Good Morning From Santorini Greece. My Hotel Key Collection Post

Morning Folks!!

People and friends I have met over the last years have no idea how hard I used to work. For me domaining is a hobby as well as a job and as well as an income producing investment. But long before that I did things that few humans ever did. I traveled so extensively few even believe it. So here is a picture of my key collection (With actual Metal Keys) representing the 15 years I lived out of a suitcase. Packing and unpacking almost every single day. Seldom did I stay in a hotel room for more than 1 night. Seldom did I pay more than $15/night. On one hand it was great to see the country and then later the world. On the other hand traveling was not so conducive to long term relationships. These are just 2 large vases full of keys. I have 5 in all and someday want to do an entire wall with these keys.

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But even today few know to the extent in which I traveled. Back in the 1970’s when I was in my 20’s the economy was a mess. “Whip Inflation Now” was the slogan. I barely made enough to continue traveling and businesses were going out of business left and right.. Untied Airlines and Eastern Airlines (The largest airline of the day) had this special travel pass. You could travel UNLIMITED through the USA for $999 for 31 days. The only catch was you had to plan the entire trip itinerary in advance. In those 31 days I would start in Miami. I would fly to New Orleans. Work the day there. Then in the evening I would catch a flight to Seattle. That would save me a night at the hotel and they fed me dinner and then breakfast. I would work Seattle maybe spend 1 night there and then that evening I would get on a plane to Atlanta. Sleep on the plane, have dinner and breakfast and then work Atlanta. Then on to Los Angeles. You get the picture.

Sometimes I would take as many as 3 flights in 1 day to various cities. In those 31 days I would hit 21 major cities and also rent a car and “Surface travel” between others. I would do this for 1 month and then get in my car for the 90day journey from coast to coast and border to border. When I say few if any traveled as much or extensively as I did, I mean it.

I was very determined even back then to make it big. But it was hard and it took a very long time. I also figured someday I would do well and folks would think how lucky I got. And yes, luck always plays a big part. But I learned early that the harder you work, the luckier you get. I also figure that nobody would really believe me when I told them this story. So I began collecting the hotel room keys from all the places I stayed. Proof that this was a tough road and I really did pay my dues. Nobody handed me JACK!

This was tough. Tougher than you may think. But it provided me with an education that to this day pays dividends. I saw things that nobody saw. I understood thing that nobody understood. I had a perspective unlike any other living person because no other did what I did.

So those were tough years to do what I did but those were the building blocks of today. It is how I formed my perspective. Talking to so many business owners in so many different parts of the country. They were all different and all quite the same. Quite a contradidction, but also a reality. So folks look at me now and don‘t think I work hard. They are right.. On the other hand, I really never take a day off. 14 years and each day I have read and responded to emails. I have NEVER been out of touch since the day I got on the net. No matter where I am I do what I have to do and love doing it. Work? What’s that?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Good Morning From Santorini Greece. My Hotel Key Collection Post

  1. Triple Credit Scores

    Thats alot of keys Rick!
    I dont recall seeing many metal keys in a hotel.
    Your post here shows you are a true businessman – Cutting your costs, sleeping on flights and getting meals saving you thousands of dollars and letting you get around the US to do business!

  2. Rob Sequin

    Thanks for sharing that with us. Very interesting history. Obviously you got a great education on the road.
    Glad you are being paid for all those years of hard work., and are available :-)

  3. Ms Domainer

    I don’t think I would admit to stealing keys from hotels.
    Response from RS:
    Just for the record. In those days the hotel would levy a $2-$5 charge for many of those keys. One cost me as much as $40!! But it is my”Prize Key” lol
    The only one I missed was when I was in Japan. They would not let the bus leave to the airport until I unpacked my suitcase and found the key. :-(
    Today and the past 15 years they are all plastic and they don’t even expect you to return them. I have about 1000 of those in a separate vase.

  4. Robert

    It is time to buy a jet, that way you will travel faster and with all the luxury of your private jet.


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