How do REAL People Feel about Domainers?

Afternoon Folks!!

A MUST see. I promise you will be entertained. Direct from TRAFFIC. This is how the ordinary person feels about domainers and the net. Howard Neu is 'The man on the Street.'

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “How do REAL People Feel about Domainers?

  1. M. Menius

    Those reactions are both funny and revealing. People seem to have a very vague notion at best, and are clueless in the rest of the cases. Which parallels the initial reaction of most everyone I ever talked to (outside the domainer circle).
    I think you guys are on to something really funny. Please do some more of these interviews.

  2. Ed - Michigan

    HOORAY !!!
    They don’t get it yet !!
    There IS still time !!

  3. Ty Hancocks

    I always think these sort of Vox Pops are very revealing. From my own experience of working in TV, jaws really start dropping when you tell someone who’s not aware of the domain industry how much the top domain names actually sell for on a regular basis – then ask them what they think of people making a $35 investment in 1995 then selling for $X million.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Dluzional

    Interesting video…
    Although, I’m beginning to think though, that it’s the domainer’s that”don’t get it.” Domainer’s talk with other domainers, about domains, that tightly knit little circle of people that continually seem to think”why doesn’t everyone understand what it is we’re doing”
    If someone came up to a domainer, and asked them say about aeronautical terms, or insurance industry terms, or something they don’t know about, how many would actually know what those meant? albeit the few that have some interest in them.
    I’m sure if someone interviewed them on the street, they could be made to look stupid also.
    To say these people are clueless, just goes to show that”some” domain investment people, really don’t have a clue themselves.
    Most so called domainers didn’t know crap about domains when they started, so you read, researched, and availed yourself to finding more about the product and what it entailed, and the more you learned, the better informed you became. You asked questions, you talked to people etc.
    There’s a few people around that didn’t mind sharing their own insights (Rick) for one, and you absorbed that information.
    Why do you think that Google or Internet explorer was mentioned so many times…the general public knows about it, how did they find out about it, why do they know about it.
    Domainers, like the little circle that they belong to, continually bashing and berating the people/companies that don’t understand it…
    they’re like that big kid in the playground that likes to pick on others.

  5. M. Menius

    @Dluzional – You make a valid point. I reread my post with your comments in mind. Most people would normally not know about domains, and nothing wrong with that. Certainly do not mean to berate or bash.
    I think domainers do travel in a tiny little circle. It’s simply an amusing moment when a domainer tries to explain what they do to a non-domainer. No good or bad connotation. Just a comical moment.


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