What if

I think that "What if" is an important question to ask if you are looking at the COMPLETE picture. What if my competition can market online better than my company? What if their costs for a new customer are lower than mine? What if they spend 100% of their budget online and I only spend 20%? What if I am losing market share?

"What if".......What if Ford owned Cars.com? Perhaps their financial condition would be better?

The POINT of all this.......What if you are hiring folks that are missing the BIG things? What if your CEO got $150 million in annual salary plus bonus and your company lost money? I just love the NEW MATH!! Reward FAILURE!!?? You want me to buy into THAT?? I wonder how all the dead guys I talked about earler would feel about that?

That's when "What if" turns into "No Way!"

What if?

Go down the following list. Many of these companies have already been posted by you folks as you are one step ahead of me. Ask some "What if questions. What if they did not secure the domain name? What if their competitor got it? What if you just are WRONG about the importance of GREAT domain names? What if it was a unique opportunity in time and you would never get a second chance to make the right decision?

What if???

See I think it is one thing to have just missed something. But in the light of all the evidence what if your company is being run by folks that are still missing it?


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Chips.com Intel inc
Vitamins.com Puritan's Pride
Vitamin.com Nature Made
Plants.com Stokes Tropical
Pens.com National Pen Company
Trashcans.com Dawn Concrete and Stone products
Saddles.com County Saddlery.com
Laundry.com Tide.com
Vacations.com TRAVELOCITY.com
Burgers.com Carl's Jr
Freezers.com Polarpod
LCDS.com Lumex.com
Ink.com FlintGroup
Label.com Bradley name plates
Bottles.com Custom Bottles
Talk.com Cavalier Telephone
Buttons.com JHB International
Carpets.com Al Abdullatif Industrial investment company
Names.com Family-Crest.com
Brush.com Braun Brush Company
Salads.com Foxy Fresh Vegatables
Costumes.com Rubie's Costume company
BreadMachine.com Krusteaz Continental Mills
TreadMills.com Woodway Inc
WheelChairs.com 21st century Scientific
WheelChair.com 1-800-Wheelchair.com
Worldmaps.com The Map and globe store
Gourmet.com Epicurious.com
Visit.com Citybreak inc
Floors.com Mannington.com
Tennisshoes.com K Swiss
Plate.com Kenilworth Steel
Flag.com Aradyne flags
Dentures.com Fixodent
DentalCare.com Procter and Gamble
PoliceBadges.com Berben Insignia company
Sweepers.com contract sweepers and equipment
Foodprocessors.com Kitchenaid

Word.com Merriam Webster dictionary
Eat.com Ragu
Scooters.com Honda
Dogfood.com Petsmart
Motorcycles.com Honda
Dish.com Dawn soap
Collectibles.com ShopatHometv.com
Gear.com Overstock

Heat.com NBA
Open.com American Express
Jobs.com Monster
Coat.com Burlington Northern Coat factory
Go.com Disney
Dig.com Disney
Beds.com Select comfort
Toothpaste.com Proctor and Gamble
Games.com aol.com

Wow.com aol.com
Game.com hasbro.com
Tacos.com TacoBell
Do.com MSN

shoes.com = brown shoe company

IceCream.com Edy's IceCream
Sauce.com Ragu spaghetti sauce
Soap.com Hill Manufacturing
Glasses.com 1-800-Contacts.com
Aspirin.com Bayer
Coffee.com Peet's coffee
Bikes.com Rocky Mountain Bikes

cnet.com owns some great ones such as:


Disney owns many. Here are a few.:

IAC has many known and many not so known. Here is just a few.

Gifts.com (formerly with ReadersDigest)
etc. etc. etc

4 thoughts on “What if

  1. Tim Cohn

    In 1996 I was at a conference in Tampa, FL where Denis Waitley suggested to the 200 people in the audience that they should each buy their own name.com because”they” were only making one of them. His recommendation made sense.
    I had little idea what the internet was and didn’t even know how to register a domain so I didn’t.
    A year or so later, I figured out how to register a domain but still didn’t see the bigger picture.
    My name.com was available and because I thought it was unique, I assumed it would always be available.
    After Web 1.0 tanked in early 2000, I decided it was time to enter the internet business.
    I went to register my name.com and low and behold a Dr. Tim Cohn had registered TimCohn.com for the next ten years.
    If a single individual can alter the market’s identification and perception of who that individual is simply by owning their name.com imagine the implications it has where millions even billions of dollars are at stake.

  2. GetDomains .info

    What if . Ford owned Cars.com ?

    I think that What if is an important question to ask if you are looking at the COMPLETE picture. What if my competition can market online better than my company? What if their costs for a new customer are lower than mine? What if they spe…


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