I Bought a Present and I will give it to you at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

As you are aware of when it comes to the iPhone and the iPad I am the #1 fan in the universe. I have written about it extensively. I have explained how these 2 products would allow Apple to increase their market share via the backdoor.

Someday they will write about this TROJAN HORSE in history books. It will be the greatest business comeback of all time. A company on the verge, fighting back to become #1.

But #1 is the START of the journey. They have done all this just growing from 6% to almost 10% in just 4 years. What the hell is the other 40%-90% going to look like. If they have more money that the US Government TODAY, what do they look like when they are 5X as big and 500X more powerful?

That lead me to the gift I saw and decided to buy for every attendee. It’s a small thing that can pay really big dividends. It may help you harness some of what is within you and me. That missing link between a domain name and a business.

Most laugh and say I have no sites and don’t know how to make money on the net other than domain names. But that would not be accurate. For example TargetedTraffic.com alone has taken in many millions of dollars over the years. Without certain tools it would have been hard to make even $1. So I have a “Tool” for you to FOCUS on. Let’s compare it to a HOOK if you were fishing. I have your HOOK, but YOU need to provide the BAIT. Got that? You will. So I have a HOOK for you. A valuable item made by Apple.

Howard said that not everyone has an iphone or ipad. I said that is their misfortune and after 4 YEARS they need to get with the program. So far EVERYONE has thanked me after they got the iPhone and or iPad. It changes your life. But if you have a hook and no bait I can see why you would be frustrated and not understand what I am talking about.

Even my own brother finally broke down and bought an iphone. My brother has been about 5 generations behind since like 1990. He always bought some off brand GARBAGE cell phone that would never work. So after 20 years of me saying “Tin can 1 to Tin Can 2” as I would 'Poke' him for doing that AGAIN, even he had to admit how good it was.

So I have a gift. Not a perk, not a giveaway, not some bullshit with a logo. A true gift that will fit in your suitcase and will hopefully change your life that I especially bought for YOU. I am still trying to figure out which bait to put on this hook. It something I BELIEVE can pay off very big. Maybe not. But it is so freaking COOL I had to get one for everyone! I have had it on my desk since August. I open it up and look at it EVERY single day.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz