A Banned Commercial and a Good Laugh

Morning Folks!!

My friend has been watching the following video over and over and keeps laughing so hard he can't stop. The commercial was banned for good reason. But it is still funny even if not politically correct.


Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


BREAKING: Christmas Day Traffic at Record Levels

Good Morning Folks!

In 1996, which was my first online Christmas, traffic from a normal day was down 90%. In 1997 it was down 85%. But a sizeable increase. Eventually it got to where Christmas Day and Christmas Eve would combine to average about 50% off. So you would basically lose one full day of traffic.

Last year was much better. Traffic last Christmas was down somewhere in the 15%-20% range. Here we are in 2010 and while the numbers may be a little soft, they are hardly noticeable. Which sets up the future where Christmas Day could actually be a new positive. This year Christmas Eve was just off 5%. The lowest margin ever off normal traffic. At one time travel meant you could not be online. Today, travel may mean just the opposite.

Christmas day itself was off about 8% from normal. Quite a difference over the years and we may be just 1or 2 years away from actually seeing an increase in traffic on Christmas.

Rick Schwartz