Planting Seeds Each and Every Day is How to be Successful Each and Every Day!

Morning Folks!!

I determine my success by how many seeds I plant each and every day. I don't look much at what I harvest. If I plant right, the harvest will come. The harvest will take care of itself. I can plant seeds for myself and I plant seeds for others as well. I just never tell them.

Some seeds are small and some seeds are gonna hopefully be giants. And just because I plant seeds does not guarantee they will germinate. In fact, most won't. That's why planting seeds every day is so important. You may plant for weeks or months or years waiting for even one to germinate.  It's a numbers game. Keep on keeping on. Just do it each and every day like a religion.

In time planting seeds becomes a natural part of life. Like drinking water. It's almost a passive act.

But unfortunately we have an industry made up of folks that think they can plant a seed and germinate in one day. They are right!! They can buy an $8 domain, sell it for $10 and pat themselves on the back!

I live by one saying: "An overnight success takes 20 years." 20 years of work and sometimes sweat and worry. But if you plant good seeds every day you will worry less. You know you have a plantation full of seedlings. They will germinate when they are ready or not at all. It's a numbers game.

In 2012 I wrote this about this very blog and planting seeds:

"When you sit and plant seeds every day, some germinate. You don't even have to be Johnny Appleseed, but I like his measure. So since 1996 I have written with clarity and certainty driven by belief and passion. It's an 'All in' type of game for me.

I have always believed these words would pay dividends. Not even sure which way or form those dividends would come or shape they would be, but dividends none the less."

So writing about business, life, domains and all the rest is just one way I plant seeds for others. I never know what word, sentence or thought could be life changing for somebody I have never even met and probably never will. That's one very visible way I give back. That's the way I give.

Rick Schwartz