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Good evening folks!!

In 1999 I started a blog. It wasn't called a blog then. It was/is called a "Chatboard" and I started posting about domain names in 1999 on my own chatboard.  As early as 1996 on other chatboards. Then one day blogs came along and what I had been doing for 9 or 10 years became all the rage. So I think I will enjoy this updated format and my wish is for me to say something that changes your life. Changes your life in a profound way.


In a few days I will start a blog. It won't be updated everyday. Only when I have something I think is useful to say. So stay tuned and in the next few days I'll see what I can build and how I can present it to you in an exciting manner! Plus I'll ruffle a few feathers and mix it up a little bit. We'll expose the cons and let you know the real skinny on payouts. Pissing folks off is my specialty. It's easy to do when you stick to the numbers and the numbers don't jive with what they say or what they promise.

I am a "Numbers guy." One quote I am famous for is "Numbers I trust, people I don't." A 9 is a 9 forever. There is nothing we can do to change a 9. It is not my 9 or your 9, it is just 9. So we pay attention to the numbers and eliminate the bullshit.

So stay tuned . This blog will launch on Monday April 9th and maybe even sooner! I will share what little I know. It may be what you already know, but you also may find one little tidbit that can change your life. I am out to have life changing things happen here for those that take the time to THINK, READ and STOP.

Rick Schwartz

27 thoughts on “Domain King announces Blog

  1. Alex C

    Congrats on the blog, Rick. I hope the world is ready for you :)
    p.s. dig the design, keep on keepin on.
    Alex C.

  2. Basicity

    Better late than never. Really looking forward to reading your blog. Heard and read about you all these years; finally will be reading directly from you! Cheers.

  3. kamal

    I heard on Frank Schilling and the Sahar Sharid’s blogs that you were starting this.
    They think very highly of you and that’s enough for me.
    Already, by your description of yourself, I know I’m going to enjoy this.
    Looking forward to reading what you have to share.

  4. Yanni

    [quote Rick]Pissing folks off is my specialty.[/quote]
    [quote noking]You suck so much you had to use someone else’s domain [/quote]
    Damn, that was quick!
    I’m pretty confident that people will get some good education, if they can keep an open mind.

  5. IDN Talk

    Rick Schwartz starts a public blog

    Domain King Rick Schwartz starts a soon to launch public blog. Even for a short time I had a chance to be a member of his forum realize there are domainers that grow their domain business towards different markets. Rick is geared towards the US …

  6. Huey

    Hey Rick,
    hope you will add a section just to talk about those Hawaiian shirts of yours.
    Some say they Rock, some they really suck.
    but lets see some shots of your collection

  7. Domain Investing Writer

    Rick Schwartz Launches Blog

    The Domain King has launched a blog on typepad that is set to launch on April 9th. I urge you to watch this blog, as well as Frank Schillings and Sahars.

  8. owen frager

    Congrats on this. Tia has a great idea. You can monetize it by selling Tommy Bahama shirts. You can buy them wholesale from the dry cleaners at 28th and Fed (behind me) and they will drop ship.

  9. Nancy

    I thought when you were interviewed years ago you claimed your initial investment was $10,000. Why the $1-million angel today ? Have domain names decreased in value ? Are generics with steady targetted traffic easier to obtain then 7 years ago ? If you actually were successful shouldn’t your initial $10,000 investment be worth $100 million today ? O is it now easier to do so vs. 7 years ago ? Seems like the two statements dont jive. Nancy

  10. Mike O'Connor

    All right! Glad to see ya in the Blogosphere. You gonna have some fun for sure, and I bet you find this is the perfect medium for your message.
    Besides, now Google will index your words of wisdom. :-)

  11. Edwin Sherman

    I just read the news on Frank’s blog! Congrats, I’m looking forward to the first official post
    Best wishes
    Edwin Sherman

  12. Joe Honan

    Look forward to reading this blog.
    Thanks Rick.
    Ever thought about converting your blog to to voice, so I can listen while chasing DNs

  13. Steve O'Brien

    Great start Rick. I am sure this will be a very popular read for many folks. Your insight on our industry is outstanding and it is great that you can take the time to share it with the rest of the world. Steve

  14. Domain Name Wire

    Domain King Launches Domain Name Blog

    Domain King Rick Schwartz starts blog about domain names and web traffic.
    Domain investor and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference co-founder Rick Schwartz has started a blog at Schwartz promises to use the venue as a way t…

  15. Kevin

    Congratulations on your new blog venture Rick!
    Over the past 5 years that I’ve gotten to know you personally, I’ve learned a great deal about successful domain investing from you and you’re one of the few domain pioneers and entrepreneurs that I know truly enjoys sharing your valuable industry knowledge and overall business wisdom with others, even with new guys just getting started and investing in their first domains.
    My advice to all is listen and read this man’s words and investing guidance over and over, because you can bank on his foresight. He sees miles ahead of everyone else in the domaining industry and is a true visionary. Rick’s also a marketing and dealmaking genius and you’ll know certain the coming trends just by studying his acquisition moves.
    Thank you my friend for all the great things you’ve done and continue to do to make this business of domaining such an exciting, fun, and profitable industry to be a part of.

  16. Donald Williams Jr

    Hi Rick!
    Congrats on the new blog.
    one clue you alluded to is that you tend to speak in”cryptic” phrases. It may be hard for some to comprehend, but I really have enjoyed reading”in between the lines” of your posts!
    I started domaining in late 2001 and I can say it’s still room for newcomers to enter this biz.
    At an average of only $9.00 a year for domain registration, it’s the cheapest and easiest property to manage in the world. Something that you could possibly develop into a multi million dollar enterprise.
    Just look at YouTube for example
    Wishing us all continued success!

  17. Wise

    Great Material but aside from all the positives where can a novice seek info on how to get advertisers to a page or get paid for T-R-A-F-F-I-C that is routed to websites that sell products. I am asking about the basics of launching a page from scratch. Time and info appreciated.

  18. Wise

    You have risen to the occasion once again.
    So, it’s (NOT T-R-A-F-F-I-C) but Traffic. I get the picture but where do you purchase such Traffic (Coffee Shop – Street Corners – Local Mall)? You mentioned word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement.
    There is no doubt that you have made millions from your foresight but what is to say that there will not be a new way of conducting searches on the web where HOTEL.COM will become less relevant an asset to the Hyatt or Starwood Group. I heard that people will be able to register Chinese characters instead of using a – z (alphabet). How will this play into the world of search in the years to come given that the people which speak Chinese are large in number.

  19. Wise

    You have inspired me to buy my first domain – I feel like I am part of THE CLUB now. MADISON AVENUE HOTELS is the name – Though not yet developed I expect it to make more than the 8 dollars that I invested.
    I look forward towards the invalauble information that you will provide the readers of your blog and many THANKS IN ADVANCE for the time.


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