Domaining is an Individual Sport. Rick’s Simple Secret to Domaining Success!

Morning Folks!!

Today, I start my 24th year in this sport of domaining. I collect, I invest, I predict, I act, I profit. So what will be different in 2019, 2020, 2021? Keep reading. My path to success is the same as many others and still can be done right now! But my path is 1000% opposite of the majority of struggling domainers that are not doing well. Why are they struggling? I will show you and them and prove it in just a moment with the exact recipe for domaining success. So take a deep breath.

As domainers we are all in this by ourselves. The domain game is a sport like Golf. It's not a team effort! It's you against the golf course. It's me and you against the domain market. We don't compete directly except for buying. A golfer has to focus on the golf course not the leader board if he expects to win. Birdie each and every hole and you will win each and every tournament.. Focus on the other players and leaderboard, you will probably lose. Your job is to sink birdies. Your job as a domainer is to invest and collect gems. BUYING is your main job. Sales is the second stage. But you have to get the first stage right to even participate in the second.

Unfortunately we have INSIDE forces that are hurting our sport! Are hurting our investments. Are abusing the game of domaining. I don't even have to mention these companies by name, you can! And there may be too many to list. But I have written about many of them extensively over the years. But domainers are passive. They never give a crap about anything meaningful or important. But will spend endless time and effort on meaningless gossip and one upping each other.

Domainers have been terrible stewards of their collective assets and common interests. They have not protected their sport or their livelihood effectively. Our biggest business enemies are from business practices and ethics within the industry. The threats from the outside world are virtually non existent. Except for Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). And that is becoming more rare. And most domainers could care less about RDNH because nobody ever wanted one of their domains so much they would try and steal it. So the more RDNH you have to defend, the more your portfolio has value and demand. What's the ratio? 1 in 1000 domainers with a domain brought to WIPO? 1 in 10,000? It does say something!

Where to from here? Who cares? It does not matter. There is nothing collective about domaining but the sales price of the last big domain sale and then the pending debates whether it is a bogus sale or not. It's just all so predictable and without constructive direction.

We are planet domaining and we are heading nowhere as we spin thru space. The damage done to this industry from within is more than I could have ever imagined and IMHO, beyond repair. Window's of opportunity closed. So many closed and so few even seen.

Domainers only value to each other is selling each other domains that they should be selling to end users. Look, if your domains are not end user quality then of course you sell to the first person that comes along because of desperation, circumstance and quality. But only one person on earth can put you in that position. So my only question is why?

Yes, tell me about your lack of funds. How about your lack of thought? Your lack of understanding and lack of deliberation? If I had one bullet in a gun and I was hungry I better AIM REALLY GOOD or I am gonna STARVE! I can't afford to WASTE that bullet just like you can't waste money on Pigeon Shit. BUT YOU DO!! . SO AIM!! Make SURE you hit the target. You got one shot to get it right. So target something of value that others would want. That's called DEMAND!

So you can dine on Pigeon or dine on Pigeon shit. Yeah it's YOUR fault if you play the sport the wrong way! So go ahead, lash out at ME for YOU buying CRAP! YOU have the ability to change your destiny whenever you choose. But I am pointing out EXACTLY why so many are floundering and not getting the result they want and expect and at the same time giving you the FIX! WHAT THE HELL ELSE DO YOU WANT??

Sorry, other domainers are not your friends. They are a distraction. Nothing more than sharks in a tank rooting for your demise regardless of the smile or the pat on the back. A golfer may give a high five after a competitor makes an eagle, but if he takes the lead by 2 shots, internally they wished he did not make it! It's human nature.

Many domainers post crap about a sale with no domain name and some $x,xxx price. Useless information and with no value other than to make them feel good and you feel inferior. That's the nonsense most swallow. I laugh at the foolishness of it.

Buy each domain like it is the difference between eating and not eating and you will change your destiny. Have a goal of buying just a couple nice names a month. It's about quality, not quantity.

Want to dabble in GTLD's?, Then be smart about it. Ask the right questions. Look at it via the eyes of others. Stop closing your eyes to all the pitfalls. But if you are in dire financial shape, you have no business buying anything other than .com.

And raise your game!. Doubling your $$$ for a domain is not good unless it is one of your first 3 or 4 sales! You do that for a commodity that sells easily and rapidly. Domains are not liquid. Therefore 2x is for fools and newbies. If it isn't worth 10x to 100x or more of what you bought it for, why are you even wasting your time and money? The sport is simple. But you have to be disciplined, determined and you have to be focused. The best way to do that, is realizing this is an individual sport and other domainers are not going to help you to do any of the things I described. Start focusing on the domains themselves. THEY are your friends!

