Nobody Says a Word or Dare Point it Out. The Story is Now Complete.

Morning Folks!!

There is a story to tell and it must be told in an understandable and cohesive manner. It must also be hard hitting and filled with example after example of facts that are easy to verify. Consider this a starting outline and all the things that need to be filled in.

Does anyone really believe that would be what it is today without the domain name? Had it been with the greatest content and the best backend would it have been where it is today without the name? I doubt it. Let's just say that it increases your chances dramatically and your front end 'Branding' costs are much lower because they are funded by SALES and not borrowing. Let's just say it's the smart thing to do if you can and it takes a lot of burdens out of the picture. Let's just say one domain is cheaper than building one store. Let's just say all the damn benefits because if we don't, who will?

Thousands of visitors each day before you even open up the door. JimsDrugs Something or other .com would have never have gotten that benefit. It would have taken a lot of “Branding” just to get where was the day it opened for business. That takes a lot of money.

That is not true of just but all the other high profile, category killer domains like,, and all the rest. And while they hide behind wanting everything but the domain name, they are all lying. They want that domain name! They will never let go of that domain name. That domain name has cost Walgreens hundreds of millions over the years in lost business and lower prices.

Barnes and Noble owns and and and who knows what else. Amazon is Amazon. And Boarders? Well they are broke and closing up as I write this. They did not survive and I think we can make the case that had they owned and the outcome would have been different. MAYBE! It showed how one company was ahead of the curve and another company crashed into the curve. One company did not miss a trick and one company did not show up at the show.

I am sure Walgreens could have bought for a lot less years ago. $1M, $3M, $25M, $100M, $200M, $300M, $400M…….but since they did not understand what was going on, not only did they pay $400M++++ but they lost sales and profits during all those years. Add that up! Just because you can’t see it does not mean it was not lost. Those employed in those high levels are there NOT to miss stuff like this. And nobody says a word or dare point it out. I just did. Imagine how many companies are GUILTY of this right now?

Most are still clueless and the rest will just argue the point. Be patient. An avalanche of companies are about to be bought and the one common thing they will have that few will talk about, the high profile domain name that motivated the deal to begin with. But Shhhhh, hush, they don't want anyone to know. But the more crowded the field becomes, the more important the location becomes.

Congratulations to Walgreen's for getting what I would say is one of the very best domains in the world. A body blow to CVS who is expanding very rapidly but lost the biggest prize it could have hoped to get.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


It is Far From Over! APRIL UPDATE

Morning Folks!

I certainly did not expect the attack I got the other day. I figured things would be out in the open. The Chef would apologize and we would move on. Like I said, I knew our paths were crossing in the coming days and I wanted this out in the open so I can look the guy in the eyes. Even tho what he did was very bad, I was prepared to let it go and move on. Oversee has still really not addressed any of this other than the lies I was fed to shut me up.

Instead of a long overdue mea culpa on things to everyone, I got an attack on my motives and everything else. Let me be clear.

I won't even THINK about doing business with the Chef or anyone he associates himself with until I get a public apology. PERIOD! I did NOTHING wrong other than exposing a coverup (that EVERY Professional domainer had a RIGHT to know) and a shit load of lies and spin. He took it upon himself to mischaracterize my motives when I have been CLEAR about them for 3 MONTHS! It's my fault that he FAILED to man up when he had several opportunities to do so of HIS timing. My fault that every step of the way he displayed his flawed decision making process. He chose the wrong path each and every time there was a fork in the road.

So if he does not clean this up, it is on him and a lot of people ask me every day about this domainer or that. Don't expect any kind words out of my mouth until I get the public apology and it better be sincere.

Anyone giving the Chef a pass without doing that.......shame on them too! Think of what you want of me, but I did not deserve this for bringing it out in the open. Is this the message to send to people when they see something bad going down? My opinion of the guy went from a young guy just making a bad mistake to a guy that in MY BOOK, and in MY OPINION based on what I see and my values. is NFG and it reflects poorly on those that just want to sweep it away.

