Fearing Innovation is for Fools! Disruption is Good! The Sky is Not Falling!!

Morning Folks!!

At every stage of innovation throughout history the masses or certain segments or those with skin in the game have warned about economic collapse and loss of jobs during every innovative period. But that really does not happen. Here is the reality.

Innovation gives us more time to be productive and efficient. It never goes the other way! NEVER! When computers came out everyone was going to be replaced by computers. There was a shift, but it never does what they warn it will do. It ALWAYS does exactly the opposite. More productive, more opportunity, more money, higher standard of living.

When cars came out the poor blacksmith was going to go out of business. Maybe they just got shifted to working on cars and making more money. Things change. But they don't change for the worse. They change for the better. ALWAYS!

With robotics and AI and Virtual, these are all things that will help humanity increase their standard of living. People will work less and make more or they will work the same or harder and make MUCH more.

Poverty today comes with all the modern conveniences. When I was growing up, poverty meant no electric, no running water, lack of food, no TV and possibly lack of shelter all together. But as society becomes more efficient, even those living at the poverty level have many things and a standard of living much better than their ancestors. That's all a result of the inventions that the fools feared and warned of.

Before computers and the Internet, kids would make a few dollars mowing lawns or selling lemonade or babysitting. Today those same kids have the opportunity to open REAL businesses and make FORTUNES! And it does not matter if they are sitting in New York City, Oklahoma City, Panama City or Ho Chi Minh City! Access is close to equal for everyone on earth. That's POWER! Power folks never had before. WOW!

Progress is nothing to ever fear. It's something to embrace and exploit and gain freedom from. So, Vive La Robots! Vive La AI, Vive La Virtual, Vive La every single advancement we can make!

If you have not made your fortune yet, pay attention and you can. It's there for the making. But it's up to you to drill down, explore, think and figure out what it all means. Good Luck!

Rick Schwartz