Bing Scores….From the”I Told You So” File

Afternoon Folks!

Figuring out how things will unfold is key to what we all do. Mike Berkens made a post today on the progress of Bing. They are eating away at Google.

Let's rewind to my post of July 17, 2009. This is what I said then: 'So those that think Bing is not here to stay and not going to take substantial market share, will be proved wrong within 18-36 months and indications will be obvious much sooner.'

Now see what many folks said from my original post. Long way to go, but momentum takes time. And speaking of time, 18 months was the EXACT amount of time for this to begin to unfold.

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Rick Schwartz

Mud vs Oil. Facebook vs Impression Based Advertising. Fruit Juice Based Mud.

Morning Folks!!

First of all if you are sick of hearing about Facebook, go get a shot and cure your problem. Now while I don't use Facebook much please don't underestimate the revolutions both figuratively and literally that are going on. Facebook is a front row seat to human nature. To history. To the future. It is where the masses are and if you want to succeed, you need the masses. Their behavior is how folks make money in life.

The biggest single Advertising mistake since the demise of Impression Based Advertising nearly 10 years ago is in full swing. Facebook has some great elements and is useful in many ways. But today let me talk about the worst way. I am watching morons drive their own advertising traffic to Facebook. It is hysterical. Some already figured it out and stopped. But the masses are just beginning to make this mistake at a time they can hardly afford mistakes.

Now I am not saying Facebook is not a good marketing tool. What I am saying is sending traffic to a 3rd party site while you are paying the advertising is akin to being insane. Facebook has a place, but driving traffic there in lieu of your own website is moronic. But enjoy the chuckle. It is ok. They are looking. Just looking in the wrong direction. Opening the wrong doors. But they are searching and eventually they will figure it out. That is why Facebook is so important. It helps folks figure it out. It changes habits. It gets people online for more and more HOURS each day.

We have gone from a TV based society to an Internet based society faster than anyone thought possible. We are not even there yet and the change is massive.

Btw, we already figured it out. You know and I know what they want and have what they need. So relax, enjoy life and be patient. I guarantee they will be happy campers once they open our door. Once they get tired of being fooled by impression based advertising. Or fooled by search as they sell traffic like fruit juice. 10% real fruit, 90% sugar and water and other things I probably can’t even pronounce.

Search today is 10% real traffic. OIL Mixed with 90% MUD! That’s only if you are lucky. More often you get much more mud if that algorithm is working well. At least the fruit juice tastes good. You all know what mud tastes like and it sure does not taste any better to the guy spending $$$ on it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz