My Exact Goal for 20 Years. Selling vs. Leasing and 20 Years of Patience!

Morning Folks!!

As a rule I don't sell my domain names. 17 sales in 17 years and getting ready to announce #18 in the coming weeks. But sales is not my goal or direction. Leasing is.

So when I have a goal I state it far and wide and make it public. That keeps the pressure on me to achieve it. So here it is. By my 20 year anniversary in domains, I will have more than 100 leased domains getting anywhere from $1500 month up. I already have a number of these in place and have 4 more I am in the final stages of negotiation.

These are creative lease deals and I plan to share in the success as many as I can. and set the stage for the others that I will be announcing later this month. Most if not all with long term deals and exit strategies. Not anything different then I did in 1997 but that was another era and this is a much bigger market that took 15 more years to mature.

I have had to wait nearly 2 decades to finally employ my strategy. I had to wait for the market to come to me. To come my way. To accept my solution because that solution has been around for hundreds of years. Just the resistance to that solution has been strong until now. When I quote a sales price folks laugh. When I state a lease price folks negotiate.

Long term leasing is my way to guarantee income for as long as I can and have the base income at an acceptable level and be less affected by market conditions. Just transforming my engine from one of PPC to that of being a landlord and transforming domains to much higher and dependable income levels.

In the days ahead I will be making a formal announcement about that has been up and running for several weeks now but am still putting the finishing touches on. Eventually we may open it up to 3rd parties with category defining domain names. Category defining is the key. Would you likely see that domain name as a category header in the yellow pages? That's the key. is an in your face, old school selling piece developed by the guy I have partnered up with for this project. More to come in the coming weeks.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “My Exact Goal for 20 Years. Selling vs. Leasing and 20 Years of Patience!

  1. Jorge Ramirez

    I like the ‘Leasing’ idea. I’ve never leased a domain but do like the long term cash flow part of it. Let me know more about the when you open it up as I like category domains specially in the shopping area for merchants that I work with all day.

  2. Chris

    Rick, when you do a straight lease deal, do you maintain control of the domain and DNS or do you use a holding service like, which controls the domain and DNS during the term of the lease?

  3. Scott Alliy

    Good luck and thanks for blazing the trail once again. as owner of jv names for years I have alsways been a believer in the deal. Sounds like you have found the system to make it happen Congrats!

  4. David

    What are your thoughts about using’s Zenscrow for leases? I’m thinking about trying to lease some domains.

  5. Jorge Ramirez

    Just making sure I understand and I think I am sure what you mean but incase
    > 100 leased domains getting anywhere from $1500 month up.
    Is it $1,500 .00 per each domain as a per minimum so no less that 1500?
    Also what is minimum of the lease terms you do per domain, one, three years, etc. I know not all domains are the same and not all deals with end users would require perhaps same lenth of time but just learning struture.

  6. Joao

    If i am not mistaken, the escrow service on domain leasing in zenscrow is secured by
    If that factor gives the end user more safety that both parts will honor the deal, the question for me is, why not Robin?

  7. brandon breshears

    Rick you amaze me with your ability to see into the future I’ve just started into the world of domaining and I’m loving it. I love reading your stuff. Thanks man!


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