Thank You Ron Jackson!!!

Afternoon Folks!!

We all owe Ron Jackson a HUGE THANK YOU for chronicling our industry and our progress for an entire decade. What he has done is priceless and we are lucky to have a professional journalist in our midst. Without his contribution there would be no timeline of our evolution.

Congrats Ron and Diana!! Hope for 10 more and 10 more on top of that!!

Well done!

Rick Schwartz

Give a Reason, Not an Excuse!! The Difference Between Winners and Losers.

Morning Folks!!

The day I stopped giving excuses in life was the day I became a success. Really. People tell me how it is hard for them to see opportunity where others do. So let's look at something that you may be able to see. An 'Excuse' is a very visible sign not only of failure, but giving up and not learning anything. An excuse is pathetic. And that makes the person using their energy to make the excuse, pathetic. If you are an excuse maker, I guess I just insulted you. Ok, that's life. Get insulted. That is what excuse makers do. They get insulted. They get angry. They deflect the conversation.

Did you know it takes more energy to make an excuse then to just fix it?

See that is the problem with excuse makers. They use all their energy in making excuses. Excuses have zero value because you are pretending there was no mistake and no REASON for a failure whether tiny or huge.

Now with a REASON, you have focused on WHY something did not go as planned. Why something went wrong and you have used your TIME to identify the REASON something did not go right. That means you can fix it. That means you can take a 'Setback' and still succeed while the other guy is fully invested in their failure. And it is a failure. It is not a setback.

Now let's compare the 2 people and why one is a winner in failure (set back) and one is a total loser in failure (failure). The guy with all the excuses learned nothing. The energy he used was not identifying the problem. It was excusing it. The other guy made no excuses, he just went down the entire path in his mind and looked for and then focused on where things went wrong. It was not about blame or excuses. It was about figuring it out.

So now we have these 2 people. One found an excuse, one found a reason. Both are given the task to do over again. Which person would you want to bet on to get it right the second time??

And that my friends is how you spot something BEFORE it happens. How you can anticipate because of behavior. Because losers always excuse and winners find reasons. The latter is a person filled with opportunity in life and the other is a walking disaster waiting for the next pitfall or obstacle to get out his book of excuses.

Which one do you want to hook your wagon to?

If I pissed you off and you are insulted by this post, have at it. But I am going to LMAO and then feel very sad that you are stuck when once again YOU had the opportunity to change your destiny in life. That is the single best visual I can give my readers of opportunity and what it looks like. Sometimes opportunity is simply a matter of eliminating the loser.

Happy New Years! Change your destiny for 2013 by changing your reaction. Change your reaction and there is nothing you can't accomplish. No REASON to make an EXCUSE.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Equations in Math and Life May be Different. But it All Revolves Around Equations.

Morning Folks!!

I think it was about 9th grade that we learned about 'Equations' and 'Geometry'. I was always good in basic math. The only class I ever flunked was 'Trigonometry' in my senior year of high school. Lucky for me 'Trig' proved useless in life and not even sure they teach that anymore. That was before electronic handheld calculators were invented and instead of a slide rule, you had to figure it all out. I studied my ass off and the finals came and I froze. It all went bye-bye. Didn't remember a thing. But at 17 I knew this was a buch of useless crap that I would never use and if I di have the need to the answers were quite quickly available even back then.

Geometry comes in handy. I have but one major use. The triangle or Pyramid and figuring out the most important thngs to address in any mission. Identify the top and your chance of success was nearly assured. I discuss this in depth with this post.

That brings me to equations. Could be the most important tool in my toolbox. In math an equation as to be perfect and precise. In business it just has to be close. Equations for me take a split second on virtually any subject. I get the information, weigh it, give things weight and then come to a decision. It can take anywhere from that split second or two to days, weeks and longer. Considering every possibility and attributing the proper weight to it. Some are so heavily one sided that there is no decision. But there are always many that are wrapped up in confusion instead of clearly seeing an equation to determine your next move.

