Christmas for Consumers Begins TODAY! Christmas for Business Ended in July.

Morning Folks!!

You can expect seeing Christmas related things starting very soon. As early as today. But for many businesses that depend on Christmas, it's over. The cake is already baked. The orders placed in June and July are arriving NOW!! Christmas for Business happens in the summer. EARLY summer! If they place an order in China TODAY, it won't even arrive until Christmas or later!! Like I said, Christmas is over for business. The only thing left is selling and tallying up the totals.

Now many don't know or understand this. That also means they don't know while everyone is focusing on Christmas, Business is planning for 2019 and beyond. The marketing, the strategy, the budgeting. That's an important time for domainers. Business is being done. This is OUR season!!

That means take offers more seriously. There are real hunters out there right now. They are aiming for something specific. In domaining your job is to have something specific.

And speaking of something specific, I would imagine we are looking at the last Christmas for Sears as we know it. Once the best run company in America and maybe the world, is going bye bye. There is no excuse for this but POOR LEADERSHIP! HORRIBLE LEADERSHIP! Poor vision. NO Vision! They could not make the leap to this new century. They did not even try. The rise and fall of Sears should be taught in every business school but it probably never happen.

It's tough to learn business in school. You learn business by opening a business. Then you are forced to go thru each and every step. You learn from Failure and success. You learn by selling and buying and paying your bills on time. You learn by doing. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for experience and talent.

Getting back to Christmas. Could be a WHOPPER!! Especially for big ticket items. People have jobs and they have $$$ in their pockets. It's been 10 YEARS since the crash. They are ready to let loose!

So now that we have an idea about Christmas, let's look past it. As I stated above, Sears is gonna go Bye Bye! But who else will collapse and have to shut their doors? I guess that depends on how much of that pie Amazon snaps up.

Malls continue to have more and more space for lease. Especially in suburban areas. Times are a changin' and in changing times you can always make money.

One thing you MUST and NEED to believe. There is more opportunity RIGHT NOW than any other moment in history. There is an abundance of opportunity. Every new product presents opportunity.

10 years ago when the crash happened, the first iPhone came out. Many shrugged their shoulders. I wrote about the iPhone in detail. I also said that if I had nothing to do, I would have gone into the iPhone accessory business. Of course I was not taken seriously. But I was serious and you can look back and see what a HUGE opportunity it WAS!

I still make $$$ from my Vanity 800 Numbers but I am no longer active in that business. I am still making $$$ in Domains, but am retired other than sharing my views from time to time. I walked away from the trade show business for reasons I have described previously. I made a 7 figure hit with Bitcoin but I am out of Crypto as well. I think of businesses to open all the time. Then I realize I am retired and I just don't want to work that hard or work again.

What's the next big thing??

Opportunity is plentiful. What is not plentiful is imagination, ideas, follow-thru, patience, understanding, PROFIT. So as we roll around to another Christmas season, pay close attention to what happens. THIS is your school! This is the time of year to get new information. This is the season you prepare for your future not your past.

Rick Schwartz