The New Hall of Shame Facebook Page

Morning Folks!!

Another day, another step. Last night I did the best I could to set up the Facebook page.

We go under hallofshamecom or I am not even sure how to link it to the outside world.

Update, this is our link:

In many ways I am very encouraged about this. In other ways I ask myself how in an industry this large, with so much at stake can I only get 140 tweets and 45 likes after one week. But that is sales. It's not easy to rev up an engine from a standstill. It takes a very long time for things to gather steam. But being that I am in sales I understand just how hard it is to make a sale.

But each day we will attract a few more of each and that is how you move things forward. And hopefully we will hit a "Vein" at some point and it will spread like wildfire. But which ever path it takes, Hall of Shame will be a crossroads and I just think it is a matter if time. Until then, we will educate hundreds of people each and every day. The site will help discourage companies from filing if they are close to the line. It is your way to fight back and point to the peril that they face should they be found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH)

Until then, we are putting the foundation in place and let folks see what they are flirting with.

Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “The New Hall of Shame Facebook Page

  1. CateTV (@CateTV)

    For a lot of folks it might be an intangible sale for them at least for now? I for one know that I don’t want, “need” it now but it’s like insurance for me – thanks for creating the “insurance product” – Rick! I’ll send referrals along the way during my convos


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