Flamed at Afternic. Circa 2000 (Clinton was President)

Morning Folks!!

Let me define foolish. The following was a post I made on October 22nd of 2000 and then had the audacity to post it on Afternic. (the old Afternic with a reputation for shill builders and worse) Another Sunday more than a decade ago and I am still having the same arguments today........They said THEN what they do now. Too funny. Look back to see the future. This is to all the non believers then, now and in the future. I got flamed big time and this was the last post I ever made there.

Is the crap I heard in 2000 the same crap we hear now? You bet it is! But to PROVE what type mentality I was dealing with.....Franky had yet to purchase his first domain but these pinheads were all saying the same things the pinheads of today say. I hope it opens just one set of eyes out there.

Has the game changed? You bet it has. But the basics don't change. The attitude determines everything. Think it is over and it is over. What would you label the folks that said that in 2000???? You can use the same label for the same thinking in 2011. More opportunity, It just comes in different forms.

October 22, 2000

Morning Folks!

Many, maybe most believe you could not do what I did again. In some respects they are right. In others, they are completely wrong.
I started in 1995 with $1800. So I decided to do an experiment recently.
I bought geteven.com for $760
I bought peeshots.com for $500
I bought ??? (still looking for 1 more domain)
The #1 thing is BE PICKY!! Choose well. THIS is THE most important part of your job.
The above 2 domains make $80/day
Both of these domains have been bought RECENTLY.
With $75 a day PROFIT I have 2 basic choices. I can buy 5-10 domains a DAY for free. Or I could realize that they will earn $2250/month. That $2250 a month now gives me BUYING POWER.
The next thing will determine what kind of businessman I am or you are. It's the ART of the deal. The FORMULA you must CREATE in which 2 parties walk away happy and getting what they want.
I can buy a domain for $2250 CASH.....OR.......you can make a deal and buy a $25,000 domain and pay the guy $2,000 a month for a year. Or you can buy a $2,000 domain EVERY month. or a THOUSAND different scenarios.
Point is:
#1 You can STILL do this.
#2 The FIRST domains are more important than ANY other domains you EVER buy. It is the FUEL you need to get to the next level.
So to those folks that BELIEVE it is all over.......BULLSHIT!!! You just have a BAD attitude and have given up.
I just proved you wrong. But if you buy WORTHLESS domains, you will NEVER make a cent.
Here's the road map folks. I can't make it simpler than that.
I REFUSE to even answer a question about this cuz it is in such SIMPLE language that I just don't have the temperament to deal with naysayers.
Got it you Afternic lurkers without the balls to even post??
NOW you understand why I don't deal well with MORONS. If they are not capable of following a SIMPLE example, they are not capable of going to the next level and the next and the next. Morons populate this planet in numbers too high to measure. :-)
Have a GREAT day!!
Rick Schwartz
Sun Oct 22 08:01:16 2000 - - message #4991

My Thoughts the next day:

Will human nature will NEVER change!!??
Serge, you are one of the few that remember my reception at Ynot, then the real estate board and others. Imagine going to a domain forum and receiving the SAME treatment!
Well yesterday I made a post at Afternic with a reprint from my post #4991 that was my morning post yesterday. I thought it was valuable enough to post over there. WRONG!
All I got was flamed by the folks that THINK they understand domains. I readily admit I don't know everything and I learn EVERY day and from nearly EVERY person.
Check out the thread and see the reaction after I give them a FORMULA that works and is the EXACT formula I follow.
Now I understood being flamed at Jonathan's World at the end of 1996 and I understand the early days of Ynot, I even understand Cresline to some degree. But here are domain speculators that for the most part are walking east trying to find the sunset and they too throw stones.
Human nature spits out morons at an incredible rate. Can anyone turn off the 'Moron machine'?
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz
Mon Oct 23 08:08:52 2000 - - message #5085