no sense and I can tell you that all the world's problems reside in a 6 inch space between the ears. I say that because all success and all failure comes from within. Outside forces are about 1%-5% of the equation. What's between your ears accounts for the other 95%-99%. Problem is the 80% believe that outside forces are in control. They got the equation upside down and until they get that part right, they can never join the 20% and nobody on the planet is responsible for that except themselves.

No force on earth can stop true passion. No force on earth can hold you back. There is only one person on this entire planet that is responsible for your success or failure. The day you learn that is the day your life will change too. Reject this at your own peril. All I can do is share what unleashed my will and has allowed this underachiever to do things I never dreamed of. I sincerely hope you too experience what I have. The younger you figure it out the more rewards you will reap during life.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


The Difference between 2004 and 2011. Plus”Broker of the Year” Coming to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2012

Morning Folks!!

The single biggest request at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. last week was to create an award for 'Broker of the Year.' I agree and I am announcing that in 2012, this will be a new category we will include.

Now let me articulate the difference between T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2004 and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2011, 2012 and beyond. The #1 difference is that in 2004 when we had meals, we had 100% of the folks in attendance come and we as an industry were able to move things collectively as well as independently.

Fast forward to the way things work now compared to then. Today when we have 330 some attendees, we NEVER had more than 200-225 in one place at one time. I am not saying good or bad. Just pointing out the different dynamics and why they exist.

In 2004 people came to meet for the very first time in most cases. Today attendees have meetings lined up from morning to night. Folks are scheduled and sometimes that schedule does not allow us to all be together.

It would be good if we could have just one session or one meal that everyone was in attendance. I don't think that is likely to happen, but that does not mean it is not needed. It is. It changes the dynamics.

That said we can't control, nor to be want to control how you use your time at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. That is entirely up to you. But I do want to say what I said and maybe there is a way to achieve both. Maybe a way to add even more value to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. by putting back a very important piece of the puzzle now that I have identified it for folks to think about.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Results, High Bids and Sales Posted.

Morning Folks!!

And now we start adding the and considering the dividends of a no nonsense auction. Below is the list of each domain and whether it was sold (left) or the high bid (right) is listed if it did not sell. This does not establish a market value but it does show what some of the top domainers in the world would pay on that day. Each auction was started at eith $1, $100, or $1000 and worked up from there. All we can do is build on what works and adjust what does not.

The 'Guaranteed Placement Program' was a hit. It allowed 19 domain owners to take control and promote with a guaranteed placement. It is not for everyone. But it is part of a successful auction formula. It will be something we will use in the future. I just hope folks jump on it earlier and take 6 months to advertise and get the info out. 5 domains sold from that group. In return they got guaranteed placement at their asking price, at a place and time certain and were able to get a significantly discounted commission. We will start accepting domains for our October 2012 auction starting in April.

Couple notes:

I was thinking if all domains in the auction were no reserve and each sold for $2000 then it would be 100% sell rate and I would do the same $$$ volume. So while the perception is nice, the reality is you get a lot of base on balls and the same runs scored but no chance to get a hit or a homer or a grand slam. For a guy that is always swinging for singles and homers, not my style.

The audience needs $$$, we need credibility and the domains have to be priced for the market. We will get there. Confidence takes time. The big dollars are with end users. It's not easy to get multiple end users interested in a specific domain at a specific time. Yet. But that may be changing and as things evolve, we will evolve with it.

Rick Schwartz

SOLD - HIGH BID 5000 100 S 10,000 S 2,500 2500 S 2,000 S 4,000 S 2,000 500 2000 & S 5,000 S* 9,000 1000 850 1000 80000 5000 750 2500 1000 S 6,000 500 9500 S 3,000 S 2,500 25000 S 1,500 5000 S 500 500 and 500 2000 S 3,000 5000 100 S 10,000 S 400 S 600
Hotties.XXX S 3,500 5000 S 600 1000 2500 22500 S 1,500 25000
Singles.XXX 19000 1500 S 2,750 1000 S 2,000
Personals.XXX S 25,000 6000
Blondes.XXX 5000
OUI.TV S 600 S 600 3000 12000 1000 250000 100
Party.XXX 25000 400 S 750 2500 100 S 12,500 60000 1000
Virtual.XXX S 5,000 S 3,500 100 35000 1000 1000 80000 S 1,500 500 500 S 500 400 500 S+ 5000 S 6,750 and .net 50000 10000 20000 S 500 S 200 2000 500, S 3,750 1500 6000 S 800
Orgy.XXX S 25,000
Wet.TV S *2,800 2000 S 3,250 S 46,000
Adult Portfolio 4500 S 1,500 500 S 200 S *20,000
Men.Mobi S 500 5000 25000 and S 38,000 19000 15000 S 500 32500 50000 150000 200000, 100000 425000

Internet TROLLS Defined and More! Any Observation Can Push them over the Edge!

