My Domain Name of the Day.

Morning Folks!!

When I check my stats each day one of the things I look for is domains that all of a sudden get traffic. This morning was no different. I was surprised to see a domain that usually gets virtually no traffic got 442 visitors yesterday and poised to get much more in the days ahead. I registered back in 1998.

The first thing I did was change the keywords so I would get relevant results and I expect the click thru rate will go way up today. Since this is going to be an historic storm, it will be interesting to watch what happens.

So just sitting here at the Finish Line waiting for events to catch up with 1998.

And if you are anywhere in the Northeast coast and inland areas, FLOODS and TREES are what is your enemy. Do not underestimate flooding and flash floods etc.. Remember, most people die AFTER the storm is over. Hope to see you online during.....This IS history in the making. This is breaking records and will be talked about for decades to come. A slow motion tragedy getting stronger not weaker. There is nowhere to run once the storm starts as roads will be blocked by down trees and electric lines. Been there...........Be safe!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “My Domain Name of the Day.

  1. Rick Schwartz

    And at the”Finish Line” I have options.
    I can do nothing and watch the domain earn whatever dollars it earns.
    I can do nothing and learn about the traffic.
    I can do something and put up a dozen or two done or 1000 live webcams.
    I can get massive amounts of traffic.
    Point is I have options or just let it pass.
    Hay, sun, low tide, high tide, good ideas, bad ideas. Options.

  2. This Week In Domains

    Lot of people have web cams online capturing Sandy. You can embed their web cam(if they have embed codes available) on this site. That way people have one single site to go to see live what’s happening with Sandy.

  3. Shane Cultra

    Who would have thought that a name meant to capture a 19 year old hottie in the shower and in the kitchen would monetize through a hurricane.

  4. Max

    What were the keywords that you set for
    I found only links related to my last searches online, that certainly have nothing to do with the keywords you set for
    Unless you have not set any word these are the usual garbage results that google is giving since a couple of years.
    This is only the unfair behavior from a monopolist that must be regulated, being illegal. Monopolies: do you remember?
    U.S. have a great history about fighting against monopolies.
    But this time no one even speaks.
    This is UNFAIR competition.
    Where is gone the Freedom to make business, which you in US have always RIGHTLY defended?
    Where did it go?
    Is it legal, for a DE FACTO monopolist (…), giving different results for the same type of search, depending on whether the search is made on google, a site”x” (…) or a parked page?

  5. Rick Schwartz

    1200 visitors so far today.
    It will probably climax tonight and especially tomorrow morning.
    Click thru rates were 6% yesterday but after changing the keywords have gone to 36% today.

  6. Max

    Here domainers and not (even not professional domainers and EVERYONE and EVERY COMPANY in the world), are all laming because someone kicks at all so that they lean to him

  7. Max

    maybe someone often read your blog and decided to delete some of your domains from the blacklist :)

  8. Max

    I’m afraid I have not written in a right manner
    All are lames, I mean
    Google kicks everyone, and then gives them a crutch.
    There is a world full of lames out there
    P.S. if you had played soccer instead football you would understand :)

  9. Anunt

    Wow…great Job Rick…on
    Definately deserves a blog post of its own.
    I like it…ALL your preaching about domains is on one page.
    Even an average Joe can fully understand the power of a domain if they read thru ALL this on
    Awesome…i love it!!!


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