HallofShame.com to Add “Deadbeat Domainer Section”

Aftrenoon Folks!!

I have been getting more and more calls for me to expand HallofShame.com to include domainers that either put domains in an auction and do not honor the sale, bids at auction and do not fulfil their obligation and those that hire brokers to sell their domains and then refuse to pay them when they disregard their contracts that they entered into.

It is long overdue but I don't want to be the one that is judge and jury.

What I would like to do is have a 3 member panel of respected folks in the industry decide. So what say you? I can't and won't do it without industry support. On the other hand, not sure how the industry could not support outing those that are not to be trusted. Forget about contracts, your word should mean something. If it doesn't, I sure want to know before I fall victim. How about you?

There is an outcry for this and I can provide the platform. But just like hall of shame does not decide WIPO cases, we just KEEP SCORE.

That is why I think a 3 member panel would work best. We can have more than 3 in the rotation just like WIPO. But each decision could be made by a panel of 3.


Rick Schwartz

The Summer/Fall 2015 Domain Name Crash

Morning Folks!!

So let's look at the coming time line for the gTLD's and what is likely to happen.

While sunrise periods are starting nothing counts until things open to the public and the cash registers are open for full business. So that is likely next summer and fall by the time things are in full swing. Not sure exactly when things will climax as the roll out takes 2 years.

The slip by one can hurt many and that could replay many times. A stumble by one. A scandal by another.  Who knows. But what I do know is that is will affect them all whether they like it or not.

No matter which way things shake out, the drop game is going to be the big winners. DomainShane and DomainPicks will have to have several daily editions  to even try to keep up. That calamity starts summer or fall 2015 and then continues for as far as the eye can see.  The drops will be dropping like flies and there will still be registries opening their doors in success or failure and those headwinds WILL have an effect.

Don't trip over the drops on the way to shangri-la.

You don't have to be some so-called visionary to see the obvious and plan for it and take advantage of it. This is a GUARANTEED EVENT regardless of the success or failure of any gtld.  GUARANTEED!

See if you see things the way I see things you can see events that are definite far out in the future and from those events you can be at an outcome before there is an outcome. Be at the beach before anyone arrives or even thinks of going.

You can also fill in the blanks in between the outcomes. That provides a roadmap and a timeline and you never break a sweat doing it.

There will be clues and evidence and successes and failures along the way. It is from those events you get to predict other events. But to do this you must discount the propaganda, the noise and the bogus and inflated sales sure to come. That which provides the BAIT for others to get sucked in.

And it will be those folks that will be trying to desperately get rid of their domains before the drop of 2015. The 80/20 rule in full swing and that number has the potential to be bent much, much higher. There are more and more domainers invested in the success of gtld's. There are thousands of jobs at stake. Tools to be sold. Things to write about.

The question is how will the consumer and business respond and participate. Without them, it has all the makings for a tulip festival and that would not be good for anyone reading this. Expansion is a great thing. Anyone bring any stop signs, traffic lights or exits?

Whichever side you come down on, follow your heart and beliefs. Bet on yourself. Don't listen to me or Monte or Frank or any blogger. Do your own due diligence. Be skeptical. Ask hard questions. Follow the numbers. Target without exempting the entire planet. You have a right when it comes to investing your hard-earned dollars because our futures are all at stake. The futures of our family. Our main job is to resist propaganda and insist on facts.

Rick Schwartz