Moring folks!!

I am a student of Human Nature and I have written about it extensively over the years. Humans are very predictable. They pigeon hole themselves into a number of different groups. Once you define which group somebody is part of you can decide the most effective way to either deal with them or avoid them.

'Trolls basically come in two flavors: the intentional and unintentional. The latter are those folks who are so tightly wound -- so polarized in their thinking -- that almost any observation can push them over the edge. Like the Queen of Diamonds in the classic film The Manchurian Candidate, there are key words that trigger their hate. On our Web site, the mere mention of 'Obama,' 'Apple,' 'Sirius' or pretty much any biotech company will usually guarantee a flood of caustic comments, often hunt-and-pecked with misspellings ('moran' is a common insult), the grammatical command of a Nigerian scammer and a propensity for keeping the Caps Lock button pressed' Read the rest of the article here.

So what we see is every 'Pond' has the same thing going on you just have to insert the different names in the variables. Each 'Pond' is a different group, different business, differnt industry and so on. Change the names but the Human Nature aspect of it is the same.

Now that you see that we are just another pond it is easier to define what exactly is going on and that it is not just in the Domain Industry. Watch 'Lord of the Flies' and you will understand it even more.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Need More Money? Don’t get Angry…..ADJUST!! Open Your Mind, Change Your Destiny!!

Morning Folks!!

And around the stretch we come. The last 60 days of the year are likely the best 60 days of the year. It is the time that deal making is done and things begin to happen. Big things happen. Poker time. Capitulation. Triumph. Winners and Losers. And in some cases, desperation.

The last week of the year is my favorite week. Lots of deals to be done and done quickly. The clock is running. Just one more big deal on the spreadsheet will make the year look better. Some spreadsheets a bit weak. A lot weak.

Decline? Now? Not going to happen. But that does not address weakness. The strong eat the weak and feeding season is here. The days of whistling past the graveyard are about to be over as folks deal with financial reality.

The weak are angry and frustrated and feel like they have run out of options. In some cases they have. In other cases they are just looking in the wrong places. They need a set of fresh eyes. Come OUT of the “Domain Cocoon” and realize the Internet has been built around you since the last time you surfaced. It’s no longer a barren and empty universe. It is a hustling, bustling marketplace that the entire world is participating in.

If you saw the 60 Minute Interview with Steve Jobs Biographer and then the story about the iPad after, you know we are on the door step of great achievement via new tools we have. If you did not see 60 Minutes, WTF?? Stuff like that is priceless.

I can only repeat something so many times. But as bad as things are, I will stubbornly say there is more opportunity on this earth TODAY than any moment in history. But if you don’t recognize that you are stuck. Stuck. Stuck in your mind because somewhere along the line our “Inner Robot” took over. You have to over power that inner robot. It is programmed to the point of being weighed down by “Conventional thinking” and “Bullshit”.

There is no substitute for good ideas. There is never an abundance of good ideas. Good ideas are in demand in good times and bad and I would say more demand than ever right now.

Sit down with an iPad or iPhone. What could that magic box do next? No iPad? No iPhone. That’s like a carpenter without a level. Without multiple tools in the tool box while other carpenters are working faster and better and smarter and more. I mean to be a success you have to arm yourself for success. You can buy them both pretty cheap and you don’t need a contract for wi-fi.

Sorry, I always get sidetracked when it comes to those two items. Came out in 2007. Now it is nearly 2012. Even if you love your Crackberry, you can’t afford not to have the other devices.

I just believe that if one were forced to sit down with just those 2 items that you could figure out a solution to something that needs to be solved that would be profitable.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. We all learn new things every day. Things change and evolve and interact differently. If you believe in the domains you have, stick with them. But I am here to tell you that most domains I see have no value whatsoever and never will have any value. But it is costing folks $8 for each one. A liability. Just turn that $8 in a different direction.

We buy domains and we don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. We can only guess how things will unfold. Once we learn that it isn’t going to unfold that way, it is time to let go and regroup.

It does amaze me that what is supposed to be a forward looking group is sometimes anything but. What I have found is those that were first with domains in the 90's and early 2000's continue to be first today. They get to places early. They see things before others follow. They take risk when others laugh. They continue to do what made them successful NEVER KNOWING when they will hit a gold mine. But always out there in the right places and earlier than most others. Those that are late, continue to be late. It's very visible to my eye. Sure, that will get some upset. But I see what I see and share it and hopefully one willing mind figures it out. But those willing minds are very few and far between. 6 billion people and a few folks that do what we do.

Most of us have all the domains we need. Unless something special comes along our path we will likely not buy right now. It is time to comb through our portfolios because we have so much more information about how things have unfolded and what has been successful and what has failed. Look how much more information we have to APPLY to what we own. A fresh set of eyes is what may be needed to unlock what you already have in your possession.