And as far as money....Well you can't play the stock market unless you have a nest egg. You can't buy a house without a downpayment. You can't lease an apartment without first, last and a security deposit. You can't play golf without golf clubs. Each sport and each investment and each move forward in life requires MONEY or a creative thought process! Buy a domain on time. Finance what you can afford. Plenty of domainers will jump at that opportunity. Oh yes, you can BUY from a domainer, just never ever sell to one! If you are smart, you start small and grow on a constant basis. Time takes time! Stop rushing what you can't rush.

Happy 2019 and onwards to 2020 and my 25th year in the Sport of Domains! The new sport of Kings!

Rick Schwartz

34 thoughts on “Domaining is an Individual Sport. Rick’s Simple Secret to Domaining Success!

  1. Robert McLean

    Thank you, Rick Schwartz.

    I appreciate, very much, your generostiy of spirit and guidance.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success.

    Robert McLean

  2. Renaldo

    You are really bitter in your age Rick. I suggest you stop domaining. The damage is done by negative nellies like you. I have plennty of friends in domaining and they give me spirit and support to succeed. You speak like life is an individual sport, which I’m sure the grinch would agree to. You need a change of heart. Or maybe you should retire and leave your domains to charity and move onto enjoying life?

    1. Rick Schwartz

      I put my name on MY words. I share my thoughts. You don’t have to agree. Unknown Cowards like you make up an email address and post your crap. How many “Friends” have you abused! lol All predictable behavior. The damage is done by people like YOU that live in the shadows and stand for nothing.

      1. Emma

        I think Rick is seeing things from his own perspective and situation. This is how I see the domain speculation business: If you have a dictionary word domain you can auction it off on any platform and get at least 20K to 30k. If you are one of those who have been there when people started hand registering dictionary word domains this means your profit it guaranteed if you take into account the 20 to 25 years of renewal cost. But if you missed that opportunity then I don’t see how someone could be buying dictionary domain word domains from other domainers for such exorbitant prices prices, several hundreds of thousands of Dollars or a couple of millions of Dollars and expect to easily find an end-user who will be willing to pay more than that. Anyone with a sound mind, even Rick himself, will perceive it as being too risky. Yes you can sell your dictionary word domain for 20k to 30k today buy auctioning it off. The high bidder will be another domainer, not an end-user. But as things stand today I think it is not easy for any domainer to find an end-user who would buy a dictionary word domain for the same price as on auction, let alone selling it for more than that to make a profit. Domainers sell domains to each other because there are no end-users. Read the domain daily market report, it is very rare to see a reported sale of a dictionary word domains. All you see there are made up domain names, and why? Because they are cheaper and easier to sell. Rick, you can’t force the market, they are just no end-users.

      2. Bret

        Well, I’m happy to follow your advice Rick, because you have decades of experience I can benefit from. If Rinaldo doesn’t agree it’s his loss.

    2. David


      So many words are not needed to reflect lack of knowledge or ignorance,
      just tell us how much have you sold this year $,00

  3. Robin

    Thank you Rick for another gem right before 2019. All timeless, just like your treasures. I recalled hating some of your advise not once, like calling the dot co as another failure right before the land grab. Well, you got it right again. Nope, no more gtld for me. It’s all dot com after dot co experience.

  4. Vito

    Great post once again Rick.

    Love the “one bullet” analogy. Seems very true unless someone has won the lottery and money means nothing to them.

    Hooe you had a great Christmas and wishing you an awesome New Year!

    1. page clinic

      It’s a great analogy. Very similar to Warren Buffett’s 20 punch card theory, where if you could only make 20 investments in your entire life, then you would be thinking far more carefully about them.

  5. Shane Cultra


    I appreciate you taking to the time to share your thoughts. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter. I know I look forward to the posts for a variety of reasons. It makes me think, makes me laugh, or makes me mad. Hoping you keep it up in 2019

    1. BullS

      I appreciate you taking to the time to share your thoughts. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter.—- totally agree for me

      Disagreement is the process of thinking.

      Hey at least Ricksblog does not block comments that disagree with him ,not like the DeadSAD-seems like DS is talking to himself.

      Rick makes Domains Great Again!!

    2. Mike

      I completely agree with your sentiments; couldn’t have put it better myself.
      Good health and fortune to everyone in 2019

  6. Uknowledge

    Thank you Rick. Those who have ears,let them hear.Some will bitter when you tell them the truth.Its common sense which most done use.2019 will be better if well implemented. I made more this year than I did last year and surely expect to make more in 2019.I learnt from my mistakes over the years and buying the right names has made a big difference.Expect enquiries or straight purchase with the right names.Dont go with the crowd but study and make the right purchase.Rinse and Repeat.Dont be distracted by a new gltd.Blame yourself for the wrong purchase when name doesnt sell not blame Rick who gives his opinion,after all he didnt force you to buy crap.Reseaech before buying. Lots of gems still out there and remember companies always upgrade so get the best they will need and your names will sell.

