Reaching the Bleachers. The Masses in the Cheap Seats.

Morning Folks!!

Maybe folks don’t understand the audience I am speaking to so let me define it. Maybe that will clarify some things and help you understand where my comments are aimed.

There are about 500 serious, full time “Domainers”. Those are the core folks I am speaking to but that does not mean I don’t want the ears, eyes and minds of others. But you need to know where I am coming from. I talk to those 500. But I am also hoping to reach others. So let me define “Others”.

In the domain industry there are the 500….let’s call them collectors, connoisseurs, affectionados. Like fine wines, art, watches, they collect prime domain names. But unlike those other collectibles, these items are parcels of virtual real estate that will eventually be developed into businesses. They are the base and foundation of things. They hold the majority of the booty. They are independent decision makers.

The next group are the 600 folks that are really trying hard to make it in domains. They may have been doing it for 10 years or 10 hours. Many have had some measure of success. Many have not. Before you have success you need discipline, direction and understanding of general things not related to domains. Most of this is NOT related to domains. It is related to how you think and how you act and react.

Domains are a vehicle. But you need to learn to drive the domain vehicle or any vehicle by getting the foundation of business right from the get go. If there are 600 here, 120 will get the message and get to work. I spend the most amount of my efforts on this group trying to help them raise their game. Get over the hump. But they have to play by the rules and do things right even if it takes longer or is harder or has a cost associated with it. That's where discipline and honor come into play. So you either understand or you get angry. Understanding means you are moving in one direction. Anger means you are moving in the opposite (wrong) direction.

Ever play golf with someone who cheats? I feel sorry for those that are compelled to cheat. But who in their right mind would golf with them again? Especially when it's no game and money and your livelihood are at stake?

The others (and there are a lot more of them) came to service those 500-1100. Does not sound good to say but that is how things evolved. They built registrars and parking companies and mini sites and everything else to cater to the 500 and then beyond that.

By far the largest part of the new formed industry are the brokers and flippers. Many of them and cost of entry is nothing. That is not a bad thing. That’s called opportunity. So there are many brokers and they are the “Grease”. That’s a compliment. No brokers = no interest. We have brokers in the business because there is money to be made.

Beyond that is the general businessman in either corporate America or Main St. Truth be told. THEY are the ones I want to reach the most but we all need each others shoulders to reach them. To let them hear us. If this were a stadium my focus would be the 1100 in the front seats and the masses in the back seats. Those allied industries would be in the middle but not my focus. They become the beneficiaries of my focus by creating a larger and larger audience paying attention.

The reason I write is that I know the words will be around for a long time. Many of those words will make more sense in 5 years from now than they do now or 5 years ago. Like they said in the Social Network, what you put on the Internet is in 'Ink' not pencil.

The 'End users' are in the bleachers and so is our future. But as I have said for years, they will come one domain, one project, one mission at a time. If you see the right picture, you will have the right amount of patience and patience is the key ingredient in this business for the 500. The guys in the bleachers will have their 'Sense of urgency' moment. But one by one. All we can do is accelerate their knowledge as that leads to desire.

From a lone wolf to an exponentially growing industry is a dream come true. I sit back and look at it in awe. It is everything I dreamed of and so much more. (With a few disappointments and short comings) And to think the dream is just to begin not to end is the most spine tingling part of all. Don't be afraid to look back from where we all came. You will see a stadium filled with interest. Stadiums filled with interest.

My vision is like a 'Beach Ball' that starts here and keeps getting tossed into the air and all of us doing what we can to keep that Beach Ball up in the air and make it all th way to the bleachers. Each Beach Ball with a different message. Getting that ball or post or thought or example up to the bleachers is something we could and should all be participating. A rising tide for one is a rising tide for all.

Like I have been saying, THIS is the start of a 5 year sprint and marathon and when we look back in 5 years, you too will be in awe if you are not already. Captain, prepare for 'Warp Speed.'

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz