It’s all about Freddy!

Morning Folks!!

It's Freddy's birthday this weekend! 2 years old on Sunday. It's all about Freddy. He rules the house and just wants to eat 1 of our 6 cats. Problem is the cats will beat that Miniature Schnauzer up every time in between the hisses. They were here first but Freddy rules and they know it.

CIMG0451IMG_0043Freddy as a pup and Freddy today

Picture 1037 DSCF0360 Picture 775

That's Ruby and her sister Pearl. They love and torture each other.


That's Blackie in front and her sister Ebby in back

Bully and Baby Bully. Father and Son. They love each other more than I can tell you. Baby Bully and Ebby and Blackie share the same mother. All 4 were rescued. Baby Bully was just hours away from being destroyed. This is when they were reunited.

So Happy Birthday Freddy!!

RIP George

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


7 thoughts on “It’s all about Freddy!

  1. Donna Mahony

    And always the memory of George! :-) RIP George, you were well loved.

  2. Kevin

    Rick, may you & Alina always be blessed for all your goodness, kindness and compassion for the animals you’ve rescued over the years.
    For anyone else who loves and rescues animals like we do, there are so many abandoned dogs and cats stuck in shelters right now because of the economy it’s heartbreaking. If you have room in your home for a new pet or one more pet go to PetFinder’s site on the link below and you can search shelters nationwide for animals needing homes.

  3. eric rice is a good story…she started it in her house and sold it to Animal Planet for $35 million

  4. Jarred

    Very enjoyable post, Rick. The pics speak volumes in so many different ways.
    Allow me to propose a large aquarium for the animals to enjoy.

  5. Douglas Wright

    It is great seeing pictures of all your”kids.” I have a bunch too.

  6. M. Menius

    Freddy looks quite the little rascal. At two years old, the world is their oyster and they’re too cute to refuse!
    We have 5 dogs, 2 cats. The newest addition is a 2+ year old dachshund we adopted named Diesel. Loves to be chased and can run under the bed without even ducking down. Nickname is”Daddy’s Midget Wrestler”.


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