Stop Flipping and Begin Flapping or you Might be Flopping!

Morning Folks!!

I love when folks say "You don't understand".  Excuse me, but I do understand. I have traveled that road. That hard bumpy road. I also found the path OFF that hard and bumpy road but it takes something against human nature as we are geared to be in a hurry and when you are in a hurry you don't consider everything you should consider.

Fine, I don't understand. But you are the ones selling diamonds for chump change and then getting mad at folks when they tell you the TRUTH! See I have traveled your path but you have not traveled my path and that included your path as well. So one of us has traveled both paths and if you want to do the same, you need to think differently and look at things differently instead of sitting there shaking your head.

Let's strat with the premise that you are just plain wrong and misguided. If you want to be right, then carry on whatever you are doing. But if you want to change your life and on.

Yes, I know, You are too busy to learn. Too busy to do it right. Too busy to slow the pace and be more considerate in what you do. Too busy to distinguish why one domain may be worth $1000 to you and much more to others. Too busy to stop and when you are on that hard bumpy road not stopping will break it all down.

Dare to be great. Dare to better. Dare to be stronger. Dare to say no!

The world does not run by your timeline. So maybe, just maybe, you should think and look on how to adjust your timeline to others. To being there when the trains comes in not after it left. A train station loses most value when there is no train there. So timing it right makes all the difference. All the difference between getting on that train and having a smooth ride or staying on that hard and bumpy road and going nowhere. One takes jet a little planning and the other one is too busy to plan. One gets a result, the other gets frustrated, angry and demoralized. So no only is the road hard and bumpy, it is also leading you in the wrong direction. And maybe you should stop listening to people who have motives that may know even less than you.

So get mad at me for pointing out what I see. But with a little planning you can get to flapping and leave flipping behind and therefore never be flopping.

The difference? Approach, understanding, seeing it through the eyes of others. Understanding what VALUE means. What unique means.

You should have domains that you flip in 20 minutes if you need to, 20 hours if you need to, 20 days if you need to, 20 weeks if you need to, 20  months if you need to and you should have domains that flap around for 20 years. The big problem, few know the difference and that has left them prisoners of that hard and bumpy road. Just a few minutes sorting thru what you have could pave the way to your future. Pave a smoother more rewarding path that has been used by many for a long time. You might have a great poker hand, but if you don't know how to play the game, you lose.

Flipper, flapper, flopper. Your choice!

Have a GREAT day!