Your next move IS mathematical. The balance is either in your favor or against you. Either way, you MUST know going into something whether you need to give more or less. How much gas to give the throttle based on the equation you have at hand.

I may have lost some of you. But it is clear to me and sometimes much more difficult to articulate a way of approach as I try and explain the equation that is the captain of my ship. Percentages play a huge role in all this and you derive a percentage by doing an equation or just listing all the pros and cons and then forming an equation.

So if you are not familiar with equations it makes it oh so much harder to make the right decisions. Much harder to see how each priority is also vital to getting things right. You can start at the top of a pyramid or the bottm corners. If you start at the bottom, you will likely work way too hard and waste precious time. When your equation points out the top of the pyramid, you are automatically at 33%-50% of the entire journey. When you start in the bottom corners, you are focusing on the 2%-5%. That stuff usually fills in itself when you get the other higher pieces in place. The last row that takes ALL the time when you start THERE, takes NO TIME when you FINISH there. A winning way to proceed vs a losing way to proceed. 100% clear when you understand equations.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

“I setup a bunch of new sites, but none of them have made any money” Eric Borgos

Morning Folks!!

Are you a domainer or are you just pretending to be one? If you have not read Eric Borgos last blog post then you are not really a domainer. If you don't heed his words, you are not a domainer. Here is a guy who put in loads of time and sweat and got nothing in return. In fact, it likely cost him well into the 6 figures when you consider lost ppc income and time.

Minisites? DEAD! Dead! Dead!

Even full blown sites without a cash register or way to make revenue is dead.

Developing? DEAD! Develop what??

You create a business with a cash register or just keep your domain parked and stop wasting time and energy chasing a shadow that does not exist. Then try new things with a handful of domains. If it does not work for you....partner up!!

Take a Read


And if you are too busy....then you are likely too busy pissing your profits away.

Eric may think 2012 was a failure for him. In fact he learned a lot and now his domains are parked, out of harms way and making money again.

I would like to invite Eric to be my guest at TRAFFIC in Las Vegas and share his entire journey with us.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Deep Breath, You ARE in Control of Your Destiny! You’re no Longer Controlled!!

Morning Folks!!

Why is the future so much different than the past? Because in the past you have been dependent on others instead of independent. That changes in the new era that is approaching. YOU are now driving and you are no longer a passenger in a bus you have no control over.

We have watched massive portfolios come and go. We have watched the game change so sharply that those that played a certain way just got washed away. They left no notes. Did not say Good-bye. No big press releases. Just gone. The rest of us survived multiple tsunamis as far as business goes. But we also changed our game. My portfolio swelled to 10,000 from 6000 and now after 2 years of 'Culling' the inventory, am back to 6000. But I will hopefully get it to 5000.

Some domains are perishable. Some never materialize. Some were a good idea at the time. Some you don't even know what you were thinking. But as we move forward it has become pretty clear where domains of value are and what elements they contain. The ones outside that realm should be dropped and the reason is this. Those 4000 domains were 75% non .com. The .xxx was $99 each. The .co was $25 each etc. So lets say the average is $20/year. That's $80,000 or $800,000 over the next 10 years. I am sure I can find a deal that will take that $800,000 I would have pissed away on pigeon shit in exchange for a top tier domain name. I am sure I can make a deal on a GREAT domain for a few grand a month for the next 10 years.

That's what you call turning a loser into a winner. One little pivot like that could save your empire and then ignite your empire.

It takes 20 years to go through the evolution we are a part of. The first part was a unique opportunity in time when you gathered your properties. Then we spent a period of time learning about these domains as well as this new medium. Thirdly we had to watch and see how things would unfold and develop. That process takes 20 years for the first phase and another 20 years of refinement and expansion. If you know that going into the game, you take a deep breath and play it the way you see it. I see it as a lifetime marathon that will live beyond me. That's why I don't get tempted to make a sale and would rather have long term returns.

