My 2840 Hand Registrations in 2010. Most Ever in 1 Year

Morning Folks!!

I know it is not in vogue to talk about hand registrations as I know all the domains of value were scooped up years ago according to many. But while so many shun hand registrations, I managed to register 2840 so far in 2010. As I say many times, I register domains by hand nearly every day of my life. 2010 was the most ever.

Sure it is a different game than 1996. I can buy 8.5 domains now for the cost of just one domain back then. That would have been 334 domains back then. Even at $25 a pop for a .co is still only 25% of what it used to be.

So what is the difference? Well when I buy a domain it goes into storage first. I don’t go and try to sell domains I bought today. They have to be “processed”. Then studied. Then they have to be monitored. They have to ripen. They won’t have much value in 2010. But come back in 10 years.

You have to assume that every domain I ever hand registered had ZERO value or it would have already been scooped up at time of registration. Including the domains I registered today.

The only difference in the equation is patience and understanding how long it takes for something to manifest itself and evolve to a different state of being.

So I keep playing the “Domain Lottery” whether it is popular or not. I play it because it works for me. In these 2840 domains I only have to sell one to pay for all. One to pay for all for many years. In the meantime I BUY TIME. Time for the universe to evolve. Evolve in the direction of the domains I invested in.

2800 of those babies may expire or have no value because it was time related or become Pigeon Shit. But the 40 others, I expect they will rake in some $4 Million over the next decade and provide a nice return. I know many of you don’t like or agree with this approach. Ok. But it is tried and true and it works for me because I have patience and look at things with an eye that combines the evolution of business with the evolution of consumers and then factor in plain old evolution. Success breeds more successes and more folks looking for success.

I have just been betting that success in the future starts with a domain name. Been betting that way since December 26, 1995 and everything I see leads me to believe that it is now happening in a way that I once envisioned. An overnight success 15-20 years in the making. The scene in 'The Social Network' cemented that vision and memorialized it for the world to see.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz