Another Domain Deal to be Announced Next Week

Morning Folks!!

Next week the buyer of one of my domains will be issuing a Press Release about another domain
sale that has just been completed. Another deal that included some equity as
well as the $$$ upfront for the domain. This was my original 1995 vision. Been
a tough road to get here and I still have a long road to plow. Today we are
only talking single digit equity. But in time that will turn to 10% and on the
way to even higher percentages.

On the first of July I received my first dividend check from
the deal. I love being part of and sharing in their success. To me this is the way with
the least headwinds and possible greatest rewards. While it was not my biggest
check ever, it certainly was my sweetest as another theory turns into reality. It
is not a mini site or a mini business or a parked page. It is the seeds of the
future. The way to do business when you focus on quality and focus on future
need. Having 2% each of 100 businesses sounds like a solid but simple business
plan to me. Some will hate that.
But in time my domains will yield hundreds of businesses with growing percentages of
equity and endless income.

That formula allows me to do whatever with my life and time.
Cruise control. The fruits without the bitterness and ordeal of day to day
business headaches. That allows me to focus on other things. New things……..or nothing at

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

18 thoughts on “Another Domain Deal to be Announced Next Week

  1. Alex

    rick…just sold a hand reg for $500 and a hours worth of time from the wealthy real estate development end user. With that time, pitched him how good of investments domains are and raised some money to buy better geo domains. Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement! BTW im 24 yrs old and taking names…

  2. GhettoCaveMan

    Working once and getting paid over and over and over is the holy grail. Its like a digital oil well/lease pumping out dollars everyday.
    How would you configure one of these deals for a geo-domain?
    Any tweaks or changes from a category-killer name like

  3. Gazzip

    Congrats…again! (deja vu moment) :), looking forward to hearing what the domain is.

  4. Andy

    Congrats. Nothing better than a done deal. It’s a moment of magic when buyer and seller strike a deal. I like buying but I love selling.
    Deals / sales are what it’s all about (as you know better than most)
    I’m intrigued what the deal is but knowing you you’ve struck a good one.

  5. Evie

    Now THIS is the way to do it :-) I haven’t quite got to where I want to be – but that’s my goal also.
    Way to go Rick :-)

  6. LS Morgan

    I could envision 10% equity for an online startup- straight equity swap in exchange for a killer domain- but 10% of an existing, working business that’s already running black?
    It had either be a very, very small business or someone’s significantly overvaluing the importance of domain names.
    I’m hard-pressed to think of any existing business- with any sort of substance- where the domain name they use for their website could be articulated as 10% of their entire operating value.

  7. Robert

    Hello Rick, for the uninitiated, could you please share some rough deatils of how you implemented the equity/upfront deal with monthly dividends on the business? Is it a %on net, gross revs or income? And how do you go about trusting numbers and following up/through? Or was it a hand-shake deal?
    I think it is an eye-opener for many of us and an example we could follow too, if you are willing to show us a few ropes. Thank you.

  8. domain guy

    so the domain king gets a 5% net interest in so any sold memborabelia,merchandise,on line exclusive video content.if we were in the oil industry it would be a 5% royality on gross sales so the buyer could not pad the expenses.i also see backstage passes being handed out to future traffic attendees. tell us more oh domain king…

  9. rob

    you talk about thinking big
    but youll never realize your domain potential with that plan

  10. rob

    its probably the safest plan
    but the merry go round is a bit boring dont you think, even if its built in gold, why not try the roller coaster and build a business yourself?

  11. Gio

    “BTW im 24 yrs old and taking names..”
    WOW! 24 years old, made $500 and you want a cookie as a reward? Hahaha, wake up dude, 24 is no spring chicken.

  12. UFO

    lol… 24 and making $500.
    I’d made more than that by the time I was 11 trading marbles.

  13. JJ

    You should start a blog Mr. Alex about your $500 deals.. That is so glamorous…


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