Just because folks don't understand a business strategy does not make that strategy any less valuable and in fact and in time that is what becomes clear. But my understanding of what things would look like would have to come out of those mines with at least a handful of major gems and a truckload of other domain booty. Each capable of being a small business. A small oil well. Maybe someday the 6000 will be 600. Well 600 pumping out $1000/month is $7.2MM a year BEFORE we get to the premium ones. Before we get to any success or development potential. It's a silly vision. But it is my vision and not a human being on earth has taken that vision from me in these 18 years and only reality can take it from me in the next 18 years.

I just ask a simple question. Am I closer to that vision now than ever before? And when I look around me I am not alone. There are hundreds of you with similar visions. Not the same. Similar. It means we have been on an intersecting path for all these years and likely to continue that way far into the future. We may all have a vision of NORTH.....But we also understand that going Northeast and Northwest is not a bad thing. And as long as we keep going that general direction we will find north. We know the difference between North and South. We know stopping is smarter than going south until you can adjust to continue the journey north. The journey up not down. Others travel in CIRCLES and go nowhere and get angry when we point it out.

But I got off the path on this post. The point is we are going from a state of complete dependence to a state of choice. Complete Independence. A state that puts domain owners in a strong position. 2012 was a HUGE year for domain owners. And to be blunt, in 2013 I have a mission with that will be central to what is coming. It's time and it's all about time.

I have written extensively on our plans for so I am clearly on the record as to what we are going to achieve and how long it will take. A 3 year undertaking that is going to change how we all do business. The 20 year plan does not mark the marks the BEGINNING! We have survived the treachery of attacks from being labeled cybersquatters to outright legal theft thru flawed decisions when nobody was looking and nobody cared. That is no longer the case. Everyone is now in OUR game. Everyone is trying to duplicate what WE did. Everyone that has minimized us over the years are now joing OUR game. Welcome!! About time. Bring your money and bring your visions.

I believe more rulings of reverse domain name hijacking in 2012 is making an impact in these frivolous WIPO actions. It won't go to zero but companies are learning the impact of their actions long after their dastardly deed is done. And if not.......Click here.

But the biggest opportunity is coming in the form of .whatever and what they are about to learn. They are about to embark on a path that we have been studying for nearly 2 decades and so many are missing the one component called 'Human Nature'. Let's give people credit, they will adapt to anything if it is in THEIR SELF INTEREST and it is not complex. They won't swallow the same pig with a new dress. Most don't get that part and that is why most won't make it far out of the gate. But a few will figure it out. Maybe. But none by itself or all together will have any impact on .com except greater value. More demand.

So no reason to poo poo .whatever. There is success and failure all mixed in. One more than the other is all. You will have to carefully navigate through all the caucuses that will be blocking the path of progress. .whatever will be a late night joke. That will give it some popularity. But will it be sustainable?

Nobody reading this knows all the answers so lets stop parading around like we do. However we do have knowledge and evidence and we already have the caucuses lining the road in the form of several extensions that you can fill in yourself. We can just call it the .mobi cemetery and they will soon be filled to capacity.

10 great domains make you a domainer. 100 and you are in a very small class. 1000 and the class is getting smaller. 10,000 your class can fit in mini van. 100,000 and that class can fit in a mini.

The destiny is YOURS! My solution is your solution. Time to harness the power of the future by getting there early as we have done time and time again.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Prediction: 10″Pure Domainers” Selected for Forbes 400 Billionaires List by 2035

Morning Folks!!

