Failure or Success is up to you

Don't be part of the 98% of the masses that GIVE UP! They give up, throw in the towel and often when they are at the brink of achieving their goals. 98% just give up. They lose. They lose not by some outside force. They lose not by some force of the marketplace. They lose because their MINDS just gave up. Lost patience, collapsed. That allows the 2% to come along and scoop up YOUR success with little or no effort. You did YEARS of work, they get rewarded for YOUR work in minutes. All because you gave up.

Imagine you are 5 years old and you are on a 20 hour trip to Disneyland. It is 11 hours into the trip. Instead of focusing on the reward for putting up with the 20 hour trip, you feel dejected. You are tired and cranky and you want to turn back before you get your reward. That is a TRICK played by your mind and it is YOUR JOB to outsmart your mind. Outsmart the feeling that can only sink you. Now imagine the same scenario after 18 hours. All pain no gain if you quit and turn around. The result, 36 hours of driving with no results to show for your time. But guess what?? 98% of all people do exactly that when it comes to business goals. They quit just before they realize their goal. Instead of the great feeling you get after a great success, they get nothing but a sick feeling every time they look back. Instead of getting fuel for the next task, they added an anchor to their leg and their minds. That automatically makes the next task even harder to have a success with because instead of exercising their “Success muscle” they have exercised and made stronger their “Failure muscle.”

The main KEYS to all this is TIME, PATIENCE and TIMING. If you picked the wrong TIME to do something your results may not be the same if you had chosen the RIGHT TIME. Unfortunate as it is, when the RIGHT TIME comes, many are so battle fatigued that they are ready to give up at the PRECISE MOMENT they should do the exact opposite and work their hardest as their GOAL is right over the next horizon. They just ran out of patience and a great victory has been snatched by the jaws of defeat.

Don't even think about being part of the 98% of masses that embrace failure and fear success. Don’t feed failure and starve success. Don’t be one to achieve failure because you give up on the doorstep of success. And more importantly, don’t fear failure unless you give up and don’t learn anything. Failure on the journey is an opportunity for success unless you give up. If you make a wrong turn on the way to it is only a failure it that is the point you decide to give up. For the 2%, that “Failure” is no failure at all. It is a CLUE to your next success!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Failure or Success is up to you

  1. Crystal L. Cox

    Thanks Rick, your so right. I am very battle fatigued, money out, working nose down for 2 years seemingly 24-7 and waiting… Thanks for the Encouragement.

  2. Andy

    Great story Rick!
    You spelled the word”success” wrong in the title…i think you should atleast spell the title correctly…Rick you always tell it like it is…i like that about you…
    Rick, tell the truth…were you smoking crack during the end of this article?…tell the truth Rick…lol
    Anyways…very nice job!

  3. robber

    Can you give an example of not giving up and keeping going as it relates to domains? Any personal story or one you know of? For myself, I always seem to just make it by with my renewals, or I sell a domain at just the right time when I need the money to renew others, or purchase new names, or pay a bill, etc. I know I have some good domains, and just want to make that one xx,xxx sale or find that way to increase my traffic and monetization, so I can get out of hand to mouth and into flow, making much more than goes out every month. It seems whenever an adsense or affiliate payment comes in, there are always other things to pay off rather than being able to plow a good chunk of the money back into domains. But like your post I’m not giving up and waiting/trying for that one event that will put me over the top – no matter how long it takes!

  4. Shivaji

    Recharged!! I expect this kind of posts once or twice in a month (It’s a surprise for me that YOU blog on these things too ;) Thank you.

  5. Rusty Kaohelaulii

    Hey Rick,
    Its so true. I go til I cannot go anymore. I live til life is no longer liveable. And if I am still here its because I am still hungry.


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