Don't get Angry.....ADJUST!! Open Your Mind, Change Your Destiny!! YOU and only YOU have that power. If you think some outside force is holding you back, got news for ya. You are WRONG and maybe today is the day you will learn it. Don't go through life another day believing ANYONE or ANYTHING or any GOVERNMENT can contain a burning desire. Not a force on earth can stop such passion.

So use these next 60 days and do something DIFFERENT! Don't let what is happening out there pass you by. Get into the game. Don't be brainwashed that things are bad. They are only bad for those that are dependant on a system that is broken. Mostly by laziness and/or corruption or by an attitude that folks think they are entitled to free fish. Learn where the fish are yourself. Learn to fish yourself. Learn to embrace learning. Never be a slave to what is easy or meaningless. Fear only what others tell you that you can't do or achieve. Fear that you will listen to them. Now change your direction if you are not happy with the results you are getting. But first stop what you are doing. Stop digging. Start climbing.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

There will be No Online Bidding at T.R.A.F.F.I.C……….Shills/Anons Take Notes!

Morning Folks!!

Let's look at anon poster vs an anon online bidder.

Some anon's post responsibly on either side of any issue and I respect their rights to be private if they choose especially when they always use the same nickname. Most know who is behind a nickname when that is the nickname they always use. Then there are anon's that change names with every comment only to post mean spirited bullshit that they made up. Assholes. Morons and worse. Can anyone disagree with that other than the second group? Either you are a responsible poster or not. I am not saying you have to use your real name,

Now let's look at anon online bidding. Let's just say for arguments sake that we are at 50/50 from the 2 groups above. 50% post responsible, 50% are assholes. Now when you take that equation to the next logical step, you have 50% legitimate bidders and you have 50% POTENTIAL SHILL BIDDERS!! Do you folks really want to do that just to INFLATE your prices and have folks pay more than market value?

And that is if you were to accept that only 50% of the anon's are assholes.

So there will be NO ONLINE bidding at TRAFFIC. I have PROVED why.

Here is a story from an actual phone bidder that many know. Mike Law.

Part of my comment there that I want to include in the record here:

Sorry folks, there will be no online bidding at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auctions. If you don’t have a phone, then I guess either you are in prison or you can’t afford the bill.

We are taking the anonymous bidding out of the auction. You can still be anonymous to the audience of bidders, but you can’t be anonymous to US. You still have to pay US. You still have to send contracts to US. So phones work. They make sure you are a REAL person. Nobody in the room knew Mike Law was bidding. Including me. So I don’t understand the argument about being anonymous. Its a paper tiger. It means nothing. Just something for folks to crow about.

The majority of the ones so upset are the ones that would abuse the system to begin with. Bye bye. We are running a CLEAN auction and that supersedes the dollar volume. TRAFFIC is not dependent on the auction. It is just an add on for folks that want to participate or observe. It’s entertaining with loads of action.

We defined a new way to do CLEAN business. We don’t need sales to save face so we don’t have to invent sales. With each auction more folks will have more confidence.

There is an online auction every second of the day. TRAFFIC won’t be one of them. We do it different and in time we will attract the type domains I want at the prices that is either for domainers or end users. Maybe in the future we may require domains with end user prices to guarantee at least 2 bidders or their domain will not be in the auction.

Everyone can run their own auction the way they see fit. The TRAFFIC auction will be different and that is the way we see fit.

When you can EASILY have a system that is RIPE for abuse and I have seen that abuse for over 16 years, I know how to stop that part and I have. The monkeys in their cages are going nuts!! And that is to be expected.

My hope is to run the auctions and the online bidding will be eventually limited only to the people with the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App or the phone. Then we we KNOW who you are. EVERYONE knows who you are. SIMPLE. If sellers don't want to use our venue, nobody is pointing a gun to their head. THAT is the group that has the most weight in this equation.

So it isn't like I am opposed to online bidding. I am opposed to the FUCKING SHILLS that have been at COMPANIES in our space. Halvarez was NOT the only one. Oversee was NOT the only company engaging in such shit and someday I still believe some will go to prison for the CRIMES they committed. That is my personal opinion and I have the position to INSURE that will not be the case at TRAFFIC.

So folks will be able to say a lot of shit, but they won't be able to bid unless they are known. If that pisses folks off, then so be it. When folks have CONFIDENCE they will make the auction bigger and better and one thing is for sure, I have the patience to see it through.

But that does not even address the wi-fi in the hotels. In a recent survey from Travel and Leisure, it rated ALL the hotel chains. You know what EVERY one of them had in common? They may have gotten 98, 97, 95 in all areas, but when it came to wi-fi and such, NONE got out of the 70's. NONE! Not a hotel in the world. Business services was their worst category.