Who am I to predict something outrageous like saying 'I believe it's not only possible but actually #likely# that a small exclusive group of domain name owners will eventually end up on the Forbes 400 list of richest global billionaires by 2035'?
What are the past historical asset parallels to domain names that give me confidence in stating that my prediction that one or more 'pure' domain name investors (i.e. pure NOT referring to those owners of domain names that developed a business on it themselves) must and will come true?
When exactly in the maturation of premium dot com category domain name values are we currently experiencing in 2013 along the scale paralleled by premier baseball player salaries, Babe Ruth's earning less than $1,000,000 over his entire 1914-1935 career or the $30,000,000 in salary paid for Alex Rodriguez in 2012 alone?
Where in America will you find the incredible story of the family that pretty much owns an entire city where 200,000+ people live and work and play, and how did they accomplish this amazing feat over multiple generations? What does the story have to do with domain names in 2013?
How much difference is there between selling the oil for distribution, and retaining the land with the mineral assets versus selling the land itself and letting someone else have the produce of the wells drilled for oil? What are the parallels of the richest oil fields with the very best internet properties owned by domain name owners?
Why should you care about who I am or any of this stuff if you're among what I call 'the 500'? The '500' being a group of already for the most part affluent people that like Rick Schwartz bought domains as early as 1994-- the 500 or so people on the planet who are likeliest to be among those small number of future billionaires...if they keep playing their cards right.
Why is 'Rick Schwartz' speaking of 'Rick Schwartz' on the Rick Schwartz blog in the 3rd person? That's one question I can answer now, in brief. This is NOT Rick Schwartz, Domain King (TM) posting today. It's actually Danny Welsh.
Who IS Danny Welsh?
If you allow me the time, I'll tell you more of my background, who I am to make such claims and exactly why Rick has invited me into his living room and given me his blessing to talk to those of you among his closest colleagues today.
I'll even tell you in all transparency what's in it for me to work my ass off for the next 10-15 years to maybe even help make that prediction a reality for a handful of you that will be the innovators pursuing many possible paths to extract as much value as possible from the Golden Eggs produced by your assets-- without selling the Golden Gooses themselves-- and with favor, what we're doing with just might be a part of that transformation.
Who, what, when, where, how much, why = not only the recipe for a journalist's story.
It's the facts and the story together that create a combination to unlock any sale of any product or asset.
And, ladies and gentlemen of the 500, I'm here to congratulate you all on having some of what might be the most valuable (albeit intangible) assets in history. Products and properties that have value that the facts and story to unlock the highest and best use of is still being gathered, still being told.
Who, what, when, where, how much, why.
I'll lay out a vision for you in exquisite detail for telling that story to Corporate America, to Madison Ave, to the CEO or marketing executive that covets your very best domain names for their own. We'll follow the path from start to finish over a series of a few blog posts the real Rick Schwartz has graciously allowed me to make as his junior partner with
My vision enfolded within his vision. Our vision and journey for the next 3 years that will be pivotal, and one on which we'd be happy to have some of you go along with us.
Please know that I'm thrilled to have a chance to serve many of you as clients starting in 2013. I will return soon with the first in a series of guest blog posts we think just might touch a nerve if you're among the 500. Just might make you feel like it was the mid-1990s all over.
Until then, I welcome your comments and feedback.
Danny Welsh

They Come with Passion or Money. Seldom Both. How to Turn Passion into Dollars

Morning Folks!!

You can sell an asset many ways and you can sell to many people. But at the end of the day it comes to money and/or passion. Money is the simple way but passion comes with more opportunity.

Passion is one of the only things that can substituted for money. Passion has value. But only when matched up with something you know and have enjoyed some success with. Passion is the main ingredient in a domain lease not money. Less money gives the seller more opportunity to share in the upside.

It saddens me to see domains sold that I KNOW can be leased for the same amount in just 1-2 years. That is desperation or shortsightedness. Not all great domains are lease-able. But many are and my eye can tell the difference.

I could have sold for 3x what I paid for it. But holding on to it gives me 2.5x what I paid for it EVERY year and it is increasing. Plus I now own 10% of the comany. Plus I share in the next sale of at an even higher percentage rate. Which was better to do? Is it easy? Nope? Can it be done? Yes. Is it easier to lease today than 5 years ago? By a mile!

