My Domain Inquiries for February 2011

Morning Folks!!

'The domain is Not worth $100k!!'

'The domain is Not worth $1 Million!!'

'The domain is Not worth $5 Million!!'

My Response:

'OK, Come back when it is!'

My perspective is different than most so my attitude is different and so is my vision. I was around when 0 out of 6 Billion people would even take $100 out of their wallet for any of these. Before that they were free and would not even invest the time to fill out the registration slip. I have seen the values rise from worthless to laughable to foolish to everything in between where we find it today as a sought after asset. An asset capable of becoming income producing businesses serving the entire English speaking population of the world and the numerical ones with even broader appeal.

If domain name values were put on a chart, you would see a very steady increase in value with possibly a few small spikes along the way over the past 15 years. But the last 15 years will have little in common with the next 5 years. That is where I see the 'Sweet Spot'. I see a chart that began an ascent that will just become steeper and steeper in time. Not many sectors have held up as well as ours. Nothing counts until we hit 'Par'. What is Par? Something I have talked about for years but never put a name on it until now.

As a side note.....I only responded to a total of 6 of about 150 inquiries.

** Means contacted by multiple parties for that particular domain name.

Also my first .CO inquiry on the list below.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz**********************************

You can compare this list to my list of January 2011