Critical Mass. Has the Internet Peaked for Now? YUP!

Morning Folks!!

The biggest shift in Internet use in nearly 2 decades has occurred in 2018. The shift may be invisible to the masses but they should be vividly clear if you make your living online.

As I stated in an earlier post this month, "Social is no longer Social, it's Dangerous." So the major cratering that is occurring started there. That's ground zero for this Internet Earthquake we ARE experiencing.

General Electric, once one of the world's largest, richest and most distinguished companies is in trouble. They are selling off assets to survive.

We all know the story with Sears. Everyday for them is "Black Friday" because they are selling everything including their land and their gondolas. Bye Bye Sears.

This year there is no Toy's R Us.

The largest amount of retail closings will start happening at the end of December right into January.

And retail is just one sector. Manufacturing could wobble depending on the sector.

But I have not even reached the real problems. As a trained eye could see, Facebook is now down about 40% from their high and still going down. Same with Twitter and many others. Is it possible their best days are behind them? YES IT IS! How is MySpace doing these days?

The bean counters have been so geared to growth that they ruined many of their own products. They tarnished brands. Remember when Apple had GREAT customer service? That was what propelled them along with a great product. Now, Apple has among the worst Customer Service. Rivals other large firms in a race to the bottom.

AT&T screwed up Directv. Directv used to have great customer service. Now they don't. I am sure each and every one of you have you own stories of companies that you used to be a fan of but now, not so much.

Sony was baloney for 20 years now. But Apple may catch up if their current trend continues.

Online companies taking political stances are playing with fire regardless of the stance or the direction. Those idiot bean counters may not see it in the numbers today or last quarter, they sure as hell will see it in 2019 and beyond.

The stock market has taken a severe hit. Will this be the year the Grinch Stole Christmas? For some it will. Amazon and Google and many others have both sides of the political spectrum angered. That will have a financial impact of some sort. Stay tuned.

Just remember that just 12 months ago Bitcoin was the hottest Christmas Gift since the Pet Rock. Trading at nearly $20k. I stated many times I was a buyer UP TO $5,000. It is trading as low as $4300 in the past 24 hours. A lot can change in a very SHORT 12 months.

Ugly has not even started. There is a shift in progress and some fault lines are going to be exposed. Some may be very surprising. Fasten your seat belts.

The Internet was the last big thing that saved the financial universe. What's the next one?

Rick Schwartz

PS: Always remember that during turbulent times, some of the best opportunities present themselves.


21 thoughts on “Critical Mass. Has the Internet Peaked for Now? YUP!

  1. John

    A most enjoyable musing after just getting in a bit ago. It’s not like there could be another Internet any time soon, however, so what could the next big thing be, and could it really be all that big next to the Internet? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. John

      Okay, so we know about driverless, electric, ai, feeling rather jaded about ai already though, iot, ioe…

  2. Wolfgang Möcklin

    Domains are the fixture where human consciousness is attached to the digital world via the DNS. Beeing a good domainer means being good in feeling the vibe of life and it’s relation to technology. We are moving, maybe some of the advances in distributed ledger technologies will be selected to provide the next uplifting force for economic development, superimposing over the already existing digital and attentional infrastructures. The fixture remains. New utility is creating more demand for a drecreasing pool of domains that are still available for acquisition and not in steadfast strong hands.

  3. Frank

    great post Rick!
    MSM and Facebook going down, other “Social Networks” are emerging. People and companies will wake up and will re-focus on building and developing their own websites. General Electric and more critically “Deutsche Bank” in Germany are going to be wiped out. When the “derivative book” of several Trillion Dollars of “Deutsche Bank” explodes, the “financial universe” is done. Think Lehman on steroids.

  4. John

    Well the truth is that the world might not even be around in its current form all that much longer for any “next big thing” to really be all that incrementally big compared to what is now. It is certainly heading toward a certain termination point, and the only question is when and till how long. It may be appealing to think it will just go on indefinitely or at least until the Sun goes supernova, and that by then we would be able to move on to other parts of the universe and so forth (yada yada), but that is not so. Moreover, there will also never be any kind of “moral evolution” such as is portrayed in Star Trek and the like, so the crookedness and wickedness and oppressive rat race of man will continue till the end. This reality of evil in the world has no doubt kept us from experiencing what would be virtually unimaginable in terms of “next big things” already, and will doubtless do the same comparatively speaking till the end.

    1. JJG

      True. The more that the environment is ignored, the more that it will get worse and fall apart. Since many things are finite, remember that a gain in one area is usually the result of a loss in another area since things do not happen in a vacuum.