So before you sell, you should at a minimum ask me if the domain has a lease potential. Transform a $10,000 one time sale into a $1000/month revenue generating machine. I am sorry, but anyone not seeing the upside is missing the boat. AGAIN!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Last Time I Worked in December was 1995. Year 18 Starts TODAY!

Morning Folks!!

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring except my Dell mouse.
The sites were ugly and few they were.
My wife of the day asked are you crazy sir?

I clicked and I clicked and so the day went
and before you knew it was money I spent.
I sprang from the desk to see what was next.
I looked into the window and only saw sex.

Broke open the numbers and threw up the page
Along came customers to unlock the wage.

If you don't see what I see then it is okay.
But what I see is life changing in a positive way.

What if this and what if that?
No time to waste said the George the cat.

So I clicked and I clicked and so the day went
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick!

But I heard him exclaim, as he surfed off the site-
Happy Domaining to all, and to all a good night.

And now you know the main reason I never became a poet.

Today marks the start of my 18th year investing in domain names. Stunning to me. The day that changed my life. I have never done anything this long. Every day is exciting. It's the greatest hobby ever invented and you make money too. On one hand it feels like just the day after last Christmas and on the other like a generation ago. How could I have even imagined that one act would change my destiny forever and in such a big way. Monopoly, the reality game. I risked $100 and hit the lottery!

I do believe that everything I learned up until that moment in life was all in preparation for that one moment. True destiny. I saw something clearer than I had ever seen in my entire life. It was a stunning event that allowed me to time travel in as far as I saw that direct parallel between .com and Times Square Real Estate. It did not happen overnight. The process took months and then about 2 years to fully evolve.

Somewhere early on while I saw what I saw I also saw a very big problem. I was looking at something that likely could survive over 100 years and could even take that long to manifest itself. It was at that moment that I decided to do everything in my power to spread the word. To educate and by doing that I would help bend the curve of time down from 100 years during my lifetime.

When I was born all the land had been sold. There was no more 'Free land'. There was only expensive property and more expensive property. Property I would likely never have the money to buy. Still that way. Could not buy much in Times Square today with my life savings. Wish I had been born during that land rush. Actually not. This is much better, bigger and more meaningful landrush.

Domains gave me a 2nd chance to do what those generations before me did and the wealth they created by doing it. An EXACT parallel. But with less work and I could accelerate the process. 90 day deals could be done in 90 seconds and that had great value.

But the .com to me had more dimensions than the physical. It had wider reach, broader appeeal and an infinite amount of floors you could add to it or land you could sprawl over. This was land on steroids. This was something bigger than me and bigger than anything I had ever seen. More powerful than an entire mall. And what if people actually go online? More than the 5% in the USA and the 1% or less worldwide at the time. What would it look like if people in the remotest areas could compete with the guy in New York City. It would look like TODAY! NOW!

How can something so invisible, so intangible so technical possibly do what I see? How is it possible? But the scarier question was what happens if it is not only possible but a reality? I found the answer in a restaurant. I overheard a table of fairly elderly folks talking about how they kept in touch with their grand children via email. That was the absolute confirmation for me that the Internet would actually take off and be important. Once I saw the oldest and the youngest embrace the same medium, it was over. The middle would fill in by themselves. And they did.

The first person that ever gave credibility to what I was doing was Joe Holler. He was one of the very few in those days with the credibility and technical know how that also saw the other side of that. The side called marketing. So while all the techies were laughing at me and my ignorance for spending $100 a pop on a domain name, I found one of the most respected techies of the day that was not laughing. Could not come at a better time. And while I was sure of what I saw, I woke up every morning and would second guess myself and ask myself if I was off the reservation. Nobody saw what I saw and this was getting very expensive. Luckily it was nearly 9 months before I had to pay the $18000 or so in invoices I had racked up. But by that time I was taking in money. More money with every passing day.

Who the hell would have thought in 1995 that mesothelioma would be the biggest payout on the net for years? lol So you can't predict everything. But you can predict some things. You can predict that human behavior is what you have to tap into to make money. You can predict how something will unfold based on a parallel if you can find one and it is in fact a true parallel. You can look at one thing and see how and why it will sell and look another and see how and why it will not sell.

