Economic Outlook for 2013″Terrible, I am Very Worried” Ben Stein

Morning Folks!!

What is your economic outlook for 2013?

'Terrible, I am very worried'

Ben Stein 11/10/12

And I tend to agree. 2013 is going to be challenging year. Possibly the most challenging since 2009. Each time the economy seems to be getting off the canvas another wallop comes and we fall flat and confidence gained is confidence lost.

Now NEVER confuse bad economic times with opportunity. There will also be lots of opportunity. People have less money, their debt is going to rise again and at some point there is a risk of going bust.

The fiscal cliff is coming and chances are we either go over the cliff or the medicine will be severe and taste really bad. You and I are the ones holding the bag. Never forget that. Most Americans work harder today to get less, buy less, have less and save less.

I think you will see mass moves in business in where they decide to locate. California is not the best place to open a business today. Much better to do business out of Nevada. USA may not be the best place to do business after all the dust settles and there will be countries and locales looking to court your business.

A global shift is happening. Companies will have to rethink how and where they do business and live in the future like never before. Stable governments, with great lifestyles and friendly to business with low taxes etc.

We always need to be nimble and change things when those things get out of whack. Things are out of whack and Niagara Falls is just weeks away. No matter the cure, the pain is going to be noticeable and severe. Those that are not at full throttle risk everything. Their 'Sandy' will just look different.

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Rick Schwartz