Moron Alert! This is what an Ugly/Threatening Email Looks Like.

Moron Alert!

As a habit I don’t publish emails. But when threats come, all bets are off. Folks need to know what type folks they deal with. Here is something all need to see and read. Plus I must set the record straight before it gets off the track.

Initial email I receive yesterday:

Hi Rick!

Would you consider a partnership with and
Your traffic directed to my cashcow! 50/50 profits split.
Penthouse owns, a $50,000,000 per year site, their little sister to

Streamate dot com and LiveJasmin dot com are 10 times bigger!

(cam girls) dot com is a Streamate cobrand at the moment, but 90% of surfers can't tell the difference,

running a solo site would give us more control.

Some estimated figures. traffic = 25,000/day
Conversion = 500:1
Signups/day = 50
Income = 50 * $100 = $5,000 / day

That's just direct sales, expect 10X expansion, Jasmin is Alexa rank 50 with 20 Million hits/day.

Hope to hear from you!

Graham Cooper
PH +61 420849965--

My Response:

Hi Graham,
I would consider testing the traffic with a link to see if we can get some conversions and then expanding.

His response:

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham Cooper <>

To: Rick Schwartz <>
Sent: Sun, Dec 12, 2010 8:01 pm
Subject: Re: inquiry

Hi Rick,

I would try a redirect to the pornstars section, very hot ladies and some guys

spend $1000 / day due to the higher rates $10+ per minute.





My Response:

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:15 PM, Rick Schwartz <> wrote:

Hi Graham,
Thanks, but not worth disrupting what I have. Wrong direction at that level.

His Response turns ugly

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Graham Cooper <> wrote:

What level, Camgurls is a front end for a billion dollar cam site?
You're comparing your trash landing page to Streamate dot com ?

I hope you reconsider, it's only a 24 hour test and I don't see how this

is going to relinquish any setup with landing page sponsors.

I'm not sure what your problem is, you renege out of a billion dollar partnership

over a day's earnings?

Shit, what a spastic you turned out to be

My Response:

Every time I have ever emailed you over the years you turn into a name calling ass.
I should have known better than to answer you. My bad!

Now he goes off the deepend:

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham Cooper <>
To: Rick Schwartz <>

Sent: Mon, Dec 13, 2010 5:55 am
Subject: Re: inquiry

You think you're the father of the internet, inside 5 years I'll run the DNS and take and everything you got, bank balance included.

Graham Cooper
Groom Computer
Wife Finder
Sex Machine
Genesis Adam


what a lying fucking prickteaser, I'll fuck you up so hard you won't believe it

this is the biggest fucking cunt thing anybody has done to me,

and I have the most numerous most powerful enemies of all time

You'll spend 10 years in a dingy for your next voyage

That's the biggest fucking renege in all history you ASSHOLE

My Responsee:

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 9:01 PM, Rick Schwartz <> wrote:

Cuz I am going to POST this email for everyone to see what you are.
Plus, as you can see, I am cc'ing a few folks and will keep sending. Many more!
I don't take kindly to threats. Now you can deal with it.
Have a nice life.

And then, all these from him:


name 1!

I am the son of God and have perfect memory.

I channel the word of God with your blog daily for 5 years.

I was your number 1 fan.


That's the biggest fucking renege in all history you ASSHOLE


You call that a spamlist?

I send goatse to 55 FBI departments for fun!


Don't forget to quote your offer you reneged on!

I'll put you NBC you fool, I'll give you 20 years for fraud and fuck your wife


Hi Tim,

No go on the (NAMEREMOVED).com / deal.

Guy reneged on his offer, famous internet guru worth $50 million,

but not worth his word.

so I'm back to rentals! haha



Note From Rick:

The last email he sent to law enforcement (Thank you) and everyone he knows. But he failed to put the entire conversation so I am correcting the record. Like I said, when you pull SHIT like this, all bets are off. EVERYONE needs to know things like this. Thugs don't deserve any privacy or protection.

My Response to all 55 he cc’ed

Please at least put in the ENTIRE text of the emails and your threats to me so your law enforcement folks can see what you are. (Entire text as above follows)

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE His website says that the Police were against him. That the Secret Service was against him. Many others. He talks to the Pope. Etc. No longer there.

UPDATE #2 @ 9:30AM.........Seems he goes by the handle 'Bionic' at some forums

Update #3....9:40AM A little about Grahm has now been cached and you can see what he moved.

Update #4....

1 - I Graham Andrew Cooper am a retired computer programmer and school teacher, theoretical computer scientist and paranormal claimant. I was employed as a contract computer programmer in Western Australia by Drillex, Minepro,
Western Mining Corporation and FastTrack Computer Services to name a few. I cannot work due to being labelled an extortionist by WIN News among others, so I currently own the website (NAMEREMOVED).com and operate a pay per minute
adult video conferencing website. For comparison is owned by Penthouse and Adult Friend Finder, the world's largest dating website, and they declared a $32 million profit in 2007 with

Read more here

Update #7.....Graham Cooper -v- WIN TV ......... HERC STRIKES BACK

Update #8 at DNForum...

Sales that Build a Foundation are Worth More than Just the Dollars……

Morning Folks!!

More than domains sales, I have had “Significant” domain sales. Meaningful sales. Sales to build on. Sales I could point at to make my case for future sales. My sales. But my goal was not to sell any for 20 years. In that, I failed. But I needed to build a foundation as part of that 20 year plan to be taken seriously and therefore raise the value of all domains. Not just my domains.

My first sale was to Kaplan Education in New York who is a powerhouse in the education field. It was widely reported by the media starting with the NY Times. That was 1999 and 6 figure sales were not common.

My next sale was that of This was a very rare 7 figure sale in those days and it came at a time where the bubble had burst and this gave new life to the industry. The sale was reported worldwide in hundreds of major publications and TV. It was a monumental sale of the day., my first NNN sale has gone to IAC. was one of my best sales. It took about 6 months to complete. Their opening offer was $10,000. I said no to CNN many times on the way to a $750,000 cash sale. The biggest sticking point, making it public. They did not want to be laughed at for spending so much for a domain name. I assured them that would not be the case.

After a few meetings, they gave in as I would not sell without that single concession. It was worth another $750k to me in publicity and to build future sales on. This domain was the epitome of the Internet. A soapbox like no other. Today, is in every country in the world and is one of the most recognized citizen journalist sites ever. The sale that keeps on giving to me and everyone else in the industry. bought in 2005 and sold in 2009 for $3M plus royalties off the GROSS. I believe this to be one of my most valuable domain names. The total value of this deal is unknown, but my projections come in at an additional $2M-$3M. So this deal will eventually be worth $5M-$6M. I also have a clause in the contract that gives me a sizeable bonus should be sold in the next years. That would be the biggest part of the contract if that would happen. (More on that in a future post) to for an undisclosed amount and shares of stock. Another sale with an open ended value.

So of my 15 sales, 5 of them have more significance than just a sale. 2 of them will be spitting out dividends many years after the sale. Some like I have to keep private. But even if I break my silence, the penalty would be having to buy the domain back. OK!!! LOL.

In the future I will be even more choosey about the deals I make. They will become even more meaningful. It will happen for one major reason. The way I see things unfolding. The way Donald Trump would do it if somebody with an idea for a piece of his land. What deal would he carve out? Now just because this mindset was not “ripe” 15 years ago does not mean it won’t be ripe soon. Very soon. Within 5 years.

Sure, they all laughed their asses off at me for what I do and what I believe. But the laughter subsides as the deals come. Each of those sales above are partially made to silence that laughter and turn it into folks that want to understand more. Whether they understand or not won’t sway me off my path and what I see and what I will do.

My record will speak louder than the loudest naysayer in town. Then a town of naysayers. That was what I believed in 1995 and that is what I believe today. What pisses people off the most is that I have been able to stick to my path and what I see unfolding regardless of the laughs, prods and all the rest. It makes them crazy that I won’t vary off my path. Year after year they laugh and I watch the goal get closer and closer.

As they say, “He who laughs last, laughs best”.

In the days ahead I will post about the seeds of my first NINE FIGURE deal. Even 50% of the choir won’t see it or believe it. But at least they know not to laugh.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz