Spammy Domain Trade Shows. True Domain Investors vs Wannabe’s. Why it Matters.

Morning Folks!!

If people would add up all the TIME they WASTE with know-nothings and fakers and wannabe's that pose as credible business people they would find that it is measured in Weeks, Months YEARS!

Imagine if you are a fool and you were to answer every spam you get as if it was a serious contact. How much time would that take? Well, many of the emails we get have little more value than that but an untrained or naive businessperson will answer anyways. Sorry, there is no law compelling you to waste your time and answer an email of no interest. I would not even worry about etiquette. How much is the time in your life worth?

So, being efficient and sometimes even stingy with YOUR TIME is something you might want to consider. Bottom line, I don't want to waste my time with folks that waste people's time for a living. And unfortunately, that includes a huge swath of people.

But that was the methodology I used with TRAFFIC: "How do you keep the time wasters out and the qualified people in?" Well, if you give it away for free, then every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary is there. Most have no value to you but they sure will waste your time. By the time you get thru the crowds to the people that count that can further your career and ambitions, time is up!

The best qualifier in my eyes is monetary. You want serious people? Charge a serious price. You want people that feel compelled to make things happen and do business? Charge a serious price. You want to use your time to the utmost and truly find out new and timely information? Charge/Pay a serious price.

Today we have GTLD sellers posing as domain experts and they populate each and every show. They are not there for YOUR benefit. They are there for THEIR benefit. You are being spammed and you don't even know it! That becomes a waste of time. YOUR time! And that translates to wasting money! YOUR money! More money wasted than going to a serious show, paying a serious price, being among serious people, looking for serious opportunity and new business. Get serious!

And speaking about getting serious......Do you know what percentage of people get into these shows for FREE vs Paying? Do you pay?? Then maybe you need to know. Magazines publish exactly how many subscribers there are. They break them down into 2 categories. FREE and PAID subscriptions. I learned to only advertise in PAID magazines. The results would be 10x that of the FREE JUNK! Why? Readers were simply more qualified and had some skin in the game. But to pay to get spammed when many to most are getting in free?? Those folks must be brain-dead.

Yup, if you prey on Newbies, then by all means just ignore what I have said. But if you are looking to do serious business, with serious people, maybe consider the difference serious makes vs NOISE and spammers. But to pay to get spammed?? Those folks must be brain-dead. And of course I got persecuted for making almost everyone pay to get into TRAFFIC because that was the right way regardless of the names I was called. The fair way. And it was effective and successful. However I did financially help many along the way to get in.

I also got pissed when domainers would try and sneak in without paying. Or when Google and Yahoo would FLY a dozen folks or more from California into Miami to do business with domainers but refused to come in the front door like everyone else and pay like everyone else. Sorry, they are SCUM in my book and still are!

I don't care either way. I'm no longer in show-business. But now that we are several years down the road, I just thought I would point that out. The Domain Investment Industry is splintered, meandering and meaningless. It's all but gone. We came to domaining alone and one by one. We will leave domaining alone and one by one. Last person out please shut the door!

Bring on the hate!

Rick Schwartz