HallofShame.com Version 4 Now LIVE!

Afternoon Folks!!

Slowly but surely we are taking all that "Stuff" and presenting it in a more and more effective manner.

We still have some things to clean up tonight but the new Hall of Shame  is complete enough to go online and so it is.

Hopefully you like the improvements and I believe we are making it effective as well.


Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “HallofShame.com Version 4 Now LIVE!

  1. Greg

    Site is looking good. One suggestion though, if you could reduce the
    width of the main content column it would be much easier to read.

  2. UFO

    OMG, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Its actually quite scary how collectively domainers with all their skills can mount something that can easily blow away the biggest of multinationals in social media etc terms.

    The banner on HoS is classic…. ‘take a look’ lol… brilliant sarcasm and undertones.. nice work whoever did that.

    The ‘domainer spring’ has started……


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