    Thank you Rick

  7. John

    Great post.

    1. Public enemy #1: Google, et al (outsiders).

    2. Public enemy #2 (#1 among insiders): Estibot, et al (insiders). Latest notable case in point, the pending “NamesCon” auction with NameJet making sure the public sees the “Estibot” poison with every listing.

    3. Public enemy #3: Famous domaining luminaries (insiders) who treat the “sport” as a zero sum game, shooting themselves and everyone else in the foot while thinking they are helping themselves. Most notable issue: one word or less vs. more than one word, i.e. length vis-a-vis real world end user commercial value on an individual domain-by-domain basis vs. mindless self-serving absolutes. Fundamentally, quality vs. quantity. Most notable recent discussions: Rick Schwartz on, vs.; vs.,, (and many even much better), etc. (not involving Rick).

    1. John

      PS: “Unfortunately we have INSIDE forces that are hurting our sport! Are hurting our investments. Are abusing the game of domaining. I don’t even have to mention these companies by name, you can!”

  8. Don Murray

    I think it is good that people challenge and may argue a few points but it is also strange and stupid to tell an individual to retire and enjoy life. It’s like the 7-11 clerk telling you to buy bitcoin.

    I imagine Rick who is probably worth 100M + is enjoying life just fine. Why ever retire from the business of domaining. You can do this until your 120!. It does not require a hammer or getting on a roof.

    New words and tech are always changing. 5 years from now domainers are going to be saying I could of bought this two-worded .com “domain name” for 15k now its worth 200k.

    10 years from now they will say I could of bought this “Digital Asset” for 15k now it’s worth 500k. Hopefully over the years the term domain name will be know as a digital asset.

    IMO the biggest issue when buying domains is that most domainers look at the same auctions at snap, dropcatch etc. You have 1000s of people looking at the same auction. Why in the hell would I want to compete with that! Or anyone for that matter.

    Targeting a private owner with no knowledge of the domain market is the best way hands down to acquire a digital asset.:)

    Like Rick said -Taking one shot with one bullet from your rifle is a much better option.

    BTW- I have never seen a hunter with a machine gun kill a dear. Save your bullets. Or you can overpay and just goto your local butcher store and buy the meat. Still worth it.

    (Happy domain hunting 2019)

    Don Murray

  9. Paul

    John: can you please STFU? You go around many domain blogs spouting your opinion at length, yet nobody gives a toss. You’re starting to bore everyone – a good domain fit for you would be Brent Oxley’s All you do all day is drone on.

    1. John

      Thanks, Paul, and thank you for speaking for everyone, I’m sure they appreciate that.

      As I mentioned recently, you know you’re doing something particularly good and effective when this kind of troll stuff comes out of the woodwork.

      So would someone be out on a limb suggesting you are the “Paul Pot” who just got shut down by Elliot Silver on Saturday when you wrote “Nobody cares about your opinion, John.” and Elliot replied to you with “I do.”?

      Or, are you perhaps some kind of industry “scumbag” who might even be a little upset that what I have to say would tend to suggest or even expose that Brent may possibly even have been a tad deceived and manipulated by the more predatory among smiling top level insiders to list his domain at such a low reserve that puts him at risk of losing at least 7 figures on the table?

      Whatever the case, carry on, and may the Schwartz be with you. ;)

      1. John

        Thanks, Michael, and a hearty “IKR” on the first part. Regarding the second part, yes it has come up occasionally before. I certainly understand, it’s certainly a fair preference and desire to have, and often even I want to know who is speaking or what the domain is they are alluding to. But there is also important value in domaining and of course society at large for some to have some anonymity for as long as they feel the need. Substance vs. form shows that in my particular case, for instance, I’m among those who are anything but a “troll” and am nothing but a guy with a lot of genuine and well-intended passion, even when I get a bit too passionate. Additionally, you guys have to see and deal with each other in various ways year after year, including in person at the various events. That can often make it much harder sometimes to say things that really need to be said that are good for the cause. It’s often a lot easier to say some things that really should be said when that is not the case. And if one cares to believe it or not, it wouldn’t really make much difference to know who I am because I’m just a guy drifting in the wind, practically speaking, not known in the industry, though I’m sure some have probably seen my biz info in whois before from time to time.

