Small Guys vs the Big Guys and the Shackles of Human Nature

Morning Folks!!

I have spent over 15 years trying to reach the "Small guy" and I can tell you it is a Herculean task. The task is much harder with the small guy because he has the monkey of Human Nature on his back and it basically controls every move and every decision he or she makes. Very few small guys become big guys because of that one little fact. That one little monkey. There is no greater obstacle than our own human nature and so the first rule of human nature is to blame others for your short falling. Your mistakes. Your failures. #1. UNO!

It should be fighting against human nature and how we are wired. So when we are falling victims of our own crap it is our #1 job to toss that monkey. But if you don't know that is your #1 job, you have to resort to the trap of human nature. You lose.

The reason there is a #1 is because you did not do the real #1. Plan, Prioritize by Considering each and every Variable. Without doing that, your chance of success is no better than a stopped watch. Plan, Prioritize and Consider each and every Variable.

And then when you don't Plan, Prioritize and Consider each and every Variable, you go to the next monkey.

Usually because of some DUMB EXCUSE like these was NO TIME which is #3 on the list of human nature monkeys. No time!!?? Well of course there is no time when you failed to Plan, Prioritize and Consider each and every Variable. You wasted the time you could have had to do what you are excusing.

And as you can see they are all connected. Connected to failure. It is difficult to succeed with these basic obstacles haunting you at each and every stage each and every day.

There was no time because you did not start out with a plan to prioritize and consider each and every variable. You were in a hurry to do it but at the expense of doing it right or successfully. Except if you did it the right way you would not be in a hurry. You would have more than enough time. But, poor time planners that fail at prioritization never have any time to consider the variables. Wonder why!!??

Out of breath? Me too! What a waste of TIME when not used corrected. And while I always use the word "You" in my posts, it is not aimed at you personally but at those "You's" that whatever it is I am talking about applies to. You got that? :-)

So if you don't get these basics down, you will trip over yourself forever. The monkey of human nature will control each and every move you make until you toss that furry friend to the curb. You and your screwed up human nature will be in control as you blame and excuse and fail. Don't you and your family deserve better??

These are the first steps on any ladder to any success. Once there is a monkey on the ladder with you, you lose And guess what? Big Guys, see that monkey that you ignore or may even be invisible to you until right now or may even make you lash out.

Big guys know what to do with those monkeys. Big guys learn how to have those monkeys work FOR them and not against them. Big guys look for monkeys when they hire people, when they sign contracts with people, when they do any type of business with any type of other business. Why? So they can run and do business with somebody with no monkey.

Your monkey is not your pet and is not your friend. He is your human nature obstacle to wherever you want or intend to go or do or accomplish. The detour of your life is sitting on your shoulder. Nobody ever said it was easy to get rid of the monkey. It isn't. So when are you going to start? We all spend a lifetime training that monkey of Human Nature.

Let's call it "National Kill the Monkey on your Shoulder Day"

Rick Schwartz