Let's review:

1. He made a BAD decision to violate a customers privacy.

2. He made the FATAL decision to email the registrant's employer and compound the problem

3. He made the decision not to come forward when he was still working there.

4. He made the decision not to come forward when he left their employment

5. He made a bad decision to sweep it under the rug and go on like nothing happened spinning and lying.

6. He made a good decision to finally make a mea culpa.

7. He made a bad decision for not making it short and sweet.

8. He made a bad decision to blame without taking responsibility

9. He made a bad decision by taking the wrong advice from folks that made it much worse.

10. His anger at every stage overrode everything. Including Shooting the messenger.

As for Oversee, I have lost ALL respect for this company and the way they CHOOSE to conduct business. I don't trust them to protect their customers any longer nor my assets. I am in the process of moving ALL of my domain names away from Moniker after some 11+ YEARS of doing business and since those PRICKS at Oversee hung me out to dry along with the Chef. So, this is my way of letting them know what I think and how your customers are just a necessary evil. Not much more. You screwed your own customers to protect WHAT???? When the TRUST is gone....AND IT IS NOW.......there ain't nothing left. Nothing. Just the sewer.

You make a deal with the devil and you I hope someday Moniker can break away and get back to the company they were before Oversee DESTROYED THEM!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The entire saga and supporting facts can be found at the following links. It is so obvious how hard it was to bring this out in the open. Nobody could get up to the plate and just set the facts straight. But plenty of time to spin and ignore HOPING it would go away when I PROMISED it would not. In that 45 minute call with Craig Snyder (In which I actually believed what he said) I could not have been any clearer and that was in mid December: It can be verified that I urged them in the strongest terms I know how that it needed to come from them and not me. He told me in the strongest terms they would do the right thing. That makes you a LIAR there Craig Snyder. Because you have FAILED to do the right thing. Your Marine Speech was CRAP!

It STILL has not come from them. So CRAIG, why don't YOU get me off the hook. YOU called ME. I spent time on YOUR behalf. NOW YOU should make this SHIT go away. YOUR SHIT. OVERSEE'S SHIT. THE CHEFS SHIT! GROW some BALLS. ALL OF YOU!

PS: Chef, don't worry about that apology. The mere fact that you did not do it that day or the next day shows what type person you are and the heart you have.

No More Coverup! Time to Set the Record Straight.

Morning Folks!!

Enough Bullshit. Enough Cover ups. Enough LIES!!

The folks at Oversee have a hard time actually doing the right thing time and time again. This is not my responsibility or fight. But ENOUGH!

I will not be a party to this any longer. I should have exposed this from DAY ONE. I was told story after story after story and hard to find facts or the truth in any of it.

I did everything I could to have either the victim post or the employee to come forward. Or Oversee just do the right thing and lay out the facts. I just got mislead at best by Oversee!

Chef Patrick needs to FINALLY stand up and Oversee needs to stop the LIES and COVERUPS!!

I have nothing against the Chef. I know he is a young guy trying to get ahead. But he did one wrong thing and then was not a stand up guy and never came forward. The coverup is always worse than the act. This is a perfect example.

I think it is time for him to clean this up because I am DONE with this issue and let the folks involved sort it out now that it is in the open.

Somebody has to make a stand in this industry because I REFUSE to turn a blind eye. So let the haters come out. But I am nothing but the messenger and everyone in this industry has a RIGHT to know about this MESS!

Chef, I had to do this for a number of reasons. I know our paths will cross in the weeks ahead and I can't live with holding YOUR secret and feeling good about it. It makes me feel a bit dirty. I have NEVER held a secret like this in 15 years online. I just let the chips fall where they may. You should have come forward yourself instead of this route.
So to have a good future, you need to clean up the past. I wish you no ill. But I am not carrying around YOUR BURDEN or OVERSEE's BURDEN any longer. This skeleton has been in the wrong closet and today that has been corrected.

The Original Post and Story plus more comments today can be read here:

Rick Schwartz

.WHATEVER to the Rescue! Brooklyn Bridge For Sale!

Morning Folks!!

Few can figure out how to make money and be profitable with a .com address. Why would anyone in their right mind think it will be any easier with .WHATEVER?? It won’t be easier.

That has nothing to do with the opportunity it may or may not present. If you are selling bait for a living and everyone wants cheeseballs, your job is to have cheeseballs. Your job is not to tell the guy that cheesesballs won’t work with these fish.

So what I have been talking about for years with “Conflicts of Interest” is now being taken to another interesting level with crosswinds developing. Things are getting a bit tangled. Some see that and are defining themselves. Others will not define themselves because they disguise themselves and their motives. If you don’t know who does what and who shills for who and which corporate whore leans this way or that….it will cost you dearly and a lot of money in the future.

Crosswinds can be defined in many ways and fit into many categories. Usually there is a financial motive behind whatever is going on. But make no mistake, there is a semi-organized set of narratives out there that will try and bend reality. Peeing on your leg and telling you it is raining.

I don’t mention names and I don’t have anyone specific in mind. But the riptides and crosswinds are obvious to a trained eye and invisible to the gullible. Yes gullible. And when they become gullible they become a parrot or a pigeon at the whim of somebody else that has an agenda.

I don’t know why, I just know the signs, the trail and point it out to those keen enough to figure it out. Just look at the comparison to the number of full time domainers compared to the TEN’S of thousands of employees that work for companies servicing the industry and beyond.
Like other industries before, we are all about to be blown into different directions and orbits. Our paths may or may not cross again. I am sure you can sit back and think for a few minutes and wonder what ever happened to “So and So”? The point is that will be a more and more common occurrence as we are all pulled into different directions and different businesses and then new orbits.

The full time domainer population has grown very little over the years. On the otherhand we have been overwhelmed by companies servicing domainers and domains. Thousands and thousands and many more thousands on the way. Each with a financial agenda and that is what creates the crosswinds. You can barely separate reality and fact from fiction and agenda driven words.

It will get 100x worse. .Whatever will raise that all exponentially. And while a lot of money is earmarked for that sector, most of it will be lost and those businesses will be washed away. .CO had little headwinds compared to what .XXX is dealing with. The growing .XXX protests are getting louder and more organized. Definitely not what they want at this stage of the game.

Point is each and every new extension will come with a new set of motives, crosswinds, agendas and others helping them carry out their mission. These days most of that activity will be on blogs. That is not neccesarily bad unless you are oblivious to what is happening and who has a financial motive to say this or that. Which statements are based on fact and which are just hired guns to promote sales or hurt a competitor? If you don't think that is important it would be a kin to an explorer throwing away his or her compass. There is nothing more important and that will become more clear as time goes on.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: Don't forget the THOUSANDS of 'Corporate Cubicle Whores' that are employed by these service companies that will likely do and say whatever their employer tells them to do and say.

The Growing .XXX Storm…Something to Watch and Learn From

Morning Folks!!

According to many, .XXX will likely get approved next Friday. But opponents are feverishly working to derail that approval. The anger is evident in this AVN Post.

After a strong .CO introduction, will .XXX be meaningful? I don't know. Nobody ever does before the fact. We all have hunches. Another indicator whether the new extensions will be important. Not up to domain investors. It is up to consumers and the content. But the controversy swells and the fight is on. Whether fighting with your target group is smart will certainly play out in front of everyone.

As I indicated yesterday, I see the biggest challenge is just how easy it will be to block .xxx and countries and businesses and education and so many more will likely be blocked. Will providers like Comcast block it? Can they? Would they? Will they? Strong headwinds could develop. We shall stay tuned and see it all unfold.

Will the second coming ever come? The numbers say 'No'. The reason .com is .com is for a number of reasons. In any new extension, the biggest reasons are basically non-existent or at least few and far between.
.Com has the masses all pouring in trillions of dollars in advertising.
.Com has massive natural type ins that no other extension has. The drop off from .com to .net to .org is huge.
.Com as a word phrase is repeated more than any other word on the planet ever day of the year. A fact yet to be discovered and still growing.
.Com is the gold standard

Now that does not mean there won't be opportunity to capitalize on some extensions. But it likely won't be in the same form or manner or magnitude as the .com.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Posts that Never get Posted and Some Rambling Thoughts

Morning Folks!!

I usually write every morning but I don't always post those writings. I have dozens and dozens of those posts that for one reason or another I just never posted. I see what I see and I have learned not to be persuaded or waste time by those that don't even take the time to try and visualize what that exactly is but are quick to argue and disagree.

Things are tough out there and I am enjoying the opportunities that are coming to the surface. All I can say is that I am in 'Observing mode'. I am observing a very quickly changing landscape and new ways to make lots of money. I am observing the masses doing things right and also still doing things wrong.
But they are in the game and on the hunt and thank you Facebook! Thank you Groupon! Thank you Twitter! Thank you for changing the habits of billions of people. Thank you Charlie Sheen for showing how quickly one can take that soapbox and make others react. That is the story!!

I still rarely use Facebook, but you can't deny the impact and change in behavior and how much time is being spent online. The world has changed. The iPad with 45 million units out there and counting with another few million being sold tomorrow alone. A new category and a new opportunity and challenge.

The debate about the Internet being a 'Fad' is over. Every business is now focused on doing business online. Their entire future and energy and dollars are headed online. Now just get out of the way and allow things to flourish over the next few years. Enjoy the Magic Carpet as it whisks us all away and mostly in different directions.

