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Are we having fun yet? I sure am. Not because I want to do this, but because I love the hunt. I love BRANDING something that is designed to make one sale. Stop Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. But on the way to that goal there will be certain by-products. Educating folks about domains and the importance and value is just the first layer.

Soon  I will be able to declare that most people have at least one domain name. That is the grassroots that may have their own concerns in common with us. How many folks had just one domain name and got served with a WIPO or NAF without the $$$ to defend. How many of those would have had rulings of Reverse Domain Name hijacking had they been able to effectively defend their property? Possibly THOUSANDS! Possibly TENS of thousands.

By 2014 or 2015 we want to bring this practice to a screeching halt. So a seed has been planted and oh my it is gonna grow up to be a GIANT Tree the likes of which few will believe today. But this is a long-term endeavor and I relish the chance to make a BIG difference.

So this week I will begin to work on a press release that may be more interesting than most if I can get it down short and sweet. It's a challenge. Effective release are not easy and not my strong suit. The headline alone can make you are break you and it has to say a lot in a very short space. Where do I start?

Boca Raton, Florida September 12, 2013 going after some of the World's largest companies including Procter and Gamble and Jaguar/Landrover who have both been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.......more to come.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Next Step: Press Release

  1. sem


    Happy that you hit the name on the head there. There are some people who own only a couple domains but they are essential for their business. Having to pay thousands to defend it when it is clearly a case of reverse hijacking can be tough to swallow. It’s great you are doing something for both types of domain owners – those who are portfoliers and the small business owners. Kudos to you.

  2. UFO

    Listening to the radio last evening as there was a programme on entrepreneurs, always interested to hear different angles on the same problems (simpley because we’re generally self taught and hence use different methods for the same types of issues).

    Anyway, interesting to note that the owner of bought the domain (rego fees) for about $30 back in 1995. That domain has contributed to him being number 3 in the world shaver market behind 2 seriously large other players.

    As discussed many times before, second tier companies sitting on great names will sooner or later become targets simply for their domain names. Perhaps we’ll see a lot of this as the economy gains traction and acquisitions start rolling again.


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