To me beyond the parallels was this consolidation of some of our biggest mediums. I already discussed property. But the domain name and the Internet was also a yellow pages. A directory. It added another dimension because it was also a TV set. Also a music machine. A radio. A game device. It was all of our habits and loves in one place at one time. How could it not be the biggest thing the world had ever seen? How could it not? How could you stop it? How could you live without it? We can't. We are wired and hooked and logged on. We are connected.

If you don't think this is the greatest medium ever you are a wuss! You could not get laid in a whore house. You see the world with blinders on. We would not even have this conversation without it. Did I mention sharing? The phone? The video phone? The combination of a computer and the internet is the most dynamic duo that has even been invented since the automobile and oil. It is so big and still getting bigger. This is a giant that is still in puberty. It will take another 20 years just to catch up with the possible exploitation of what is available right now and not even adding all the things coming in the next 20 years.

To the trained eye there has never been so much opportunity in the history of mankind as there is today. Never! B ut it requires thinking and most folks don't have the time to think. The hours you need to think. The solitude you need to think. To figure out. To untangle. To clearly see what few can. To come at something from left field, right field, center field and infield. To look at something every way until you find THE way.

So all I can say is the future will be much more exciting than the past if you allow it and think of all the changes and the voids that have resulted. Real voids. Not imagined voids.

The one thing I have learned is three words that direct my vessel. Need, Want, Desire. It's the test that everything has to pass through. If you don't have the need or want then the desire has to be created. Nobody needed the .com back then. Nobody wanted it back then. But I knew someday they would desire it and it would take 20 years to manifest. They need it so much and want it so much now that they would risk being labeled a 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacker' to get it. Saw that too back then. Not in that form. How in the world could I and would I protect what many in the world would NEED would WANT and would DESIRE?

And that brings us to .whatever and let me be 100% clear. In success or failure .whatever will only drive UP the prices of .com. There is no threat whatsoever to investment quality domain names as I have described now for all these years in a multitude of ways. None whatsoever. And if you have the .com counterpart of an actual .whatever, then $10 million is about the bottom price that domain is worth at today's level and could only skyrocket from there. Eventually all this I have written about will have to be dealt with. I am not against the new extesions. I only see opportunity. But when it comes to investment quality, way too early to know if any will break out and meet that measure. But here is my prediction. We will know by the end of 20 years and that is when domains will BEGIN to be valued properly.

The game is not the same as 1995. But the elements that led me here are the same and better and I only see a lifetime of opportunity ahead no matter what form it comes in and no matter what direction the road may lead. The passion for progress still burns deep in me. Much deeper than 18 years ago.

Have a GREAT day!
May 2013 be your Best Year EVER!

Rick Schwartz

What does a”Type in” Look Like? Why is it so Important to Have? Masters and Slaves!

Morning Folks!!

What exactly do 'Type ins' look like?

Well if you have never had a store or a retail shop then you are at a disadvantage in domaining. Domains are like having a shop. Whether it be donuts or diamonds, you have a shop. And that shop has an entrance. The difference is when you have type in traffic you have folks waiting at your door each morning waiting for you to put the key in the door and unlocking what they want and what they are looking for. If you have it, they buy. Maybe not 100%. But either is search. And whether you want to believe it or not, conversion of type ins when matched with a proper good or service blows the doors off search. But we need BOTH! Who in their right mind would poo poo bus loads of customers waiting at your door each and every day? Most of which decided you were a destination whether they were fed up with search results or whether that is their surfing style.

And if you don't have type ins? Then you are a slave to 3rd party search engines that may you you shit unless you pay and pay big!

