The Ego Stroke. Does Size Matter? Yes! Small wins!

Morning Folks!!

The ego stroke. 'I bought 5 million hits for .001 each.'

The 2009 version of my dick is bigger than yours.....EXCEPT......

I bought 5 million hits and got no sales.

The bigger ego would say, 'I bought 100 visitors for $500 and had 5 sales that will become repeat customers.' So if size matters, traffic counts. The source of traffic counts. The type of traffic counts. How they interact with that traffic counts. Somebody tell the world before they all go broke.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “The Ego Stroke. Does Size Matter? Yes! Small wins!

  1. michael todaro

    i guess that other comment was needling you for your lack of acumen in the domain industry. but at least it was said with a smile. maybe someday you will be a little smarter and think before you invest your money in STUPID domains. especially crap like which clearly you overpaid for when you outbid me on ebay. i mean seriously… fourteen hundred for that piece of cr*p. you’ll be lucky to get fifty bucks for it.

  2. Tia Wood

    Agreed 100%! If anything that’s stuck over the years it’s that philosophy. Thanks, Rick.

  3. william

    Hello America’s Rick, Someone’s been doing their homework. Traffic is King, Ask Bill Gross founder of PPC King, Now thats’s a King. He counts cash others count clicks. Go back to 1999, your should remember Rick You make millions in the enduser and he makes Billions developing click campaigns. Well that’s old news. How about some new news! Is anyone listening. We don’t need CPM or PPC’s any longer go get cash Rich-(000) is here. Says William. Soon to replace traditional CPM and PPC advertising. The next wave of Internet marketing!

  4. Danny Pryor

    This is a fantastic post. Short, sweet and to the point. Of course having traffic matters, but what good is the traffic if nobody buys anything? So, I’d rather have one user who’s continually making a purchase than 1,000 who are just”browsing”.


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