  5. Wolfgang Möcklin

    Maybe caring for yourself is the next big thing. Not mere egoism, but in the sense of keeping your own house in order so that from there you can also help the world. And domains might be a thing that can help by being your digital home that you can keep in order yourself as opposed to social media where you don’t have self-determination over your “assets” and everyone can come to smuddle over it or them. Domains as digital antiaging keeping your apparition fresh forever (ideally).

    1. John

      So “they” need to make it ever more easy for a largely technophobic public to use a domain name, yes? From what I have read in the blogs GoDaddy is reportedly making progress with that, though I have not ever tried their site creation tool.

    2. Sigma


      You make a good point on personal domains being a place where self-determination over your own voice is possible. Its exactly how Rick uses this blog space.

  6. DrDomainer

    The Internet is not going to be working in dog years after 2020. Things will move 10 times faster. The world is changing like never before! AR is the future, Watch 80% Alexa top 100 drop like myspace! AR is the new social networking only millions times advance. The true warriors will survive the darkest cloud about to hit us.

  7. Sigma

    Digital detoxing will be a trend moving forward. Social media has become too dominated by an anti-social tendency. Moreover, the thought police element is appalling to a free digital marketplace of ideas.

    2019 will begin a rebalancing as the economy recesses and tech companies Orwellian bent are exposed…

  8. Jose

    Yesterday and today I start a recuperate my problem health by this I wrote this comment midnight the next day 02:00 am in Spain.

    Internet I predict the business of the 21st century in the year 1996 and hit the bullseye.

    Know Ebay incredible, search engine Yahoo, Microsoft Windows, Explorer, Toshiba Laptop, many products and services a crazy.

    Bubble start money, money, money, more money all worldwide, the end small business online poverty and as always great business for banks, transnational companies, and politicians.

    In the coming years, e-commerce sweeps Amazon, Google, like Apple, etc., want the whole of the markets, Facebook, Twitter, even more, Everything cannot be, bad things abound that the well-finished ones.

    We get to the point of today.

    There is a lot to do so that a virtual assistant is not like the one who today has many important companies
    Many businesses that will come out new and will have success, not of the applications and yes of what we have never come to think and we use it every day, without giving it any importance.

    There is a lot to innovate me when carrying out the first projects studied and analyzed by myself the hopes were many and still remain the same, a word can change a small business and compete with time with the same Amazon it is possible, I get many advanced novelties for the internet, but the disbelief of the capital investors in Spain.
    It was not disbelief was the power of other companies to want it for free, I luckily receive the notice from my lawyer of patents and brands, then draw a strategy for companies and capital investors, reach an economic agreement in exchange for the project, excited to agree with me a half economic misery that was for me gold and for them lust and luxury.

    I happy, they in the end even today 2018 never get what I get for the internet, the reason the strategy I give the project but without all the most important keys of it, I have never liked the big companies and capital investors in the principles I was for them, I was nothing like an entrepreneur.

    I am currently in another project of my own, I already have an investor and it is a bank.

    The first project does not give clues of it but if you write of it in my post of my next blog of domains and an endless online market, which only exhaust the junk business which exists a lot on the Internet.

    Happy Day. Jose

  9. JJG

    PS: Always remember that during turbulent times, some of the best opportunities present themselves.

    That is great if one is sitting on cash for such a buying opportunity.

  10. JJG

    Now something new that i haven’t seen before when registering a new domain name. Spam email from 101 different web development companies asking if I would like to buy their website development services for my new domain. They all seem rather desperate for any business since it looks like a cut throat competition. on my end, I can’t afford to develop and will just hold the domain name for now.

  11. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We (Contact Group) are recommending, Selling your listed stock investments and replacing with (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) ,which are Strategically Superior asset plays. Especially when we see an extreme ramp up in demand for quality (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) due to the introduction of a Web Business (BOCKCHAIN DRIVEN) Configurater or Web Business Incubator, that is collectively being formulated by more than one Entity as we speak. In the near future there will be a Cloud Based, Turnkey Business Configurater, designed to take Online Business Expansion to the next Level. There will be resistance from certain factions, who may try to block this needed Evolutionary Disruption. Those who are early adopters to this coming Platform, will be the futures new Internet Powerhouses. Its end result will culminate into the most rapid and dramatic Capital Expansion, the world has ever experienced. (.COM Equimoditty Platform Asset (Tax Shelters) ) will comprise its principal base JAS

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )


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