Is Black Friday About to Turn into Red Friday?

Morning Folks!!

Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday. That's what we hear about. But what if Black Friday Turns Red? Turns into RED FRIDAY??

It may happen, and it may happen as soon as TODAY!

For Sears and Toy's R Us, It's DEAD Friday! Others, mostly brick and mortar, will be following in just DAYS! Some have held on for dear life trying to make it to today and on thru Christmas. Bankruptcy Monday is coming SOON!

A LOT of wealth came out of the markets in the last few days. The average portfolio took a very big hit. The high flyers like Facebook, Apple, Square and others got MASSACRED!

And let's not forget about the Bitcoin CRASH! Nearly $20k at this time last year, the hottest Christmas gift for movers and shakers and now trying to hold on to $4000.

Will this tighten some purse strings? You bet it will. Black Friday, TODAY, may look more like a hangover after a multi-day binger. If that occurs, we will see Red Friday and it won't be pretty. If you think the stock market is a mess now, wait until the plunge of retail sales. Then you will see a REAL plunge!

I don't know how it will go today, but it's definitely something I would be concerned about during the years ahead.

Happy Black Friday!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “Is Black Friday About to Turn into Red Friday?

  1. Jay

    When it comes to this wacky time of year all of my Domain Names are Priced higher than normal. I don’t do “deals” or “best offers” in any quarter of the year, either the buyer has the funds or wants it bad enough or has a great idea and are credible for a possible JV. I am not selling Chevy’s here no red tag special’s on my lot. Im Steam Rolling Through Christmas and into the New Year like Alec Baldwin in GlenGarry Glenn Ross “put the coffee down!!!”

  2. Jose

    The Black Friday keyword for second-hand product offerings mostly or rather from the discontinued and outlet brands.

    The distributors buy the brands at very cheap prices and here is the benefit for both parties and the consumer believe that making a big purchase is not the truth.

    I remember years ago in one of the central shopping streets of big fashion brands, in the city of Barcelona (Spain) I walked around looking at shop windows and suddenly I saw an Armani jacket with the sale price figure at $ 3,000 and I wondered at this price they earn a very good life, with the difference of the cost that Armani pay in manufacturing in India.

    Months later pass in front of the same showcase of the Armani brand jacket and look sideways, suddenly backing back and I see that the sale price of the same Armani jacket is on sale for $ 750 and I think why? now this price offer and before a crazy number that has the same value but never lose the brand, nor the luxury distributor of this brand Armani and many others made with cheap hands.

    Neither the fabric and the pattern is the same when there is a license for the brand, for other big white brands of each country in the world.

    Happy Day. Jose

  3. domain guy

    interesting….am I somewhat agree…however the consumer is in excellent shape. Many job offers, the real estate wealth effect and consumer confidence is high. But once again the domain king reads the tea leaves differently than the rest of the world. We are in the last few innings of the longest expansion in history.Interest rates are going to continue to rise approaching 6% and will slowly choke off all real estate. The high flying stocks are going to be regulated. Growth will slow to a crawl.Consumer spending will slow down…so the king unflappable clairvoyance see’s smoke on the horizon? I bet its still at least 18 months away…

  4. steve

    My real estate (not investments) in the Bay Area and Asheville have been going up.
    I got out of crypto real early — small profits.
    Domains – ok profits in 2018 – nothing special
    stocks — small profits
    Most of the pundits and real investors like Ray Dalio are predicting a big time stock correction for 2019
    Not a good time for investments.
    Maybe we’ll sell everything and move to Ireland or Italy or New Zealand — who knows?
    Rick, you’ve done well with domains this year, as has my domain broker — she’s had some major sales — I’m not as lucky :(

  5. JJG

    Business has been steady for the last few months up until BF day.
    Now a noticeable decline has occurred in comparison. I have always noticed a pattern in business in which many either buy at the same time or do not buy at the same time. Also regarding from where and what tends to follow a similar pattern too. I knew someone whose restaurant wasn’t doing well. I told him to get people he knows to act like they are eating in it in order to attract customers and it worked. People tend to follow the crowd for better or worse.

  6. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Black Friday turned into a Red Eye express flight to oblivion. Whereas Cyber Monday cruised to spectacular heights setting records in first class form. Cyber Monday Online sales increased 19.3% to 7.9 Billion. Great Call Rick!

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )


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