75% of Domainers Should drop ALL of Their Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

It never gives me pleasure to tell somebody they have a domain that might be worthless. I don’t try and discourage folks even when they ask. My job is not to burst their balloon.

But in general let me state for the record that 75% of portfolios I have looked at do not have a single domain of value. I mean NONE!! If I tell that person he will get angry and lord knows I don’t need another enemy. So let me talk to the general audience. The 75%,

How do you know your domains may be worthless? Well first of all you are not making any money and the bills are piling up. That may be your first clue.

If you have 10,000 names at a cost of $80,000 a year and you make no money…..just dump every last one of them and start again. You have an $80,000 budget from day #1. You can leverage that $80,000 and buy a few GREAT domains with a simple formula. With a down stroke and payments. Many domainers are open to these type deals.

Point is WHY keep chasing failure?? Gather what you have learned and parlay that into a new start. 1 great domain is infinitely better than all the Pigeon Shit in the world. It’s simple and so few get it and even fewer do it.

The trail has been blazed. The path is there. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just get ONE great domain and you will be on the RIGHT path and never have to look back or over your shoulder.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz