HallofShame.com Now has Twitter Account

Morning Folks!!

HallofShamecom is the new Twitter handle. It also opens up a new circulation front. Targets a different group of people and will hopefully have a life of its own. I will be adding many followers which is exactly opposite of what I do with my own account where I follow less than 2 dozen people. Here I am out to circulate RDNH info and so I have a different objective and a different strategy.

It also gives me a chance to really test Twitter and see the power it has and how best to use it.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “HallofShame.com Now has Twitter Account

  1. Joe

    Another suggestion: for each HAS resource, make a link that forwards to it. Ex.: hallofshame.com/twitter forwards to the Twitter handle, hallofshame.com/youtube forwards to the YT channel, etc.


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