        1. Paul Pot

          Does anybody else begin to fall asleep during John’s dull patter? Change the record you boron (boring moron)

          1. John

            Thanks Paul. I was just re-reading one I wrote at another blog and was even getting sleepy myself. Also, literally just hours ago I wrote to someone recommending a “boron” supplement for a certain health related situation. Uncanny, isn’t it…

  10. Privacy Enabled

    i second paul’s motion to ask John to please STFU or make sense at thee very least.
    The king has spoken again. Drink alone, my friend
    I got your back :sneaky: TY for telling it way it is. truth hurts boys just like renewalz

  11. Sigma

    The Domain King is dropping gems in his 24th year. I’m a shrewder speculator because of his insights. I always look forward to his annual State of the Domain Game. I’m in Year 3 and expect 2019 to be my best year. I have my sniper rifle locked and loaded…

  12. Steve

    nice post, tick.ive worked in the motion picture industry and the VC industry and domainers are the most cutthroat persons on the planet. If you want to witness fitsthsnd domainers in a frenzy posting requests like this: 4 letter one word .com domains Will pay up to 1000 USD. Will pay 1/100 of an Estibot valuation for a key word .com examples of names seeking:, WTF are they trying to reach the dead heirs of persons who had great portfolios and know shit about the value of domains. Absolute cesspool at Namepros I believe the domain industry will be bearish for at least a year
    After most of the GTLDs hit the rubbush bins, I believe the industry will rise again. First need to get rid of the dirty GTLDs so we can breathe fresh air again

    1. Steve

      Apologies I meant Castello brothers not Castellano. Auto correct on my Android sucks for an impatient human like me. Damn it autocorrected hummus for human. Maybe my fuking fingers are too bigly.

  13. Rob

    Another great post Rick!

    Thanks again for taking the time to publicly share your domain industry insights.

    You continue to bravely, and at times bluntly, “tell it like it is”. Your posts should actually be compiled into a course to be read and studied by newbie, seasoned and veteran domainers!

    Look forward to reading your future posts/insights into the new year and beyond!

  14. Vinod Reghunathan

    All simple advice and straight to the point but difficult to follow practically. I agree with your points as they do have value when seen through the lens that you have portrayed. keep posting Rick they are gems.

  15. Jose

    Today I have rejuvenated 10 years and at the same time lose these years that have served me very little what a known domainer teach me and pay for an online course of domains, without knowing anything of what I read on this blog today.

    I myself have broken many barriers, I’ve learned the little that I know today based on sticks and disdain for my names domains (.com), but always get the moment you have a portfolio of good premium domains (.com) registered.

    I will sell all the gTLDs and also (.com) that after three years my valuation must be a mortal sin to pay, what afterward they multiply by 10 or 20 times their own valuation.

    It is not my turn to enlist, I can only write here what I really do and I did not do since my principles in this market domains, end users come to visit travel websites, coupons with discount codes, apartments rentals, money transfers all the world like “PayPal, Payoneer …” ecommerce with my 1998 project of Advanced Artificial Intelligence …., and others but with the new Startup and a team of several nationalities women and men of all ages I could enjoy the time all that to learn in second-hand books written in English by US writers from late 1949 to 1980 edited in the USA these books from 16 years to 20 years old were my best science teachers, smart thinkers of better future AI, VR, interstellar space, human anthropology, marketing and much more than oneself discovers in his way in the time that elapses from the first hour of the day until the reflection of moonlight, to put down the book for dinner and then write what you have learned in your own way and at the same time what you have discovered and must prove to yourself if you can be viable in what you do or save it for another time.

    Do not leave this market domain yet I have to give a positive talk. One of my purposes in after the sale buy domains (.com) of two and three figures.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  16. Steve

    I’ve been in the domain racket for a while. I’ve scored some decent sales but no 7 figure sales for a domain yet so I don’t consider myself a professional like Rick or Michael B or the Castellano brothers or the Stephenson Family whom I believe have the highest sales all time: they picked up super super domains when they were first available and they have funded hospitals and more with the proceeds. What I like about Rick is there’s no bullshit, no agenda to push domains except for the best extension .com and the ovcassional foray into .me .org .net and a few others. He also doesn’t need his doorbell to go kaching to keep the wolves away so he can get the price he wants tomorrow or next year or 2025

  17. Mike

    “We are – Planet Domaining – and we are heading nowhere as we spin thru space. The damage done to this industry from within is more than I could have ever imagined and IMHO, beyond repair. Window’s of opportunity closed. So many closed and so few even seen.”

    I think would be a great name for a domaining blog and guess who owns it?

  18. Everdoll

    Rick Schwartz you are and will be the Domain King(TM) because you give back so much. I haven’t come across anyone who gives back so much to domainers as much as yourself. The time you take to write these posts and your insight is truly invaluable. There are other domainers I’ve heard about who only post their sales to brag. They give nothing back and teach nothing. Sure you post your sales, but you do that to illustrate your point as evidence. Your blog is not only applicable to domaining but the perspectives presented in it can be applied to many aspects of life. To me, learning is not about being right but accepting that we may not have the answers. In order to learn we must be willing to listen to others who know more than us. You have my respect and I hope you keep posting! I would much rather see your videos or posts on your own site than on other platforms. There will always be a new and shiny social media site but there is only one Domain King (TM).


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