BREAKING: “I told them to go to Hell” Owner to UPS Attorney

Afternoon Folks!!

I just got confirmation that may have PREVENTED its' first Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Case!

After just hours on the "Watch List" we have a new development.

And so we will see. Perhaps the first tangible and positive result. This is SERIOUS STUFF. This is no longer "We did not know".

"They must have seen your "watch list" - attorney called to settle and I told then to go to hell....please include that in your blog..."

So hopefully they will either come to a monetary agreement or they will each go their separate ways. But make no mistake, Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is something to be taken more seriously now as we have an outlet that will help shield everyone from predators.

Rick Schwartz



26 thoughts on “BREAKING: “I told them to go to Hell” Owner to UPS Attorney

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Berkens and I were emailing each other and I said this:

      “Matter of fact I should start a secton for RDNH WATCH! Where I list the cases that shoud be watched and followed!!!
      Who’s your daddy?!! lol”

      A few minutes later Mike sent me over the first 4 active cases, I added the 5th one this morning at 9:47 and the rest is history!

  1. NewsJournal

    Great news! BTW, me and Rick, we shared something in common. We fight for rights and stand up to thieves…but mostly, we tell them to go to hell and called them clowns.

  2. Ms Domainer


    Thank you, Rick.


    Shining a bright on these companies exposes them for the greedy and overreaching jerks that they are.


  3. Will

    Please explain this potential RDNH case for the lay person or to the domainer who’s not 100% convinced this isn’t a possible blatant misuse of the domain. Since … although the name could say be used as a directory of drive thru restaraunts (“drive-ups”) … but instead it is used as a parked page filled with ads related to the complainant’s industry (package delivery). Why exactly doesn’t UPS have a case here?

  4. Danny Pryor

    Absolutely thrilled with this! UPS has been on my sh** list in the past, and this just about put them there again. Glad to see this development, but it’s a “stay tuned” turn of events. Oh, and great distraction from all the Syria crap. LOL!

  5. UFO

    The attorneys will be the ones trying to stop these now. It was them initially driving actions to generate fees IMHO.

    Hall of Shame should also be widened to include large corporates leaning on small businesses by saying they are passing off on their IP (Of one form or another). I even had a large US personal care company say I had to stop using a certain mark when in fact I actually owned the registered US trademark in that very name…!

    HallofShame could actually become quite big if you widen it to allow anyone with a gripe against big corporates… the media will look at it quite a bit to write up articles on.

    I’m guessing hall of shame was intended for that sort of thing at the start anyway? Domain hijacking can be part of it, more traffic more eyeballs and more public knowledge…

  6. Cryptocurrency

    I love this!
    The way I see it is before hallofshame, the thieves were scurrying about in the night with their bent lawyers trying to steal. hallofshame just switched the LIGHTS ON to expose this DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. cheers Rick

  7. Leonard Britt

    I see considerable value here to domain holders who are threatened by organizations with greater resources than the typical domainer. Make these companies and their lawyers (in)famous and the tide may turn.

  8. UFO

    Leonard, I’m not exactly sure the very large corporates know what their attorneys are up to. These attorneys have got very arrogant and also I suspect where its been outsourced to a private firm they have been using it to rack up billing time.

    Any legal firm that gets nailed with one of these (in the clients name I might add) and is actually billing that said firm is going to get burnt at the stake.

    See, what Rick is doing is opening up a can of worms, and the attorneys know when the execs at HQ start turning over a few stones then internal audit can start looking at value for money of their services and all sorts. Attorneys are supposed to be part of brand protection not destruction.

  9. Jen

    Please consider Hall of Shame prepaid legal plans for domainers without a legal team. This would definitely be worth paying a monthly subscription plan.

  10. cybertonic

    Some ideas as they come to mind, some maybe have already been discussed (I cannot read all):

    – What will be awesome will be a press release be sent when a new RDNH
    listing has been added.
    – Everyone deserve a second chance, so offer a way to drop a listing from HallOfShame when the company/person guilty of RDNH pay all the legal expenses of the domain owner + make a very significant (to define) donation to (so we have money to maintain and promote the site and pay these PRs).
    – Imagine ways to finance so it can be more powerfull and efficient.

  11. Privy Domains

    Hey Rick,

    Nice Design of HallOfShame. Clear and Sharp. And This is great news for
    I am on the way to write a nice post on it.

    @Francois : Press Release is an excellent idea

    However the part of mentioning on website and asking for payment to remove it can be is a very dangerous two edged sword. It can be thought by people that we are trying to blackmail them and maybe lead to potential damages etc…

  12. Nancy


    My suggestion:

    Get as many of the “Big Dog” domainers together in one place (Rick up front and center) – all decked out in their “Domain Gang Mafia” attire and get a professional photograph taken….. then anytime some jerk tries to do a RDNH, send them a copy of the photo… with a few well chosen words and a link to the Hall of Shame.

  13. George Verdugo

    I shoild of never gave up to their attorney’s made threats , I consulted with various Domain lawyers and they all told me to give them the domain :( I wish i could of told them to got to HELL!!
    Thanks Rick for standing up to these corporate worms!!


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