Finally Folks Now See that Search Really is a SUCKY Experience!

Morning Folks!!

The spam engines.....I mean search engines.....namely Google....don't do much searching these days. They just try and suck you in to what you have already been sucked into before.

One of the best most candid pieces I have ever seen on search was done yesterday by Michael Arrington. He did a much better job articulating something I have been trying to convey for quite some time. He also gives some historical reference for those that do or don't remember the rise and fall of Alta Vista and his take on Demand Media that is dead on imo.

As things evolve this point and problem was predicable and foreseeable. What is not so apparent is how the surfer will eventually react and behave. To be fed garbage results over and over again until they become meaningless.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz