Yo! Horny, Bitch, Slut, Ass, Whore! Don’t Blame Me. Blame NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and Hollywood

Morning Folks!!

How is your Bitch today? We’re going to talk about Ass, Whores and Sluts as well.

See, I never made the rules not did I make the regulations. But these are all adult terms that you will hear nearly every night and now day of the week on broadcast TV and led by NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox and approved by the FCC who sets the guide lines to begin with. (Or lack of a guide line depending on your view)

Now this is nothing new. They blew down the standards before I ever registered one of the dot com versions of each of those words. But you could not always say these terms on TV. Once you could, it gave me a license to own and promote those domain names. Look at the company I am in!! So if these words offend you, don't blame me. I did not set the standard. I just followed the guidelines set by the government. Either way, they are just words.

Interesting that Proctor and Gamble or any other company would have no problem advertising during the shows that routinely use these terms at any and every opportunity they get but does not carry over to the Internet. Double standard?

You could easily argue that the TV shows using those terms introduce it to youth faster than I could ever do that. They reach tens of millions every day of the week. Chances are many learned those terms from TV for the first time. So for that, I am very thankful to NBC, ABC, CBS. And FOX. If there is any shame in all this they would have to take the lions share.

Maybe media will get past it and actually take advantage of that audience. My audience, their audience, an audience that is growing up. Just at another venue they hang at. Are they sure passing judgment on the very folks they taught this stuff to is a good thing?

Today I did something I never did before. I used these words in a headline for 'Shock Value'. The same reason I believe media uses it. Hits a nerve.

They, along with the rest of the entertainment industry created this new “Gangsta” generation of Bitches, Sluts and Whores and worse…..the question is are they and their advertisers going to now abandon them in their adult life and online as they grow up or adjust to them and break down the barriers?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz