Poised to hit $6 Million in Sales in 2012

Afternoon Folks!!

I was just sent this a few minutes ago and wanted to share a story about that came out earlier today.

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “ Poised to hit $6 Million in Sales in 2012

  1. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick. We knew it in advance when you made the deal in such a professional manner, certainly, Candy sales would be good one. You are a smart businessman.
    With best wishes.

  2. LSM

    They say they collected $2.8 million in revenue in 2011, up from $1.8 million in their first full year, and they’re on pace to gobble up nearly $6 million in sales this year.

    Those are some pretty impressive YOY numbers.
    Transforming themselves into”” probably played a large role in that.
    These guys could be a case study.

  3. domain guy

    interesting and your theory proven correct.Impressive annual increased earnings and continually going up!
    domain sale justification..with analytics and earnings.
    also shows that mars,hersheys and all the big candy companys missed the boat.validation for rick.
    I have also noticed that small individual companys buy big time domains for a competitive,
    no big name companies..

  4. Ian

    J Rhodes you know little about business, especially companies in supernormal growth. If the Candy company had the same PE as Facebook it would be worth over a billion without question and I know which company I’d rather put my money in for stability and likelihood to maintain growth/dividends.
    Candy will get bigger then a very big player will come along and buy them out for a very large sum, not based on the profits but on margin retention, market share and the URL.
    $600m? Quite possibly esp if they can crack 50m in sales.

  5. JamesD

    You must laugh your ass off every time a dividend check hits the mat!

  6. chicagohh

    “Candy.con is not even on page 1,2,3 for term candy.”
    That’s because the site is not structured well from an SEO standpoint, they are not focusing on the word candy from a keyword perspective (they rank for ‘only candy store’) and some of their text content – especially on the home page does not pass the sniff test. The two sections of content below the fold seems to just repeat the same message – using different words – with the intent to just add content.
    Anyhow, they rank for other terms.


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