The ICANN meeting won't be boring. I have spent a great deal of time considering the pros and cons of .XXX and the headwinds they are experiencing. I will write more about those thoughts in the coming weeks. I will say that it will be an easy extension to block and then the question becomes how much of the Internet will turn off .xxx? With an ailing adult industry the timing could not be worse but as always, we will all see it unfold together.

To see how far we have come you need to stop and observe and then understand and digest where we are and where we are headed and how long it will take to get there. Houston, we have IGNITION!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


“…Type Ins That Don’t Convert” Says Guest Poster

Morning Folks!!

The other day Mike Berkens did an interview with the new owner of I received this last night from someone I know for a very long time and is qualified to have these thoughts but would like to stay under the radar for now. He has a unique perspective on the acquisition and thought you might find his take interesting given his history, given he has bought that traffic as early as 1996 and then many times since then:

'This is only one mans opinion but i think i can give the facts that maybe the
Will give insight on the factors on the reality of this domain. My opinion based on the experience in domains and adult. I worked in the adult business form 1996 to 2001. In that period i ran one of the Largest and successful affiliate program in the time period.

I was buying the Traffic from Steve Cohen the guy that stole it from Gary Kremen. Steve Stole the name but he put your banner up and it converted.
I do not mean to offend the new owners who i wish The best of luck.

The name is to generic. Why i say that is because although we do
All love generics and typeins.In adult there is Porn and porno Rick Schwartz as a example of a great type in Domain. It converts very well and say what you want about Rick, but at the time he leased it that was unheard of.

So what can you do with typeins that do not convert? Nothing. I have bought traffic from every new idea of and the new owner says he just learned the adult business. Another negative against him.

In the mid 90s we made 125 dollars per member. Now with the free site and the Shirking credit cards charge backs every year the margin is shrinking
Per year. The name was in play many times and everyone passed. Think of Vivid, Playboy Friend Finder.

Why not Rick Schwartz, Slavic who understand both worlds?
So if this company with no adult experience think he can build a model on that nobody before him could not that everyone always thinks they can do with others can not?

For 13 million in the current fire sale market they could of bought
500 generic name and 2 letters a portfolio that would be worth 10 times
More then What is the companies exit plan? You can rule out all the large mainstream Companies because sex is taboo. Then you are back to large adult players and as i said earlier all could have already had it.

Yes i am anonymous but i am creditable. My prediction is it will be back on the market in one year or less. I really hope they can do it but the are so many factors against them'

Like the writer, I have to agree is an uphill battle that has taken a toll over many years and many owners. I can say that at one time I sent my traffic to gaming sites early on and it did very well. Sin traffic is sin traffic. With online gaming looking like it will be legal soon, this is the only play that could make sense other than E.D. type sales and such. I have to assume that the buyer has a plan. A proven plan. I guess we will see in the next year or two if any of the old barriers begin to come down and if finally becomes a profitable business. But the writer knows the traffic and knows it well.

For to make money they are going to need to pull a rabbit out of a hat that so far has produced a bunch of skunks. I for one am at least hoping for their success. Something new. Something bold. But a long shot nonetheless.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz


My Domain Inquiries for February 2011

Morning Folks!!

'The domain is Not worth $100k!!'

'The domain is Not worth $1 Million!!'

'The domain is Not worth $5 Million!!'

My Response:

'OK, Come back when it is!'

My perspective is different than most so my attitude is different and so is my vision. I was around when 0 out of 6 Billion people would even take $100 out of their wallet for any of these. Before that they were free and would not even invest the time to fill out the registration slip. I have seen the values rise from worthless to laughable to foolish to everything in between where we find it today as a sought after asset. An asset capable of becoming income producing businesses serving the entire English speaking population of the world and the numerical ones with even broader appeal.

If domain name values were put on a chart, you would see a very steady increase in value with possibly a few small spikes along the way over the past 15 years. But the last 15 years will have little in common with the next 5 years. That is where I see the 'Sweet Spot'. I see a chart that began an ascent that will just become steeper and steeper in time. Not many sectors have held up as well as ours. Nothing counts until we hit 'Par'. What is Par? Something I have talked about for years but never put a name on it until now.

As a side note.....I only responded to a total of 6 of about 150 inquiries.

** Means contacted by multiple parties for that particular domain name.

Also my first .CO inquiry on the list below.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz**********************************

You can compare this list to my list of January 2011