A Domain Name Should be Worth at least what it Costs to Build a Failing Sears Store!

Morning Folks!!

I believe domains are so damn cheap! Multi-million dollar domains are CHEAP! Regardless how others view it, I view it totally different. That makes my value different. When others laughed at me for believing I could sell my domains for 6 and 7 figures, I just went out and did it. And I did it OVER and OVER and OVER again DOZENS of times. WHY? HOW? Because I see things differently.

I ask questions and make real world comparisons and parallels. I don't use estibot FOOL!

I ask "How much does it cost to build a single Sear's store?" Or any store? How much rent? How much money outfitting it. Electric, trash, insurance, security, maintenance. I could go on and on. All that for a 25 mile radius vs a WORLDWIDE radius.

Don't like my example? Tough! It's how I value and how I sell. So go ahead, leave millions on the table if you like or if you even are in that position.

A REAL Domain Name Investor buys prime and is not afraid to overpay! Yes, overpay. I would rather overpay for gold than get a bargain on shit! Pigeon Shit!

Because overpaying today is still a bargain tomorrow when you focus on great domain names.

A domain name remains the greatest bargain ever known to man. The greatest equalizer ever known to man. I would imagine more total money has been pumped out of the Internet than Gold or oil out of the ground or will eclipse it in the future. Everyone can have their own oil wells and their own gold mines! Just got to make the right connection, with the right domain and look at it in different ways! My way of looking at it is probably more profitable than most and I am not going to change! I have proved the value of domains every step of the way in face of a world of naysayers and crap like Estibot!

Rick Schwartz