Now we all need customers. What's the difference if I have 100 customers each day by type ins and the guy across town has none? He has to kiss the ass of search. Well he has to WORK and maybe PAY to get those 100 customers that I already started with. Not only that, he has to repeat that each and every day and some days he may come in to find no customers. However the domain with 100 type ins continues to get customers without effort like a clock. Day in and day out. Good days and bad days. Cold days and hot days. Etc. So while the other guy poo poos the 100 type ins he is also busy being a whore sometimes trying to get those 100 customers while the other guy is concentrating on selling something to the 100 he already has. Plus that 100 grows when matched with the proper item. It becomes 125 150, 200. Organically. By germinating on its own. Again not dependant on the master!

So if you are not wired to retail, not wired to sales, then it is hard to appreciate 100 customers. But for folks that understand that it is sales that makes the world go round, they look at it differently. If you sell cars you can have a stadium full of people. But f you can't zero in on the buyer quickly, you just waste your time and energy. So 1 million search hits looking for something specific only has value if it produces sales and what sales ratio that occurs. 1 million visitors and 10 sales or 100 customers with 10 sales. That is a real world equation. One makes a lot more noise. But the other is an efficient engine that purrs as she idles thru. Day after day after day. Beholden to nobody but your own customers.

Even on Christmas.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

My Holdings in Increases as We End 2012. Plus #8 and Still Rising!!

Morning Folks!!

Yesterday I posted a story of the top 25 all time reported domain sales. made that list tied for #8. But what makes my sale different than most of the others is that mine will continue to increase in ranking as I get royalties and other considerations. Matter of fact I will announce here that I have now exercised my option to buy another 2.5% of just yesterday. That brings my holdings to 10%. So this book is still being written. This sale is still living and breathing and if/when someday ends somewhere else, I get a piece of that sale as well.

How was I able to carve out something like this? Because of a shared vision and the vessel needed to get there. Pretty simple. A formula that was carved out of circumstance. The answer is always yes when you make a deal instead of no. But when you get a yes, that creates a circumstance to get some consideration. Now you can't do this all the time.It depends on the circumstance. Most of the time it is settled with money. With a dollar figure. But beyond that playing field there are a number of other playing fields that are created. Since those have been created and since nobody has more information then the 2 parties negotiating, that deal that is the ultimate 'Inside Information'. True knowledge. Confidence. Passion and all the rest.

Depending on the terms of the 7 higher reported sales than, if they were straight cash deals, then I see eventually being much higher on that list. Since it was tied for 8th place with my very good friend, Roy Messer, I hate to tell him he is now in sole possession of 9th place. Of course that may depend on the amount of vodka supply he is getting for selling

Some see a domain and see a sale. I see a domain and an entire world of options and possibilities that opens up. The limit is your mind and creative sense in both content and business outlook. My job is not to find 1 million people that see what I see. My mission is to find one. Find one for each domain that lends itself to be included in the final landscape of the Internet. That is worthy of Main Street. That is sensitive to the needs of who they are serving.

Look, some folks are in the cattle business and their job is to load up the truck and take those cattle to market. They are looked at by the herd. By dozens at at time. They are nameless. That is different than the family cow named 'Suzy'. Suzy the one that gives you milk and butter and cheese and you have decided to use for a lifetime. She may or may not end up on that truck. Chances are she won't. The table, maybe. ;-)

But now that you are shocked, take a moment to consider the difference. Consider the parallel. Consider things missing even if they are not easily visible or not that pleasant to think of. Consider the short term gain for the many years of satisfaction and production. Consider the value is still there either way but one pays great dividends along the journey and you can still have it end up on the truck. It still has value. But you tapped into something else. Something greaterthan just the norm.

If you want the best, then you usually have to overpay to get it. I have said it many times over the years. I would rather overpay for gold than get a bargain on worthless shit. And when you do it right, what you overpay for today becomes a huge bargain in the years ahead. That is the true measure of a deal. Not 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 months later but 10 YEARS later. And when you measure by the generation and have a relaxed time frame you can do great things and put great deals together. But if you only see one playing field...........

Merry Christmas!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz