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I have just been notified byHoward Neu that we have successfully defended the domain name GOOFOFF.COM for a second time. The first time back in 1999 with aFederal Court victory that included them paying my attorney fees. Today, Howard once again successful. This time at the NAF. Both are big victories and a BIG thanks to my partner Howard who has proven once again that the little guy can beat the big guy when they go toes to toe.

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “BREAKING!! Domain King Defends GOOFOFF.COM for a SECOND TIME!

  1. ScottM

    Great news Rick!
    Was wondering if Howard or John Berryhill might also be interested in representing myself and others and/or a potential class action of harmed innocent Lead Networks registrants, against Verizon California Inc. and ICANN as a result of their reckless, egregious and ongoing conduct and overreaching in seizing (or allowing) the entire Lead Networks registry, and bringing suit against all of these parties for theft, conversion under California law, trespass to chattels, interference with commerce, and other claims and seeking the same level of damages of at least $100,000 per domain (as was awarded to Verizon California against Lead Networks) against these above parties for”theft” of our domains and seeking to recover a portion of the $22 million already awarded to Verizon California.
    This could become the mother of all”reverse domain hijacking cases” … an entire registry! Like you said to me awhile back,”sue the bastards!” I’m there!


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