The Day the Twinkie Died. Are We on the Eve of WW3?

Morning Folks!!

While we are focused on the economy, politics and affairs, are we on the brink of WW3? Are things not only about to unravel from a monetary standpoint but a political one as well? Is there a will for certain ancient predictions to come to be? The Twinkie gone? (No it will be back on shelves soon)

Not much focus about what we have always feared for decades when it comes to the Middle East. No moral authority is present. There are no strong political figures. Just a lot of weak ones looking for more power. The world is caught in the crossfire and unrest is spreading to many corners of the world.

We live in interesting times and I see some of the most turbulent days I have witnessed in my lifetime all converging at one time. Another 'Perfect storm'? The last days of 2012 are nothing that any rational human being wants to see but we are on the brink of 'Unavoidable'.

As I write this Israel is about to launch possibly the most devastating strikes EVER! One wrong move by Syria, Egypt, Iran or Hamas etc, and the entire region may glow in the dark. Once it starts, and it has, you can't put it back in the bottle. And with all that, more focus on the Twinkie. And why not? The Twinkie DEAD at the age of 82. 18,000 now unemployed and a union celebrating a victory. These are not 'Interesting' times.....these are fucked up times.

Rick Schwartz