So we have witnessed online platforms that crash auction after auction after auction. For one thing or another. The kicker is there was no wi-fi at the Ritz because of an ATT failure during the storm we had. So had we advertised online bidding and it did not occur, oh boy the shit I would be putting up with.

When things progress to a point where things are dependable, we will look at it again. But for now, your phone is on your hip and if you want to bid, that is the way to do it. :-)

And one last point. When I look back at any of the million dollar plus sales we have had at TRAFFIC in the past, in each and EVERY occasion, the competing bidder was on the phone, not the internet. Why?? Because it was that important to MAKE SURE that their bid was received. They could not afford a snafu and either can we. Think about it, if you REALLY wanted a domain name, you would be on the horn. You would not take the chance that your connection would go down. That the auction connection would go down. You would INSURE you had an open line of communication and that is called the PHONE!

Sometimes it is hard enough for folks you know to do what they say. When you don't know them, the odds go up exponentially. So you can comment anonymously, but when it comes to bidding, no way in hell!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

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The NEW T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App Tutorial

Morning Folks!!

The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App now has 120 users. ALL solid citizens of the Domain Industry. We have dozens of enhancements coming. This beta release was to get it into the hands of TRAFFIC attendees during the show.

We will wipe the database clean on Monday so if you registered for the app and have not set up any profile at all, the system will clean out those accounts. So there are no lurkers. You either participate, or not. The show code has now expired and I can supply you with a new one. Just email me.

First thing when starting an account, the link is on the bottom of the home page. You do not fill in the user name first. Go to the bottom of the page and click the link to set up your account.

When you want to endorse somebody, just click that little orange box once. A check mark will appear in a moment to let you know that you have endorsed that person. The number in that box increases with each endorsement. You can even see who endorsed who.

As of this moment it is already the hottest address book you can have when it comes to the domain industry.

Get connected and get real-time access to the best Domainers and Domain Names in the Industry!

  • Browse the most influential domain investors
    Easily connect with other domain name investors and developers when you know who is available, and find out more about their portfolio and interests.

  • Browse high value domains
    When you spot a valuable domain name opportunity, you know who to contact to buy, sell or partner with.

  • Promote yourself and your domains

Share your information about your investments and interests to create your personal “trading card” and “trading cards” for your domains

  • Endorse your business partners and be endorsed.
    Recognize the real professionals with the highest integrity and business ethics. We create an atmosphere for serious business people to conduct business.

This is the barebone and backbone of the app. From here we will add all types of features. Look at this app as a wheel. Right now we have the wheel and the wheel has about 4 or 5 spokes. When we are done, there will be dozens of spokes and they will connect to other wheels. So the app will never be finished. It will just evolve with us.

The app is available to attendees of the 2010 or 2011 shows for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. at no charge and no subscription fee.

We may open the app up to sponsorships in 2012 and as of now we won't be offering the app publicly and may never offer it publicly.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

T..R.A.F.F.I.C. Announces Dates For 2012

Morning Folks!!

As I said, the Ritz Carlton will not be getting any bigger next year and this year's capacity attendance of 332 can't get much bigger without it getting uncomfortably crowded. We will open registration is January to keep the books easier.

The Show dates are October 7th-10th 2012 with Cabana networking starting Friday October 5th 2012.

As for Las Vegas, we are discussing it, working on venues and will know something more next month.

Rick Schwartz

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The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App Can Streamline Your Domain Business

Morning Folks!!

The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App now has 100 users strong. 100 of the top domainers all using their REAL NAME, REAL INFO and have nothing to hide.

Dr. Chris Hartnett, Mike Berkens and Monte Cahn have the most endorsements by fellow domainers. This new resource keeps all the top guys just a click away. It will become the #1 reference in the industry.

It is FREE to all folks that were to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. this year or last year. Just contact me for the special code that allows you in the system. If you are a domainer, you know how to get my email addy.

We don't want to exclude anybody, but if you are a ghost or you have a bad reputation, you ain't getting in. If you are a legitimate domainer making your way, and behaving like a pro, I will make sure you get the code. There is just no room for assholes to be blunt about it. Your reputation is your passport.

Those that we unveiled the app to and are using it agree that when we open it up to everyone, the best way to qualify folks is with $$$. That helps to insure only serious domainers use the platform. Keeps out the wannabees and folks that are nameless and faceless that can only be NFG at this stage of the game.

The app is still being improved and we are working on implementing several of your suggestions. I think it will be about 60 days before it is fully evolved. But until then it still a very hand little tool and many domains are now listed for sale.

Hopefully this will be the hub for professional domainers. A hub that keep the spirit of our shows going all year long. A hub that will enhance how you do business and who you do business with.

The app is now downloadable from the App Store! Search for 'targeted traffic' in the store.

As for android etc users, the mobile site url is:

More info about the app is here: