Internet: The ONLY Chance for Autonomy comes in the Form of a Domain Name.

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Definition of autonomous. 1a : having the right or power of self-government an autonomous territory. b : undertaken or carried on without outside control : self-contained an autonomous school system. 2a : existing or capable of existing independently

So, lets conclude that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google and all the rest of SOCIAL CRAP is exactly opposite of this. Autonomy? Not even close. It's now more like a socially monitored classroom with boundaries. The cool kids with no sense of fairness nor understanding of their power are in charge and it's easy to be expelled with no other school to go to!

So any business that hand their keys and their front door over to these companies and platforms is insane. Business insanity! They got it ass backwards. You are supposed to use these platforms to trap customers, instead they trap themselves, their businesses and their futures.

There is only one way to be autonomous on the Internet and that is via a Domain Name! The higher profile name you have, the better idea you have, the better product you have are the ingredients for autonomy on the Internet. But it STARTS and ENDS with the DOMAIN NAME!

In case you missed it:


An easy to remember, easy to spell, easy to brand, easy to pass on. The traffic you get from Google and Twitter and Facebook is AFTER you do all this. It is the bonus traffic it is not the foundation of your business. Because if it is, your empire can disappear faster that I can type "Told you so".

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “Internet: The ONLY Chance for Autonomy comes in the Form of a Domain Name.

  1. Ben Deschenes

    Another great post! My advice is to everyone to get his own domain names… if you want to be online. Don’t let other decide for yourself. They are mostly stupid people. Stay in control!

  2. John

    Figures you’d be posting something great like this just now – have been thinking about this very issue lately. In addition to dealing with the tyranny of one of these social media monopolies. And fortunately I have been doing exactly that regarding which comes first and which is merely a potential bonus after. Almost even gave one of them a nice little speech about how people have caught on and are catching on to this reality. Let the word spread.

    “Internet: The ONLY Chance for Autonomy comes in the Form of a Domain Name.”

    And this is why all the forces of evil both seen and unseen are arrayed and will be arrayed against it, make no mistake. Much more than money is at stake.

    1. gpmgroup

      That’s why people should give some of their time to ICANN instead of watching X Factor or Game of Thrones. We all get 24 hours a day, what sets us apart is what we do with it. Most of the forces you fear see value in spending time participating in the unique multistakeholder model there.

  3. Jose

    All autonomy that is of oneself on the Internet is a website, blog, e-commerce and therefore the freedom to have a domain name is what we used to do well before we failed, racer the failures by new ones and never be a great designer web etc, but have the clearest ideas.

    Even today when you look at the web pages of large ecommerce I can not imagine that the public buys, the idea is an autonomy of a local commerce in any street of this world.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  4. Rob

    Great post on the importance of premium domain names for businesses that wish to optimize their success and longetivity in today’s digital economy.

    1. Johan

      Yep. There are quite a few businesses that use great domain names. I consider investing in the stock. And also, they earn insane profits but with very low p/e for an Online business.

  5. Scott Brady Alliy

    My philosophy is Don’t compete conquer When you own a great domain name aka brand that is easy to remember and share you separate yourself from the pack and play in a game of your own. There is only one of you and your business which is uniquely yours likewise should have its on brand and its own space. Apartment condo or house? which is more in your control? Own the unique brand, you own the space and therefore control your own destiny

  6. Alan Hack

    Great post Rick! It’s insane how many people make themselves vulnerable to the whims of 3rd party platforms they have no control over. A change of terms of service or algorithm can bury them quickly.

  7. Jeffrey Allen


    Speaking of Domain Autonomy, I am putting the finishing touches on my portfolio sites and

    I will send you an email to follow up this comment. I have a partnership offer to discuss with you regarding my portfolio.



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